What to give children

TOP 116 ideas What to give a boy for 5 years + 75 gifts and Tips

For a toy, the most important thing is to make the child happy.
Cartoon Toy Story-2.

What can you get excited about? When you are only five years old, everything gives you joy: a sunny bunny, a walk in the rain, a fun game.

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide what to give a boy for 5 years. If you are already a little familiar with the desires and dreams of the modern generation of boys, do not despair!

In this huge selection of ideas, you will be able to find the perfect gift for a young birthday, and also find out what they give children for 5 years.

Happy children grow up to be happy adults. We carry good memories throughout our lives. And never forget your favorite toys. Constructors, magical accessories, cool weapons, action figures and just cool things – we have collected all the most interesting things that you can give a boy for his 5th birthday.

TOP 116 ideas What can you give a boy for 5 years

  1. Digital radio.
  2. Spider on radio control.
  3. Flashlight.
  4. Unusual clothes: glowing sneakers, a funny transforming jacket (can be folded into a cute toy), a funny kigurumi pajamas.
  5. Children’s microscope.
  6. Toy traffic light.
  7. Dump truck with bucket platform.
  8. Tubes for drinks.
  9. Boomerang.
  10. Large lacing set. The game aid develops fine motor skills, the eye, helps to coordinate movements and sequence of actions.
  11. Ant farm.
  12. Boxing set or pear.
  13. Military uniforms of that era, which is now interesting from cartoons, children’s programs or books: an Indian costume, a helmet, chain mail, a small body armor.
  14. Radio controlled monster truck.
  15. Toy vehicles: SUV, garbage truck, large car transporter for many different cars, concrete mixer, tank truck, tow truck, dump truck.
  16. Drum with shoulder strap and sticks with knobs.
  17. Weapon. Sword, saber, pirate dagger, pistol, machine gun, rifle and other “firearms”. The weapon should be light and safe.
  18. Bow and arrows with Velcro. This present will be appropriate if the baby has the opportunity to exercise on the street: in the yard or in the country.
  19. Mini Pong with light and sound.
  20. Shovel in a cool design with a sieve.
  21. Jurassic World Fighting Dinosaur.
  22. Figures of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman or Iron Man.
  23. Parking and garage. Choose models with many levels, slopes and slides. There may also be small cars included.
  24. Batmobile.
  25. A cool water blaster that shoots multiple jets at the same time.
  26. Water markers.
  27. Table set: fork and spoon in the form of rockets.
  28. Pencil case in the form of a racing car.
  29. Soft blanket with glowing stars.
  30. Piggy bank.
  31. Kaleidoscope.
  32. Longboard.
  33. Modeling kit: plasticine, molds and stamps.
  34. Tank.
  35. A set of figures of modern soldiers.
  36. Inflatable children’s boat.
  37. Game plane glider.
  38. A big book of walkers, walkers and labyrinths.
  39. Home horizontal bar.
  40. Luminous shoelace.
  41. Cool box for storing toys or food in the form of a dinosaur or robot.
  42. 3D lamp-car.
  43. Set for making ice cream.
  44. Children’s wallet.
  45. Non-spill plate.
  46. Apparatus for making cotton candy.
  47. Animal slippers.
  48. Table soccer.
  49. Fingerboard.
  50. Slingshot toy.
  51. Styrofoam airplane set.
  52. Giant soap bubbles.
  53. Scratch stadiometer.
  54. Dry play pool. You can give a cool model with color music.
  55. Lotto with road signs.
  56. Building constructor.
  57. Mini skis.
  58. Soft puzzle mat.
  59. Magnetic constructor.
  60. Toy dump truck.
  61. Gum for hands.
  62. An experiment set is a great idea for a 5 year old boy if he loves to watch something unusual.
  63. Antigravity machine.
  64. Radio controlled boat.
  65. LEGO constructor. Not a single boy will get tired of this gift! Choose a game set so that it suits the hero of the occasion by age.
  66. Tent for games.
  67. A large workbench with tools is an opportunity to safely get acquainted with the operation of many devices. If you are looking for something useful to give a boy for 5 years, stop your choice on this set.
  68. Soccer ball.
  69. Harmonica.
  70. Radio controlled robot.
  71. Crayons for drawing in the bathroom.
  72. Bike.
  73. Railway.
  74. Set of a young auto mechanic.
  75. The unimaginable Hot Wheels garage is a dream toy and a decision on what to give a 5-year-old godson to a boy. This gift is especially useful for those guys who have a large fleet of toy cars.
  76. Children’s accordion.
  77. Gyroscooter.
  78. Toy drum.
  79. The drawing tablet will bring many pleasant minutes to your young relative. Present this device to a boy for 5 years, and he will not be bored either at home or on the road.
  80. home projector.
  81. A set of a young researcher with a microscope and additional accessories.
  82. Magnifying glass.
  83. Children’s electric guitar.
  84. Children’s saxophone.
  85. home planetarium.
  86. Smart kids watch.
  87. Aeroball.
  88. Bicycle bag under the seat.
  89. Radio-controlled snakes or spiders will attract the attention of the birthday boy for a long time.
  90. Lightsaber.
  91. Xylophone.
  92. Flexible piano.
  93. Fire truck with lights and sound signals.
  94. Children’s golf.
  95. Automobile model.
  96. Telescope.
  97. Walking game with chips.
  98. Table air hockey.
  99. Table tennis.
  100. Synthesizer.
  101. Spyglass.
  102. Board game “Basketball”.
  103. The wooden designer watch will help the nephew navigate the daily routine and establish a routine.
  104. Snow castle kit.
  105. Table soccer.
  106. Submarine on radio control. It can be equipped with a camera, which will make diving even more interesting.
  107. A large art set will help the birthday boy to reveal his talent for painting.
  108. Snowball making machine.
  109. Belt with tools.
  110. Periscope.
  111. Treasure hunter’s suitcase.
  112. Soft puzzles.
  113. Shield and weapons, like the boy’s favorite hero.
  114. Kinetic sand.
  115. Flying Saucer Frisbee.
  116. Set for demonstrating tricks.

