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89 Ideas for Giving Money to a Woman

According to the well-known German business coach Bodo Schaefer, “money is good for women.” Therefore, if you do not have time to find a suitable present, feel free to hand over banknotes to the birthday girl. However, try to make the moment of presentation enchanting and unforgettable. Connect your imagination, use improvised means and, of course, use our ideas, and then you will be able to present such a banal gift in an extraordinary way.

TOP 56 ideas how to give money to a woman

  1. Book safe.  You can make an original cache from a real book or purchase a ready-made safe book. An excellent option would be a publication corresponding to the profession of the birthday girl.
  2. money bath.  Buy a bath soap dish and fill it with bills. Present a present to the hero of the occasion, wishing her to bathe in money.
  3. Red envelope.  According to ancient Chinese teachings, red color attracts prosperity and finances. Give the birthday girl money in a red envelope so that they multiply and work for her benefit.
  4. Saucer with a blue border.  Get the appropriate plate, put banknotes on it and present it to the “newborn”. In addition, you can make a personal inscription on the plate or apply a photo of the birthday girl.
  5. Stickers.  Cut out a recess in a stack of colorful stickers, put banknotes in it and present it to the lady.
  6. Hawaiian beads.  Make a Hawaiian necklace for the birthday girl, only use banknotes instead of flowers.
  7. Cornucopia.  Get a crystal horn and fill it with coins and banknotes.
  8. Torch.  Functional and practical gift. Instead of batteries, place rolled bills in the flashlight.
  9. Bank with cereals.  Give the hero of the occasion a container for bulk products filled with cereals and banknotes.
  10. Wallet.  Simple and tasteful. Give the birthday girl money in a beautiful and stylish wallet.
  11. Diary.  Get a dated edition and attach banknotes for all weekends and holidays, accompanying them with comic wishes, for example, “Do not deny yourself anything”, “Have a good weekend” and more.
  12. Piggy bank.  A simple but very popular way to give a cash gift. Buy a piggy bank and fill it with banknotes and coins. The birthday girl will be able to break the present and spend its contents, or continue saving up for something global.
  13. Box of candies.  An extremely unpretentious gift that can please a lady with its contents. Roll candies from banknotes and place them in the cells instead of real candies. Tie the box with ribbon and give it to the birthday girl.
  14. Stockings.  Since ancient times, this piece of clothing has been used by women to store money. Therefore, banknotes presented in a package with stockings can rightly be considered to be in their historical place.
  15. Lunch box.  Get a fun lunch box and fill it with crispy “kale”.
  16. Money bag.  Get an elegant basket and decorate it with bows and ribbons. Roll up the bags from the banknotes and, after tying them with a ribbon, place them in the basket.
  17. Hollow stone.  Usually such stones serve as hiding places when you need to hide the keys in a private house. Be original and use it as a gift box.
  18. A book to improve financial literacy.  Hide the money in the spine of the publication and come up with an original clue so that the birthday girl can find it.
  19. Vase.  Give the woman a vase with a personalized engraving and rustling bills inside.
  20. Soft toy.  Hand over the required number of banknotes to the plush friend and present it to the hero of the occasion.
  21. Embroidery ribbons.  Embroider a picture using twisted banknotes as an additional decor.
  22. Dish of the day.  Pack banknotes securely in a moisture-proof bag and hide them inside a festive treat, such as a cake. The main thing is that the dish you choose is guaranteed to be in the hands of the birthday girl. When this happens, be sure to alert the woman so that she is prepared for the surprise.
  23. Crisps.  Buy a can of chips and replace its contents with money. In this case, coins of the same denomination will be quite appropriate.
  24. Handbag.  As you know, a handbag occupies an important place in a woman’s life and, in the literal sense of the word, carries the whole life of the hostess. Therefore, by handing the birthday girl a bag with money in a secret pocket, you will bring her double joy.
  25. Self-assembly tablecloth.  Buy a tablecloth for the birthday girl and securely attach banknotes to it. Unwrapping the gift, the birthday girl will be pleasantly surprised.
  26. Chocolate egg.  Carefully separate the egg into two halves, remove the capsule with the toy and replace the toy with a folded banknote. Give the product its original look and give it to the birthday girl.
  27. Flower bouquet.  A composition made up of a woman’s favorite flowers and seasoned with a beautiful card and an envelope with money will be a win-win gift option.
  28. Matryoshka.  Get a classic nesting doll and put a banknote into each doll. Naturally, the money will be spent, and the matryoshka will remain for a long time.
  29. Notebook with a bookmark.  An ideal gift for a business woman who does not let go of her diary, and for a romantic person who trusts her feelings and thoughts to paper.
  30. Casket.  Purchase a tiered jewelry box and place a banknote in each compartment.
  31. Seedling.  The perfect gift for the avid gardener. Plant any twigs in a pot of earth and decorate them with beautifully folded banknotes. Make the inscription “Seedling” on the pot.
  32. Clay pot.  Fill the pot with coins, after putting banknotes on its bottom.
  33. Mega cookies.  Bake or order giant fortune cookie shaped cookies from the bakery. Put in it a bill and a few positive concise prophecies.
  34. tights.  Pack the money in a pantyhose box and put a note in it with the phrase: “So that there are never holes in the budget.”
  35. Chickens do not peck money.  Buy a Faberge-style egg box and put money in it. For more color, you can make or purchase a decorative nest in which to present your gift.
  36. Great gift.  Get lots of boxes of various sizes, invest in the smallest one, and stack the boxes like a doll.
  37. Postcard-candle.  Get a greeting card, carefully attach rolled up bills to it and make a paper imitation of fire over them, so that in general the craft resembles a candle, blowing out which the birthday girl can make her most secret wish.
  38. Cabbage.  In China, this vegetable is considered a symbol of wealth and money. Cut the cabbage forks in half, cut a recess in it and place banknotes there. Connect the halves and tie them with a beautiful ribbon.
  39. Bank deposit.  Take any glass jar, beautifully place bills in it and seal the “deposit” with a lid. Glue any cool inscription on the jar that your imagination suggests, for example, “Dried greens”, “Sberbank”, “Cauliflower” and so on.
  40. Named chocolate.  Make a custom chocolate wrapper with a picture of the birthday girl on it. Write your congratulations and wishes on it. Pack an ordinary chocolate bar in such a wrapper and do not forget to put banknotes in it.
  41. Money bag.  Sew or buy a small burlap bag and draw a dollar sign on it. Fill the bag with banknotes and coins and solemnly hand it to the birthday girl.
  42. sailboat.  A classic, but relevant solution, when banknotes play the role of sails on a ship.
  43. Money broom.  According to signs, this tool attracts money and prosperity to the house. Get a souvenir or a real broom, attach banknotes to it and decorate it at your discretion.
  44. Candies with filling.  Buy the birthday girl’s favorite candies by weight, unfold them and wrap the folded banknotes in wrappers. Put cash and real sweets in a beautiful basket or box and present to the “newborn”.
  45. Exclusive envelope.  Show your imagination, make a little effort and make a decent frame for banknotes with your own hands. Thus, you will emphasize respect for the birthday girl and the individuality of your present.
  46. Ribbon.  Simple but tasteful. Make a pack of the smallest bills and tie it with a beautiful ribbon.
  47. Candy basket.  Roll up the banknotes in the form of candy and put them in a basket along with real sweets.
  48. Finance House.  Use a box of chocolates as a foundation, rolled-up banknotes to replace logs, and golden paper clips to build a magical home. Pack it in a transparent gift wrap and give it to the “newborn”.
  49. Case for jewelry.  A very risky idea, but if you are sure that a woman will respond adequately to her, present her with money in such a case.
  50. Vase.  Fill a vase with coffee beans or decorative stones and place an LED candle wrapped in a banknote inside.
  51. Fruit basket.  Decorate a fruit basket with beautifully folded banknotes and present it to the birthday girl.
  52. Gold fish.  Act out the fairy tale about the golden fish by using the appropriate figurine and the required number of banknotes and coins.
  53. Credit card.  Give the hero of the occasion a debit card with initial capital and a custom design.
  54. Money Tree.  Get a houseplant that helps attract finance (crassula, zamiokulkas, geranium, cactus, aucuba, Sander’s dracaena) and decorate it with ribbons and banknotes.
  55. Patchwork plaid.  Place banknotes in transparent files and use adhesive tape to connect them together in the form of a large rectangle. Frame the edges of the composition with a beautiful ribbon.
  56. Brick.  Saw the brick in half, make a recess in it and place banknotes in it. Glue the brick, tie it with ribbon and hand it to the “newborn” as the foundation for a prosperous life.

