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TOP 97+ ideas What can I give a girl for 5 years and Tips

When going to the first anniversary of a child, the question involuntarily arises, what should be a gift for a girl for 5 years. It’s no secret that everyone wants their present to be interesting, useful, memorable, perhaps even the best! And since not everyone has great financial opportunities, it is desirable that the surprise was also inexpensive.

The most vivid memories from childhood are the long-awaited birthdays! However, when thinking about what to give a girl for 5 years, you cannot be guided solely by your childhood dreams.

The modern world of toys is rich and diverse, so finding an unusual present that will delight and surprise the birthday girl is easy. Just turn on your imagination or use the list of ready-made ideas, then your gift will definitely not be equal!

The fifth anniversary is the first anniversary of a little person, a bright event for any child. To make a birthday memorable, adults choose an interesting scenario, arrange a holiday in a cafe or children’s play centers, and order cheerful animators. The whole family, friends and acquaintances are preparing for this date.

In order not to overshadow the holiday with unsuccessful presents, below you will find many original and interesting ideas of what to give a girl for 5 years.

TOP 97 ideas What can I give a girl for 5 years

  1. Ant farm. A transparent house with a special gel filling with hardworking inhabitants will bring the child closer to nature and the animal world. The baby will watch how they hurry to stock up, carry huge weights on their skinny paws, dig minks, guard the home and the queen. An ant colony requires very simple maintenance, which even a little lady can handle. This is a wonderful addition to the children’s corner!
  2. Drawing tablet with water. An interesting novelty for young artists allows you to create without paints. The principle is simple – as soon as the water evaporates, the masterpiece disappears, and you can proceed to the next one.
  3. Dollhouse for Barbie. Great gift idea for a 5 year old sister .
  4. Smart doll. Babies love to play mother-daughter, at this age, this is the most favorite game. The electronic doll looks like a real baby: it requires care, knows how to ask for food, falls asleep under motion sickness. This is a rather expensive gadget, but the joy will be unreal.
  5. A jar with “flying” butterflies or moths.
  6. A miracle lamp with a lampshade from a photo of a birthday girl.
  7. Cardboard house for dolls. Base, interior walls, stickers with furniture – dolls can be settled, and the room is in order!
  8. Dollhouse constructor.
  9. Glowing strands of artificial hair.
  10. Wooden rocking toy.
  11. Set for 3D drawing with light. This is real magic! And they will create its transparent tablet, fluorescent markers and the vivid imagination of the birthday girl. When the drawing is ready, you need to turn on the LED backlight in the stand and put on 3D glasses – the effect will be stunning! The image will glow brightly for about 15 minutes, and only after an hour and a half it will fade away. A glowing drawing is also an art therapy that will help overcome the fear of the dark. Thanks to the set, kids memorize letters and numbers, develop coordination, fine motor skills, imagination and imaginative thinking. The tablet does not require recharging. Numerous positive online reviews indicate that this is a really good gift.
  12. Rainbow umbrella.
  13. Designer-garden. This set combines cute elements to create a beautiful garden: flowers, leaves, butterflies.
  14. A set of stained glass paints with the basics for creating stained glass windows. Made bright works can be used as stickers.
  15. Set for creating author’s lanterns for interior decoration.
  16. Constructor from “bricks” for assembling a “dacha”. With this set, the girl will feel like a real builder and landscape designer.
  17. Musical postcard. Arrange a surprise with your favorite cartoon characters!
  18. Vinyl stickers. The girl will be happy to decorate the room to her taste.
  19. Combination board: chalk on one side and magnetic on the other. A very convenient attribute for various activities and preparation for school.
  20. Motivational poster with balloons. Encouragement of good deeds is the best educational method. And if it is a nice tradition with pleasant associations, the effect will be brighter. The poster will become brighter with each balloon, causing sincere joy in your baby. And pride is yours
  21. Set for creating sand pictures. Sand painting is cool and interesting. The set is sure to please! She will create small but real sand masterpieces! You can decorate the room with pictures and give them to friends, teachers, grandparents.
  22. A set of double-sided markers. A wonderful gift for a young artist. On the one hand, the felt-tip pen draws thin lines, and on the other, soft strokes.
  23. A set of rubber bands and elements for weaving bracelets. A good gift idea for your best friend.
  24. Mosaic. Among the areas of children’s creativity, mosaic is considered the leader in the development of fine motor skills. Collecting images from small elements is exciting and very useful for the activity of the mental faculties.