Original gifts for 5 years for a boy

Not every parent can answer the question of what to give a son for 5 years. There is nothing surprising in this.

Boys at this age are fond of hundreds of things and dream of covering all areas of life as much as possible. How then to choose the right gift, so as not to disappoint the child? Look for surprise options below:

Space pistol . When alien invaders set foot on our planet, the boy will have something to repel their attack.

Electric vehicle . A modern idea of ​​what to give a child of 5 years. Any boy dreams of having a car like his father’s. Fulfill his dream now!

Set for playing “Gorodki” . Show how to play this exciting game. A five-year-old child will be interested in what takes place in the fresh air, in the company of friends and parents.

He needs contact with them, their support and the spirit of competition for his full development.

Corn creativity . Creative idea of ​​what to give a child for 5 years. The development of fine motor skills with the multi-colored grains of the Queen of the Fields is fun and productive when the child plays alone or with friends.

Origami set . Choosing a male story is easy. With such a kit, the boy’s perseverance and his attention to detail are trained.

Shadow Theatre . Creating your own performances with friends, brothers or sisters is an interesting game option. Give this opportunity to your child!

Cardboard house coloring book . To assemble and paint a house at the age of 5 is equivalent to a five-year-old child with construction. Let the boy feel proud of his creation thanks to your gift.

Didn’t find the perfect match? Don’t be sad! Get acquainted with a number of gift options for a boy at 5 years old.

Presents for a creative child

Birthday gifts for 5 years old can be related to creativity. If a five-year-old kid does not yet have preferences in the field of art, such a present will be useful for developing imagination and new skills.

3D pen . With this device, three-dimensional figures and inscriptions are created. Complete with a pen, it is recommended to buy consumables – a set of multi-colored plastic.

Toy Planetarium . The model of the solar system is painted and assembled independently. A great way to explore the planets and an exciting journey through the expanses of the Galaxy.

Set Pottery workshop . The kit has everything to create a real jug: a potter’s wheel, clay, paints.

Set for burning out . The lesson will teach the child perseverance and concentration on one thing.

Children’s tools . For example, a mechanic’s toolbox with a workbench, or a large toolbox for doing “repairs” or carpentry. In a plastic suitcase a hammer, wire cutters, saw, screwdrivers.

An easel and a large set for drawing : pencils, paints, a sketchbook.

Set for modeling dinosaurs . The set has everything to plunge into the ancient era and the world of fantasy: a beautiful playing field with a volcano and the sea, bright quick-drying plasticine, dinosaur molds, a knife.

