What to give for a wedding

TOP 54 ideas what you can give your sister for a wedding +18 gifts and Tips

Marriage is a serious step for any woman. Even in the age of free choice and the ability to get out of relationships without great losses, every girl dreams of building her family happiness all her life with one person.

If you have the role of a guest at the wedding party of your own or cousin, show all your generosity, resourcefulness and imagination to please the bride.

Choose what to give your sister for the wedding, in the proposed rating of the best surprises, according to the newlyweds themselves.

TOP 54 ideas what you can give your sister for a wedding

  1. Dishwasher. No wonder it was invented by a woman! PPM saves you from long shifts at the sink with a sponge in your hands, so your sister will be delighted with such a gift if she does not already have this household appliance.
  2. Juicer.
  3. A set of singing bowls.
  4. Floating globe. It will serve as a reference point for the sister in the choice of family travel.
  5. Portable grill.
  6. A desktop electric fireplace will remind your sister that from this day on she is the keeper of her own family hearth.
  7. Blender.
  8. Compass. A very symbolic gift for a sister who is discovering family life.
  9. Coffee maker.
  10. Candlestick for four candles “LOVE”.
  11. Graphics tablet.
  12. Ozonator.
  13. Home photoepilator. This device will come in handy so that the sister can save the family budget and remain beautiful at no extra cost.
  14. Fireplace set.
  15. Jewelry set made of precious metals with stones.
  16. Bakery oven.
  17. Shoe sterilizer.
  18. Decorative lock for couples.
  19. Table fountain.
  20. Electronic notepad.
  21. Figurine made of porcelain or metal with a romantic plot.
  22. Pair of candelabra.
  23. A wall-mounted key holder to protect the keys not only from the home, but also from the hearts of the young.
  24. Decorative horseshoe.
  25. Candy bowl “Swans” will remind you of the fidelity of the newlyweds to each other and will become the personification of their sweet life together.
  26. Dream Catcher.
  27. Bedside floor lamp.
  28. Dressing or dressing table.
  29. Rocking chair.
  30. Rocket launcher. A device on which you can cook meat, fish and other products without oil will keep your sister slim and healthy for many years.
  31. Set of portrait nesting dolls.
  32. Organizer for small things.
  33. “Smart” ring.
  34. Sterilizer for knives.
  35. Dehydrator for vegetables and fruits.
  36. A set of textile or knitted baskets is a practical idea for what to give your sister for her wedding anniversary.
  37. Hand dryer.
  38. Garment steamer.
  39. Picnic set.
  40. Camping oven. Wherever the sister is, she will always be able to feed and warm her family.
  41. Tent for two.
  42. Bracelet in the shape of a horseshoe. If the sister likes English traditions, she will appreciate such a gift.
  43. A cache for storing keys in the form of a log.
  44. The Kolovrat lamp is ideal for a sister if she is fond of Slavic culture.
  45. Electric hairbrush-rectifier.
  46. Siphon for water carbonation.
  47. T-shirt folding machine. You will be surprised how many hours of free time this assistant will save your sister over the years of marriage!
  48. Chair-cocoon.
  49. Voice picture.
  50. Sauna for the face.
  51. Rack for drying umbrellas.
  52. Hammock for yoga.
  53. Hanger-mannequin. A vintage model made of metal rods will help your sister feel like a true fashionista even with a wardrobe of basic things, if they are thrown over such a mannequin.
  54. IP camera for home surveillance.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give a sister for a wedding

When an envelope with money for you is too trivial a surprise for young people, you will probably start looking for what to give your sister an original piece of gizmos for her wedding, so that it will please her for many more years and even seal her marriage.

In this case, you can buy, order or make gifts such as:

A book of advice for newlyweds . Usually it is the whole family. Relatives from the side of the bride and groom on the cards write recommendations to the young spouses on how to behave in marriage so that it is successful. If you are ready to put these tips together, then this gift can accompany your sister throughout her family life and will definitely not be forgotten.

Diadem or crown . The queen of this day is your sister. Crown her with a beautiful crown that she will proudly wear all evening. Do not forget to present a similar “badge” to her husband.

Family site . A resource that will be called the common name of the newlyweds, with a beautiful design, can become a personal online chronicle of a new unit of society. To demonstrate the site to guests, show the first photos of young people uploaded to it or a video with the history of the relationship between the bride and groom.

Whatever your gift to your sister, give it from the heart.

Your warmth and care that he will radiate will guide young spouses to a happy family life.

Original gifts

If you are in a dilemma of what to give your little sister for a wedding, consider buying or organizing:

Walks for the sister together with the groom on a troika of horses . It is quite possible to arrange such a surprise, you just have to prepare for it in advance. Even in the cool season, young people will certainly not refuse such a gift.

Salute in honor of the sister . Such a gift will definitely be the best reminder of your vivid feelings for a loved one at a wedding celebration.

Pair of jewelry . This will once again remind the sister that even being far away her husband will respond to her feelings.

“Hedgehog gloves” . Having them always at hand, your sister will not let her husband stray from the path of life they have planned together.

Set of a young wife . You can compose it yourself and put it in a basket or box. It can contain everything that can be useful to the sister in the new status of wife and mistress of the house. Collect in it both hygiene items and household items, small household appliances, or what is often lost, runs out quickly (dish sponges and toothbrushes, for example).