Creative kits with self-adhesive crystals are especially popular. The plots of the illustrations are varied: kids are happy to create images of nature and favorite characters: Disney princesses and cartoon animals. There are many options for what to give a girl for another 5 years: thermomosaic, sequin mosaic, a set for creating New Year’s balls, mosaic-diamond painting.

  1. Set for drawing on water.
  2. Children’s smart watch. The trendy accessory looks cute and the kids are happy to wear these bright, with a “childish” design, but real devices. The GPS tracker helps to ensure the safety of the child: parents will always be aware of where their child is.
  3. Plaid toy. Produced in the form of funny little animals with a zipper on the back. It is worth unbuttoning – and a cute soft friend turns into a cozy and warm blanket, ready to warm the baby on a cold evening. If you are wondering what to give your niece, this is a good idea.
  4. Set for creating “designer” jewelry. Thanks to miniature decorative elements, the girl will be able to make pendants, beads, hair bands and bracelets.
  5. Glowing picture. Toddlers are fascinated by bright colors. A light panel is not just a colorful landscape or still life. This is an interesting alternative to a cozy night light.
  6. Sleep mask in the form of a funny muzzle of an animal with charming ears.
  7. Children’s sunglasses in a bright frame. This is a stylish and useful accessory: it will protect you from the bright sun, it will add a funny “coolness” to your look. The little lady will definitely appreciate such a gift!
  8. Four wheel rollers. They are stable and easy to balance. You can learn to ride confidently the first time!
  9. Coloring set with glitter sequins.
  10. Drawing tablet with water.
  11. Transformer toy.
  12. Children’s computer. A cute pink version of a “real” laptop.
  13. pony doll.
  14. Musical toy: maracas, piano, turtle, microphone.
  15. Beach toys. Water gun, children’s inflatable vest, circle or mattress, snorkel and diving goggles.
  16. Kite.
  17. 3D puzzle. If your little one is already in elementary school, this is a great gift for a classmate.
  18. Audiobook. This is a “talking” edition with a built-in speaker. The book itself will tell a fairy tale or an interesting story.
  19. Radio-controlled car or railroad. Yes, girls love these toys too.
  20. A large set for creativity: an easel, a large number of felt-tip pens, pencils, crayons and paints. With an art set, your baby will plunge into the world of creativity, become more assiduous. All items are neatly placed in their cells in a beautiful suitcase. It is convenient to take it to nature, on vacation or to the country.
  21. Accessories for coloring: an elegant clutch bag, a fashionable backpack, a cosmetic bag or a small wallet. The gift will appeal to creative fashion girls. Bright markers are included. You can paint this handbag with your own hands, choosing the colors of your choice.
  22. Educational drawing set. Classes with wax crayons and embossed stencils improve motor skills, visual perception, and perseverance. Toddlers learn to identify the contours of animals, to distinguish colors. Recognizing animals, children develop thinking and speech.
  23. A set for drawing with paints, gouache and curly seal sponges.
  24. Rainbow sand for creativity. Unique material: does not get dirty, does not crumble and does not dry out. Bright figures are molded from it: with hands and molds. Colors can be mixed and new shades can be obtained. The sand will keep your child’s attention for a long time.
  25. Children’s suitcase for travel.
  26. Set for making original candles. The girl herself can make gifts for friends and adults.
  27. Toy plate. A toy with buttons that turn on the “burners” will teach the girl how to handle kitchen appliances. The stove imitates the sounds of cooking – the hiss of scrambled eggs and the gurgling of the broth. Illuminated oven “bakes” toy dishes – chicken or pie.
  28. Game set for learning a foreign language. Consists of bright cards for an exciting study of words, discs. This is a great opportunity to prepare for school, develop photographic memory.
  29. Coloring by numbers. It is necessary to color the picture with pencils or paints in “pieces” with an individual number. Even a young artist will get a real masterpiece.
  30. Dance mat. A positive gift for an active kid. With a rug you can have fun, throw out energy, learn to dance, develop coordination and a sense of rhythm.
  31. Children’s karaoke microphone or synthesizer with headphones.
  32. Bibicar car. On a small car, you can move around at home and on the playground.
  33. Children’s heel rollers with illuminated wheels. Easily attached to any children’s shoes. Moms can be calm: the risk of falling and getting injured is reduced to zero. Bright LEDs will give the baby a lot of positive emotions! The rollers can be used for several years (under the growing size).
  34. Non-popping balls. From them you can make fabulous animals, funny characters, unusual structures, funny faces.
  35. Interactive toy: monkey or kitten. Toys are smart, cute and sociable. They know how to sing songs, they need care.
  36. The talking doll Masha is the main character of the popular cartoon in her bright outfit. She knows 100 phrases!
  37. The doll is quick drying. A cute doll can be put to bed, bottle fed, put on a potty. With it you can swim in the bathroom: special granules inside dry it very quickly.
  38. A set of cosmetics for a girl: shadows, applicator, lipstick and a little surprise. Your young princess can safely experiment with cosmetics. You don’t have to worry – there are no harmful substances in the composition. Means are safe, do not irritate gentle children’s skin, are easily washed off with water. A lot of positive emotions are guaranteed!