Set for making a birdhouse . What a great gift idea for a 5 year old. By making a bird house with your help, your son will learn to love animals and respect manual labor.

Practical gifts for a 5 year old baby

If you are thinking what to give a boy for 5 years useful, but interesting, this section is for you.

Here are ideas for the right things – which are useful in everyday life, but are designed specifically for kids.

Camera for children . Real functional model taking photo. You can find a device with additional features, including image processing. This technique is made of a material that can withstand bumps and falls.

Projector for watching children’s films and fairy tales.

Children’s wall or table clock . Choose a large watch face with bright numbers. The case of the “baby” watch should be appropriate: in the form of a car, a tank or a funny animal.

Bright raincoat with a hood and reflective stripes. When you’re five years old, every time you get caught in the rain it’s an adventure.

Fancy pillow : with LED lights or donut pillow.

A transforming blanket or a transforming blanket in the form of a funny sheep or lamb. A cozy thing will become your baby’s favorite companion, warm in cold weather.

Toy box : with images of your favorite characters, on wheels.

The best original birthday presents for a five-year-old boy

Children in a room without toys are a source of chaos. Lie To Me / Lie To Me (Lie To Me)

A five-year-old kid is easy to please – his curiosity knows no bounds. Therefore, many try to give something developing and useful. But we believe that a funny and unusual present will cause more delight in the child.

Set for “war” for two : a pair of water pistols and vests that change color when hit.

Super duck . With such a companion, you can not get out of the bath for a long time. The duck quickly swims in different directions due to the water cannon.

Huge coloring book . Poster on the whole wall, with many small details that can be painted indefinitely. Various subjects are offered: with cities of the world, with a fairy-tale country, about football, coloring pages with cats.

Robot traveler . He is sent on a journey on the map, having previously set the route. The card can be erased, but it’s better to stock up on a couple of extra ones.

Spy kit : invisible ink, motion sensor, cool compass, headphones, superbinoculars, secret pen. All these cool things can be bought individually or put together in a cool set.

Inexpensive, but cool gifts for a friend on 5th birthday

Items in this section are inexpensive. From this they do not become less interesting for kids. Funny and original birthday gifts for a friend or brother:

Set of funny plastic frogs . When you click on them from behind, they jump cool.

Crystal Growing Kit . The magic crystal grows almost before our eyes. A very exciting sight.

Growing Pencils . Scribbled pencils can be planted in a pot with soil, and after a while you can admire living plants.

Non-soap bubbles . Toddlers love soap bubbles. Unfortunately, everything spoils a huge drawback – the bubbles burst too quickly. These bubbles are completely different.

Due to the unusual composition, the bubbles remain intact for a long time even after touching various objects.

Puzzles.   A calm and assiduous boy who likes to collect something will like it. The puzzle should be childish: both in terms of complexity and subject matter. You can give a three-dimensional puzzle – from individual elements you can assemble a boat, a castle, a dinosaur or a puppy.

a magician ‘s set . The set includes a video instruction and “magic” items for magic: cubes, cups, toy rabbits, ribbons and cards.

Educational gifts for a 5-year-old boy on his birthday

At the age of five, children are already actively preparing for school, so interesting “training books” and “educators” will come in handy.

Alphabet and English with bright pictures, a children’s encyclopedia, sound posters and electronic quizzes – all this will interest your preschooler. This group also includes a spirograph and a self-taught pen. They prepare the brush for active writing, “set” neat handwriting.

Slime making experience . With the help of components and water, in a matter of seconds, the child will receive a thick mass that needs to be collected into a “handful” of slime.

An unusual activity develops curiosity, introduces the child to polymers, the basics of chemical reactions, diversifies leisure. In addition, the slime is so cool to the touch!

Play set for fingerprinting . For a young detective, it’s hard to imagine anything more interesting. A fun way to introduce your baby to fingerprinting and human features.

Finding out that your lines on the fingertips are unique and inimitable at the age of five is simply an amazing fact!

excavations . Children love to dig in the ground or sand. With this set, the boy will have to carefully remove the “layers” with the help of special tools. At the end, a real discovery awaits him.

The stores offer two lines – pirate (we are looking for treasure) and archaeological (we are exploring antiquities).

Children’s learning computer  with large convenient buttons and educational programs. Smart toy will help:

  • get acquainted with numbers and learn the basics of counting;
  • learn letters and spelling rules;
  • have fun with funny rhymes and games.