DIY gifts for sister’s wedding

Luxurious or modest offerings for a wedding celebration are not a pass to the celebration itself, however, it is impolite not only to your sister to come without an offering to the first family holiday of the newlyweds.

You can create a romantic surprise for your beloved sister and her husband with your own hands.

Interesting do-it-yourself gifts from sister to sister on the wedding day will be:

  1. Bag chair.
  2. Handmade screen.
  3. Bedside cabinets.
  4. Table chest of drawers for small items and decorations.
  5. Textile or knitted baskets.
  6. Doormat or massage mat.
  7. Chandelier from handles.
  8. Wicker furniture.
  9. Piggy bank (treasury) handmade.
  10. A collage of photos from the life of the bride and groom.

Stabilized moss panel


TOP 54 ideas what you can give your sister for a wedding +18 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • chipboard panel, wood, plastic, cork base or glass wool;
  • stabilized moss (not higher than 3 kg per 1 sq. m);
  • glue gun;
  • glue.

Working process:

  1. Prepare the base: remove dust, smooth out irregularities.
  2. Lay the base on a flat and stable surface.
  3. Lay out reindeer moss (moss) in random order and fix it on the panel with a glue gun.

Textile bag for dirty laundry


TOP 54 ideas what you can give your sister for a wedding +18 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • hoop;
  • large piece of cloth.

Working process:

  1. Cut out a rectangular bag. The diameter of the top should match the size of the hoop.
  2. Fold the pattern in half, sew the seams on the machine along the bottom from the wrong side.
  3. Insert the edges of the bag into the hoop and close it. For greater strength, baste the fabric bag to the hoop by hand.



TOP 54 ideas what you can give your sister for a wedding +18 gifts and Tips

What to present to your sister or cousin for a wedding? When such a question arises, limiting yourself to money in an envelope is not always appropriate.

How to choose a gift for sister-bride:

  1. Ask relatives where the young spouses are going to live. If the newlyweds go to a rented apartment, they will need a lot of practical things and equipment.
  2. Find out how soon the sister and husband are planning their family life, whether they will have children, how soon, if they are in the plans. Gifts for the future replenishment of the family are appropriate if the newlyweds are already provided with everything necessary, and giving money seems indecent.
  3. Choose paired items. Firstly, your sister will now share everything with her husband. Secondly, if you are presenting large items (such as furniture), designers claim that they fit better into the interior if they have a “reflection”.
  4. Remember the traditions of the Russian wedding. In it, a gift was presented in order to improve the well-being of the future family. A wedding celebration is the case when sisters should be presented with something expensive, luxurious or even antique. All this will become a kind of magnet for the future wealth of the new cell of society.
  5. When you want to make an impressive wedding gift to your sister, and not everything is so rosy with your financial resources, you can team up with one of your relatives and present the newlyweds with a common gift.
  6. Take care of high-quality and beautiful packaging of your offering. The impression of a box hastily tied with a bow can spoil the impression of even the most expensive gift.
  7. Prepare warm wishes for your sister when presenting your surprise. Rehearse the speech at home so that when you get excited, you don’t forget what you wanted to say to the newlyweds.

Sometimes newlyweds make it easier for guests invited to the celebration. They announce what they would like to receive at their first common holiday, and the invitees agree on who and what gift will give the newlyweds.

This tradition is not unique to our country. So in the English tradition, the bride and groom notify all guests in writing about the list of desired wedding gifts for them.

What is better not to give your sister for a wedding celebration

The choice of offering for newlyweds has become more diverse over the years, however, there is a list of prohibited wedding gifts.

Even if you are not a superstitious person, you should avoid them so as not to overshadow the general fun.

  1. Sharp objects . Let the newlyweds themselves acquire forks, knives or even souvenir weapons to decorate their own home. It is not customary to give such items for a wedding to either a sister or anyone else. This will bring discord, quarrels to the young family, or lead to the separation of the spouses.
  2. Towels . It is believed that such gifts bring illness. Avoid presenting towels even in a set of high-quality home textiles.
  3. Crockery . If it turns out to be accidentally chipped in at least one place, then the marriage is over. The same goes for vases or other vessels. Beware of giving fragile things to your sister for a wedding if you wish her family well-being.
  4. Empty wallets . Like other accessories, such as a suitcase or bags, you need to give only with bills or a coin inside.
  5. Clock . Even if they are Swiss, antique, or very rare, do not give a watch to a wedding. As soon as they break, quarrels and disagreements will begin in the young family, which can lead to divorce.
  6. Jewelry with amber or pearls . Even such products received from a brother will not bring joy to the bride. They portend sadness and separation to young spouses.
  7. Mirrors . With such an object as a mirror, you should not joke. In many cultures, this item is considered a portal between worlds, and it does not always bring good into our reality.

The list of unwanted wedding offerings can be continued, but we will limit ourselves to those that have stood the test of time.

For other options that your sister may not like, try to decide on your own or ask for help from older relatives in this matter.


It is not strictly necessary to apply all the tips and recommendations on how best to choose a gift for sisters on their wedding day. Only you know how to please a loved one. The main thing is to make an effort, a little imagination and common sense to find the best surprise for your sister on such a significant day for her.

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