  39. Educational-game allowance from logical blocks. Volumetric geometric figures of different colors, shapes and sizes contribute to the development of figurative, spatial and associative thinking. Young why children learn to understand numbers and shapes, analyze information, and count in their minds.
  40. Colored counting sticks for learning the basics of mathematics.
  41. Animation studio with stage. Create your own cartoons with your child using the application.
  42. Figures that increase when immersed in water. Fun growing toys are an exciting experience for your child. Bathing will turn into a real holiday, because your baby will enthusiastically watch the growth of the animal for half an hour. Children themselves create a cute toy!
  43. Inflatable coloring book. An innovative set of an inflatable balloon in the form of an insect, an inflation tube, stickers for paws and a set of felt-tip pens. Develops creativity and fine motor skills.
  44. Modeling kit made of special Play-Doh clay. It can be used many times without losing its quality. It is harmless, does not stick to hands, does not stain clothes. It has bright, rich colors and smells good. With it, you can create, for example, culinary masterpieces: hamburgers, cheeseburgers and hot dogs. With a set for young hairdressers, the girl will be able to do a variety of hairstyles. Modeling develops fine motor skills, imagination and perseverance.
  45. 3D pen for drawing in the air. The original pirouettes will glow in the dark.
  46. A device for fascinating twisting of paper beads, bracelets, and even curtains.
  47. A set of tools for making pom-poms. An interesting lesson gives room for imagination. Pompoms can decorate socks, hats, toy friends.
  48. Megalizun. A favorite toy for many modern children, which captivates for a long time. The plastic mass stretches, wrinkles and takes any shape. A large bucket with a substance weighing 500 g will give even more emotions!
  49. Big ball-transformer. A fun sphere for learning and entertainment develops spatial thinking, imagination, and creativity. An endless source of fun games!
  50. Soap non-bursting bubbles from a device in the form of a dolphin gun.
  51. Musical ring toss game.
  52. Play music mat. This is a musical field with painted minks and animals. Three difficulty levels, LCD display and bright design. The game develops coordination of movement and attentiveness.
  53. Changeling scooter. One movement of the hand – and the scooter becomes a bicycle or balance bike. Gives a good mood, teaches to balance.
  54. Tubing – Cheesecake. Inflatable sled will be the best children’s transport for the winter. Give them to your winter birthday girl. Another great option is a snow scooter.
  55. Flying Fairy. This is a magical creature with winged propellers, fluttering in the air with the help of a small silent motor. The fairy will never collide with anything, because her skirt has touch sensors that control the proximity of objects.
  56. Talking repeat hamster. You won’t get bored with this device! The interactive toy can repeat every sound with a funny high voice. The hamster moves a little when communicating. The toy has gained many fans and has good reviews on the Web.
  57. Electronic LCD tablet for drawing.
  58. Bathroom lamp that turns water into different colors. Creates an atmosphere of real magic.
  59. Children’s LED projector – Multicube. The gadget is suitable for teaching languages ​​and mathematics, watching videos, listening to music. Connects to any device.
  60. Speaking alphabet. The poster will teach the baby letters in a playful way. You just need to click on the letters, learn how they are pronounced, and memorize.
  61. Glowing balloon with LED-garland. It lifts the spirits of both children and adults! Inside the magic ball there are many LED lights that reflect off the surface and create the effect of fairy lights inside.
  62. Children’s camera. This bright, compact and easy-to-use device will help your child learn how to take photos and shoot videos.
  63. Window projector for viewing cartoons on horizontal and vertical windows. Gives an unusual feeling, incomparable with the usual image on the TV screen.
  64. Magic flying firefly. To enjoy the real flight of twinkling fireflies, you need to install the application on any smartphone.
  65. Candy dispensing machine. Gives out sweets only for a coin!
  66. Constructor. The range of these educational toys is huge: Velcro constructors, suction cups, gears, magnetic, solar-powered, electronic, balloons, luminous.
  67. Soaring flying saucer. Surprise all your girl’s friends! UFO magically floats in the air, like a real space object. The principle of operation is the balancing of magnetic and gravitational fields. Able to awaken children’s interest in the study of the laws of physics.
  68. Cap with solar powered fan.
  69. Bag-mat for toys. A bright thing that your child will definitely like. A useful gift: the baby will not freeze on the floor, and will collect toys in a few seconds!
  70. A chest or box with a lock. The present will appeal to girls who love to hide “secrets” from prying eyes.
  71. Children’s dream tent. To make the baby fall asleep more calmly, fix the tent directly on the bed. In a magical house, the girl will feel more secure. Suitable for use in a variety of role-playing scenes.
  72. Plasticine painting. This is an exciting activity for young lovers of modeling! It is necessary to fill the drawing with plasticine, and the characters will come to life.
  73. Ceramics studio. A gift for an exciting activity – making tea sets, vases and flower pots. The set includes real red clay and a compact foot-operated electric potter’s wheel. All products can be painted. The first samples of pottery will be the pride for the child, entertain and arouse interest in folk crafts.