Children’s wooden chess . An entertaining way to develop a child’s visual memory.

Developing world map or globe. The kid will learn where penguins live, where bananas grow, where elephants walk, where to find their hometown.

Home planetarium . With this device, you can study the constellation map right in your room. It is very exciting to observe how the starry sky changes at different times of the year and day, it is interesting to find out how the star map differs at different latitudes.

Cool gifts for a 5 year old

The difference between adults and children lies in the cost of their toys. Robert Frost

Preschoolers have many hobbies. Choosing what to give a boy for his fifth birthday is both simple and difficult at the same time.

The birthday boy is no longer quite a kid who is delighted with simple things, but not yet old enough to appreciate what older guys like.

In this section, we have collected the coolest ideas. Each of the gifts is a real surprise.

Blaster . In an unusual design, with sound effects and lighting, powerful yet safe. There are models with the mode of “invisibility” in the dark.

It is worth pressing the button, and the blaster becomes transparent. For an arsenal of covert espionage missions, such weapons are a must.

Fancy Hot Wheels car wash . A win-win combination for a five-year-old kid: cars + water. A car drives into a car wash, is treated with special rollers, moves through a container of water, and leaves in a different color. The car wash can be connected to other tracks of the manufacturer.

Electronic sword . A great gift for a little fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: it glows, speaks in the voice of a cartoon character, knows a lot of phrases. Works in two modes: training and combat.

Binoculars “night vision” . With 4x magnification, easy focusing and a built-in flashlight, it looks just like the real thing. The perfect gift for a young spy game lover.

Racing track . For example, the Magic Tracks racing track with an LED car. Children especially like the flexible tracks, which consist of many small elements. They are distinguished by a cool ability to endlessly change shape.

LEGO . In any cool incarnation: Reconnaissance Stormtrooper, Passenger Train or Superheroes.

Gifts for a five-year-old boy for active sports games

Outdoor games are not only interesting for children, but also useful. For physical development, health, communication with friends.

And if the five-year-old birthday boy is already fond of sports, he will be happy with the necessary equipment (boxing gloves, swimming accessories).

Sports gifts include bicycles, scooters, children’s tennis, sleds, beloved by all generations of boys.

Rollers . For kids, you need a children’s model with two rows of wheels. They are more stable and safe.

Bicycle . For a 5-year-old boy, a model with a wheel diameter of 16 to 20 inches and a smooth foot brake is suitable.

Ring throw . An exciting game for the development of the eye, accuracy and accuracy of the throw.

Air kite . A cool toy for a 5 year old boy if he celebrates his birthday in the warm season. Flying a kite with dad or friends is so much fun. Such emotions stay with us forever.

Cheesecake (tubing)  – an attribute for skiing downhill. Make sure that it is not too big for the child. A simpler option for a snow slide is an ice rink.

Snowblaster . Cool thing for snow fun. The device itself sculpts and throws snow balls.

Home football . A flattened ball that you can safely play in the apartment: the walls and furniture will remain intact, and relations with neighbors will not deteriorate. The ball does not roll, but slides on the surface on an air cushion.

Velcro darts . Many children love to compete – a gambling kid will really like a gift. It is only necessary that there was enough space for such fun.

Balancer . With this modern thing, you can forget about sleds and cheesecakes. This “vehicle” combines a classic sled, snow scooter and balance bike. The main thing is to firmly hold on to the handle and control the balancer.

Sports corner . An active child will really like it: after all, there you can climb, swing, pull yourself up.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give a boy for 5 years


TOP 116 ideas What to give a boy for 5 years + 75 gifts and Tips

A birthday present for a 5-year-old boy should be interesting and safe. We wish you to find an option that will please your son, nephew, godson or brother.

Air kite . Even in the modern world of technology, boys love to fly kites. Use this toy to bond with your child and experience a carefree childhood for a while.

Children’s pool . It can be filled with water or balloons and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation while the boy frolics.

Inflatable ball with illumination . With such a ball, you will never be bored!

Trampoline . Movement is the basis of a child’s life. To find a way out for the irrepressible energy of the boy, give him a home trampoline.

Soap bubble machine . With such an installation, the holiday will be bright, and the little guests will receive maximum positive emotions.

Every kid, of course, dreams of receiving a cool “transport” as a gift for DR 5 years: an electric car, an electric motorcycle, an ATV. If the possibilities of the wallet and territory allow, this is a great present.

But we have selected interesting and more budget options for the birthday man.

Personal book . Edition specially for your child. It is based on a fairy tale about a baby who is looking for his name.

Play tent . The baby should have a secluded corner in which he can retire and play. In a mini-tent, you can arrange a military camp, a leader’s wigwam, and even a moon base.

plastic house.  It takes up a lot of space, so such a gift will come in handy in a large house, in the country. It can be played even in the rain. Choose the right color and design.

Please your son with a “refuge” in the form of a knight’s fortress or a special service building. In such a house you can feel like a real hero.

Seesaw . Suspended, swing-balancer, swing-nest.

Magic Shadow Theatre . With the help of a screen, figurines and a flashlight, you can reproduce a famous fairy tale or create your own. An unusual performance will diversify your leisure time, introduce you to the classics in an interesting format, and give you an exciting family evening.

You can ask your son to voice a fairy tale on his own – this develops speech and imagination. Such an activity perfectly prepares for sleep, teaches not to be afraid of the dark.

Submarine with lights, photo and video functions on the control panel. The functional toy will help the kid to explore the underwater world, having looked where even you would not dare to dive.

Music controller . An unusual musical instrument that plays melodies and beats beats. If you connect a mobile application, you can select the mode with hints.

The tool looks unusual and bright. An original gift for the musically gifted.

Projection shooting range . Being able to deal with monsters is so cool! The projector-skull lets flying evil spirits around the room. And a young ghost hunter in 3D glasses hits them with a pistol.

The toy teaches not to be afraid of the dark and “terrible creatures”, develops the reaction speed and accuracy in the baby.

Coloring book 3D You can read the book and view the three-dimensional image. Pictures come to life before the eyes of the child in the form in which he created them. A living fairy tale turns into a cartoon.

In order for a five-year-old to play with live coloring, he will need crayons, paints or felt-tip pens, as well as your help. And you need to download a special application on a smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS.

And what else to please children at 5 years old? Write your ideas in the comments!

DIY gifts for a boy for 5 years

The decision of what to give a boy for 5 years inexpensively sometimes lies on the surface. Such gifts can be things created independently.

The list of the most popular do-it-yourself surprises for a boy includes:

  • T-shirt blanket.
  • Master’s apron.
  • Funny pillow.
  • Desktop organizer.
  • Basket for toys.
  • Stitched toy.
  • Magnets in the form of an alphabet or numbers.
  • Domino.
  • Chess or checkers handmade.
  • Knitted backpack.

Garage for cars


TOP 116 ideas What to give a boy for 5 years + 75 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • wooden or cardboard box;
  • toilet paper rolls;
  • paints;
  • glue;
  • tassel.

Working process:

  1. Paint the box or wallpaper it.
  2. Put the box on its side.
  3. Fill the box with bushings. They can also be pre-painted in the boy’s favorite colors.
  4. Glue the bushings in the box together when filling.

Model of the solar system


TOP 116 ideas What to give a boy for 5 years + 75 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • whatman;
  • paper;
  • yellow cardboard;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • blue, yellow and silver acrylic paints.

Working process:

  1. Paint the paper blue. Let dry. Cut out the circle.
  2. Build a ball out of papier-mâché. Paint yellow and dry.
  3. Draw the orbits of the planets on paper.
  4. Cut through the base in the center of a small circle.
  5. Cut out the rays of the Sun and glue them.
  6. Glue Christmas decorations in the orbits of the planets.
  7. Cut out a few stars from cardboard and glue them on the workpiece.
  8. Attach a papier-mâché ball in the center of the circle.

Tips: How to choose a gift for a boy for 5 years

At the age of five, a child actively explores the world. It is important for him to develop: mentally, emotionally, physically.

Simple toys are needed no less than modern educational materials. Auditory perception continues to develop actively. The kid will be happy to receive a xylophone, a synthesizer or an electronic piano.

To develop the imagination, a kaleidoscope is suitable, and rollers will support the overall activity. At this age, the story game is already interested, so the cars will not replace the “little men”. The boy will like the glove puppet theater, soldiers, interactive toys.