What can you give a girl for 5 years to please and entertain a child? Is it possible to find such a gift that she will be proud to show to her friends? How to make a holiday fun and memorable? Interesting toys can distract children from computer games and be remembered for a lifetime!

Original gifts for a girl for 5 years

TOP 97+ ideas What can I give a girl for 5 years and Tips

For the first anniversary and a gift, you need to choose a special one. On this important day, I want to not only please, but also surprise the birthday girl, to make the holiday memorable for a long time.

If no ideas come to mind, the following gift options will help you decide.

Inductive pen. Such a magic pen is a great gift for a little girl who still believes in miracles. With a regular pencil or marker, draw lines on white paper, place the pen at the top of the line.

The pen will automatically move along the line until it ends. This activity will captivate the baby for a long time, give her a lot of positive impressions.

Umbrella coloring book. A good choice for a birthday present. This is a reliable umbrella that can be decorated at your discretion. Included with the product are sold water-based markers or paints.

The girl will feel like a real designer, and will be happy to use an umbrella, which she will turn into a work of art on her own. The umbrella is covered with a dense polyester fabric, which has a special embossed pattern for coloring.

Pen for painting with chocolate. An interesting idea of ​​what to give for the fifth birthday to a girl who dreams of becoming a confectioner. The pen is easy to use, the baby will be able to fill it with chocolate or cream on her own to draw on cakes, muffins, pastries, cookies.

Such a hobby not only cheers up, but also develops creative abilities, helps to express oneself.

Carnival costume. This is one of the best gifts for five years, because almost every girl dreams of becoming a princess or a famous cartoon character. Help the little girl get a little closer to her dream by giving her an appropriate outfit.

At the sight of this gift, the birthday girl will immediately imagine herself as a mermaid, fairy, sorceress, so a happy smile will play on her face, and her eyes will light up with happiness.