When you need to decide what to give a 5-year-old boy for others, you need good advice. We have collected detailed recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a child on his 5th birthday. Here they are:

  • Remember that at the age of 5, the first preferences and tastes are already formed. Listen to the child’s speeches, get to know his friends and determine what he likes. Without this, giving a gift is like walking blindly through a minefield. You don’t want to hear the loud cry of a child at a birthday party instead of joyful laughter, do you?
  • Ask your parents or birthday person about the desired gift. At the age of five, children are still quite frank and not constrained by false modesty. Surely the boy will give you the whole list of his wishes. Choose from them what you are ready to buy or create with your own hands for the hero of the upcoming celebration.
  • Before buying, think about how this or that item will fit into the world of its young owner. If the thing does not develop the creativity and imagination of the child, it is better to abandon it.
  • Do not give too complicated things. Thinking out the purpose of a new toy is the task of the boy himself. At the age of 5, he still lives in a world of dreams, fantasies, and his world is much different from the world of adults.
  • Choose a gift that is strong and as simple as possible. It will be difficult and boring for a boy to mess with complex knots.

Use these rules and your own observations to decide what gift a boy will really enjoy on his fifth birthday.

What is better not to give for the fifth anniversary


TOP 116 ideas What to give a boy for 5 years + 75 gifts and Tips

Meet unwanted surprises for a 5 year old. Here is a list of gifts that are better not to give, according to doctors and other experts.

  1. Clothing and footwear . In any case, the parents of the boy will buy these things for the boy. They do not have the element of a miracle that a child is waiting for.
  2. Stitching and cutting objects . Of course, the boy has grown up and understands that the knife can hurt him. But why give obviously dangerous items to a person who cannot provide himself with first aid?
  3. School supplies . You should not give them even to your future classmate with whom you dream of sitting at the same desk. Gifts “for growth” in general are notorious for children. They are often not allowed to play with.
  4. Hygiene products for bathing . Let us remind you once again: it is better not to give ordinary objects to a 5-year-old boy. What can be wonderful and unusual in baby shampoo and bath foam in the understanding of the birthday man?
  5. Recurring gift . For last year’s birthday, you gave a car or a bunny, and the baby liked them? This year, look for another present for the hero of the occasion. The effect of surprise when opening each gift is important to him.
  6. Things you dreamed of as a child . At the age of 5, you dreamed of a huge dump truck or a rocking horse, and you decide that this is what the boy lacks when you go to his birthday party. Not the fact that your desires will coincide! Focus on the desires of the birthday man himself, and not yours.
  7. Poor quality toys . Any toys that are not created according to the rules, with a large amount of harmful substances, can harm the child. Do not skimp on the quality of the gift so that the health and well-being of the boy remains at the proper level.
  8. Living gift . Psychologists and pediatricians say that up to 10-11 years old a child cannot be fully responsible for a puppy, kitten and other animals. Ask if the parents are ready to take on the bulk of the worries about the new family member if you really want to give the boy a pet.
  9. Paintings or figurines . There is nothing special about them for a boy. The interior of the children’s room occupies him least of all at this age. He himself will definitely draw a masterpiece or make a toy when he gets bored.
  10. Giant fur toys . Dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses and mites are not all that such a toy will bring into the house. Moms and grandmothers will constantly look for a place for her during the cleaning of the children’s room, and this tires and annoys even the most patient of people.
  11. A gift out of season . Believe the experts: at the age of 5, it is difficult for a child to appreciate the most wonderful bike in winter, and skates in summer.
  12. Items about which the child does not respond in any way . The boy can play visiting his best friend with the designer, but does not comment on this in any way in a conversation with you. This is because the toy is not interesting to him. Giving something like this to a boy for his birthday is a deliberately failed idea.
  13. Gold jewelry . Neither the bracelet nor the chain will be properly appreciated by the child, it may be lost or given to a friend. Wait until the birthday boy’s teenage years to give such expensive gifts.
  14. Money . No, in principle, you can give them to a boy at the age of 5. However, the value of these pieces of paper for him is negligible. He will gladly exchange them for a basket of sweets or toys. If you are ready for such a turn of events, then present money to the young hero of the occasion with all your heart.


Choosing a gift for your son for his 5th birthday is easy. Children his age study life avidly. Watch the little man, find what interests him the most. So you can determine in which department of the store to look for a gift for the young hero of the occasion and see the enthusiastic look of the child when presenting your surprise.

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