What to give a 5-year-old girl for her birthday so that she will remember for a lifetime? An unforgettable gift will be emotions and impressions:

  • a joint trip to the circus, to the theater performance or to the zoo;
  • soap bubbles show;
  • riding horses or ponies;
  • magic show;
  • swimming with dolphins;
  • going to a water park or an amusement park.

Ideas for useful gifts for a girl for 5 years

Useful gifts are not necessarily boring things, there are some that will interest a girl at first sight.

Let’s look at the most interesting of them.

Basket with children’s garden tools. If you find it difficult to answer the question of what gift to give a 5-year-old girl so that he evokes positive emotions in her, pay attention to this option. This is a set of real garden tools in miniature.

The baby will be happy to play with them in the sandbox or help their parents in the garden. Such an activity will make you feel important, self-confident, teach you how to help elders, develop dexterity and coordination of movements.

Bright orthopedic rug. A multi-colored rug will immediately attract the attention of a little birthday girl. It consists of a variety of puzzles that, by tactile sensations, resemble stones, acorns, grass, waves, cones, etc.

Walking on such a rug affects the muscles of the foot and lower leg, which helps to improve the health of the child as a whole, get rid of such a problem as flat feet. It is advisable to place the rug in the place where the girl is most often, for example, in the nursery or living room.

Toy-plaid-transformer. A good option that you can give a girl of 5 years. When assembled, this gift is a cute soft toy. However, as soon as you unfasten the clasp, the product will immediately turn into a soft, cozy blanket.

Such a present will become the girl’s best friend, which is convenient to take with you on the road, guests, travel, nature. It takes up little space and will always help out at the right moment, giving a feeling of comfort and coziness.

Interactive book. If you are thinking about what book to give a girl for her birthday at 5 years old, consider that you have already found the answer to your question. The talking book will captivate the baby and her parents for a long time.

This is one of the best ways to understand the world. The book helps to maintain interest in reading, encourages the study of letters, and also helps in the formation of competent and expressive speech.

Options for inexpensive gifts for a 5-year-old birthday girl

Children evaluate gifts not by value, but by appearance. Therefore, you need to choose presents so that they are of interest to the birthday girl at first sight.

Examples of successful but inexpensive surprises can be found here.

Goldfish in a small aquarium. This is a good idea for an inexpensive gift. The baby, most likely, still believes in miracles, so she will be happy to make her deepest desires to the goldfish.

In addition, watching the underwater world will expand your horizons, develop attentiveness, and caring for a fish disciplines the baby, teaches you to feel responsible.

Set for face painting. To turn into your favorite cartoon or fairy tale character, you don’t need to be a magician, it’s enough to have a special body art kit on hand.

With such a present, the girl will transform into anyone every day, and parents do not have to worry about the safety of paints, as they are water-based, easy to apply and just as easy to wash off.

Glowing slippers. A great idea that you can give a child to a girl of 5 years. The unusual design of home shoes will not leave indifferent any fashionista.

The slippers themselves are made of environmentally friendly, non-allergic material. They will become the girl’s best friends and give her the opportunity to feel like a real Disney princess.

Fur earmuffs.  This is a great alternative to autumn hats and a good option for something interesting to give a girl for five years.

This accessory perfectly protects the ears from the wind, gives the image of individuality. Headphones are adjustable in size, so they fit snugly to the head.

What to give for 5 years to a creative girl


TOP 97+ ideas What can I give a girl for 5 years and Tips

All children are naturally creative. Therefore, when looking for a gift for a five-year-old girl, it is advisable to pay attention to things that will help develop creative skills, fantasy, imagination, etc.

Do not be discouraged if suitable ideas do not come to mind, the options proposed here will appeal to both you and the birthday girl.

Loom. This is a miniature version of a wooden loom. The kit includes everything you need to get started. Having such a set, the girl will be able to create multi-colored shreds on her own and will be transported back to the times when every woman had such a skill.

A fascinating activity instills a love for art, develops fine motor skills, coordination of movements, and creativity.

Light table for sand painting. This is one of the best options for giving a 5 year old girl. Sand animation is an interesting hobby, as the smooth surface of the sand attracts the child much more than a sheet of ordinary white paper.

Drawing on the sand gives a lot of pleasant sensations, a good mood and a charge of vivacity. Such a hobby relieves emotional stress, makes it possible to express one’s feelings, develops manual dexterity, fantasy, artistic abilities, and creativity.

Airbrush set. The girl will be delighted at the sight of such a gift. The kit includes an airbrush, stencils and 12 bottles of acrylic paints that are not hazardous to health and are easy to clean.

With such a present, the girl will be able to realize all her ideas, because children are always full of inspiration and desire to create something new.

When sprayed, the paint lays down neatly and evenly, which cannot be achieved with simple felt-tip pens.

Set for sewing toys. Such a present will help the baby learn sewing skills, love needlework, and besides, a thing created by her own hands will become a real friend for the girl.

The kit includes everything you need: patterns, filler, plastic safety needle, thread, eyes, buttons and instructions. Perhaps sewing will become a new hobby for the girl, and the toy will become the main character of role-playing games.

Children’s hat with decor. This accessory will give the image a zest, make it brighter. A hat will help out both on a hot day, protecting from the heat, and during an evening walk.

Choose a neutral color to match any outfit. Artificial flowers, decorative ribbons, lace, etc. are often used as decor.

What are the gifts for physical development


TOP 97+ ideas What can I give a girl for 5 years and Tips

Children are constantly on the move. Try to direct their energy in the right direction by giving a gift that promotes physical development. Let’s see which gifts are at the peak of popularity.

Carpet for dancing. This is a gaming device that will help you spend time fun and usefully. Dancing strengthens muscles, develops coordination of movements, plasticity, teaches to feel the rhythm.

Such a gift will distract the baby from gadgets (tablet or phone) for a long time, make her develop physically, charge her with vivacity and good mood.

Pogo stick. This is a jumping machine that resembles a magic stick. A great opportunity to have fun and exciting time, both at home and in nature.

Such an activity trains coordination of movements, the vestibular apparatus, helps in the fight against extra pounds, develops dexterity and endurance and just brings pleasure!

Gymnastic ball. Fitball classes are very useful for preschool children. They not only have no contraindications, but are also recommended for children who have problems with the spine, muscle development, and coordination of movements.

Regular fitball exercises train the vestibular apparatus, improve posture, have a positive effect on the development and strengthening of muscles and internal organs.

Neurorope. This is not just a newfangled toy, but a useful simulator.

The rope is put on one leg and, in addition to being fun to jump over, such an activity develops dexterity, endurance, large motor skills, increases the speed of switching thought processes, strengthens the vestibular apparatus, hones the accuracy and dexterity of movements.

DIY gifts for a girl for 5 years

Take a look at some original homemade gift ideas.

Chupa Chups butterflies


TOP 97+ ideas What can I give a girl for 5 years and Tips

If you need to give a gift to a classmate, you can make such cute butterflies from bright cardboard and sweets.

Cat bookmarks


TOP 97+ ideas What can I give a girl for 5 years and Tips

Felt figurines glued to wooden ice cream sticks are real kittens! Realism is added by “cat tracks” drawn with a felt-tip pen. And if you decorate them with bright bows – you can’t think of cute cats! This is a touching and useful gift for your little sister.

Knitted panel from grandmother


TOP 97+ ideas What can I give a girl for 5 years and Tips

Such cute girls with balloons can be knitted by a grandmother for her dear granddaughter. Or the mother of the birthday girl’s best friend. Delicate decoration of the room of a little princess.

Sweet gifts


TOP 97+ ideas What can I give a girl for 5 years and Tips

This is how chic sweet presents look like: “kinder cake” and a bouquet of lollipops. The birthday girl will absolutely love it!

Tips for choosing gifts for a 5 year old girl

Five year olds have no secrets. As a rule, they willingly share their impressions and desires. If a girl dreams about something, she will definitely tell about it. Therefore, moms and dads usually know from which area the gift will be the best.

When choosing a gift for a girl for 5 years, consider the psychological characteristics of age. By this period, the kids have already developed logical and creative thinking. Many children need society and collective play, but they can occupy themselves on their own. Toys that develop intelligence and imagination will come in handy.

At 5 years old, kids are active and inquisitive. They explore the world, acquire skills and experience, imitate adults. This is a time of discovery and transformation, a time of endless questions and fantasies. Children believe in fairy tales and magic. Girls love to pretend to be princesses and characters from their favorite cartoons. A fairy or sorceress costume will delight them.

A great idea what to give a child to a girl for 5 years will be dolls, dollhouses and accessories, kits for role-playing games, creativity kits, educational toys, things with which the girl will feel like an “adult”.

You can give an interactive baby doll. Such baby dolls can be changed, rolled in a stroller, “feed” porridge from a bottle, put on a potty. Usually “babies” are sold together with accessories for a “comfortable life”: clothes, devices for “feeding”. The girl will learn how to handle the little ones, which will be very useful if you are planning an addition.

Barbie dolls are very popular with little girls. This is the prototype of an adult girl. A young lady, communicating with such a doll, learns to combine clothes and accessories, to do hairstyles. If you already have a favorite doll from this series, donate a dollhouse or furniture. With dolls, your daughter will not only diversify the games, but will also develop a sense of responsibility, care and love.

All children are talented. It is important to find the “same” sphere. Usually parents act experimentally, offering various “creative” options so that the girl can understand what attracts her.

The baby will gladly accept children’s cosmetics: fragrant lipstick, toilet water, children’s nail polish. Girls diligently imitate their mother, so they will be very flattered to have their own cosmetic bag.

During this period, a “leap” is recorded not only in mental development, but also in physiological development: the skeleton is strengthened, muscles develop, become stronger. Dynamic presentations will benefit active children. Usually dads choose sports gifts. You can equip one of the corners of the girl’s room with a Swedish wall. Daughter will definitely love it!

The grandparents of the birthday girl always want to pamper their granddaughter, and especially on this holiday. You can present a useful, but unusual gift: an original starry night projector, bed linen with a cartoon print, a fashionable backpack or handbag. These accessories are presented in a wide variety: shiny, in the form of a soft toy, with an unusual image.

Do not forget about the main attribute of the holiday – a cake with 5 candles. The little hero of the day will definitely appreciate the attention to her person.

There can be no universal advice on choosing a gift. All children are individuals with different interests. The parents of the birthday girl always know what their little daughter dreams of. Consult with them, and again return to this article. The choice will be much easier.

What is better not to give a girl for 5 years

When choosing a presentation, exclude a banal approach. If a child has a lot of lying dolls lying around, another baby doll is unlikely to bring joy.

Gold jewelry for the fifth anniversary is given only as a memorable gift. The little “jubilee” will appreciate its value much later.

Do not give purely “useful” gifts: textbooks for future classes, boring clothes. Most five year old princesses love to dress up. Just choose bright festive things. A beautiful dress will surely please the birthday girl, which cannot be said about the “practical warm jacket of non-marking colors”.

Many adults mistakenly believe that any new toy will captivate a child. However, it is not. A five-year-old girl is already old enough to express her dissatisfaction if the present is not to her liking.

Therefore, before you buy something, do not be too lazy to study the following list.

  • Things or toys designed for a younger age. Girls at the age of five want to seem as old as possible, so let your gift be “for growth” rather than too childish.
  • Home pet.  It is impossible to give such a gift without prior agreement with the parents of the birthday girl. After all, the entire responsibility for caring for a living being will fall on their shoulders.
  • Money and jewelry. Due to her age, the girl will not be able to appreciate such a gift. After all, the little girl hoped to receive a present that she could print, touch, admire, use in her games, etc.
  • Poor quality items. The health of the child directly depends on this indicator. Therefore, do not purchase fragile items, as well as items with small parts, unpleasant odors, etc.


Your attention and love is what your little girl really needs. Give your daughter a trip to the circus, amusement park or zoo for her 5th birthday. Buy balloons, ride a pony, arrange a small “cruise” on a pleasure boat – your beloved girl will be happy and remember this day forever.

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