Original gift ideas for a woman from money

For a gift to be memorable, it must be presented in an original way. We offer you relevant creative options that can cause a storm of delight in the birthday girl:

Case with money.  Show the birthday girl that this is possible not only in action films. Present her with a briefcase filled to the brim with crunchy banknotes. Of course, only the top layer will be authentic.

Pirate chest.  Stylize the box as a pirate chest and fill its bowels with real and fake banknotes, jewelry, rhinestones and gems. It is desirable that all components be of different sizes and colors. For greater effect, hang a massive lock on the chest.

Lipstick.  Every woman will be happy with new cosmetics, and if she finds a folded banknote inside a lipstick case, she will be incredibly happy, because she will be able to purchase even more various cosmetics.

Quest.  Such entertainment “newborn” will remember for a long time. Hide the “treasures” in a chest, draw a map indicating the location of the treasure and come up with an exciting quest to find a gift for the hero of the occasion. Give the card to the birthday girl with the warmest wishes.

Balls for modeling.  Put a banknote into the balloons, inflate them, make funny figures out of them and give a present to the hero of the occasion.

Spectacular ways to give a woman money

You can present money not only in an original way, but also effectively. If you are planning to make such a surprise for a birthday girl, consider the time you are willing to spend on its preparation and the availability of the necessary props.

Umbrella.  A luxurious way that has been in the lead for a long time. Buy a beautiful and quite functional umbrella for a lady. With the help of threads and adhesive tape, attach banknotes to its knitting needles. Give the lady a present (of course, folded) and ask her to check its serviceability. As soon as the birthday girl opens the umbrella, she will immediately be at the mercy of the money rain.

Money Topiary.  Show your creativity and create a truly exclusive and unusual gift for the birthday girl from banknotes. Along with genuine banknotes, fake ones can be used.

Fan.  Purchase a simple souvenir fan and use tape to secure bills to it. If origami is your thing, make your own money fan. Decorate the product with satin ribbons and other decorative elements.

Calendar.  Make a tear-off / loose-leaf calendar from 365 bills. The lady will be delighted, because now her every day will begin with a new bill.

How interesting it is to give money to a woman with humor

If you know the birthday girl well enough and are sure that she has a great sense of humor, you can safely choose one of the ideas below. A gift designed and presented in this way can be remembered for a long time and cheer up the birthday girl and everyone present.

Money printing machine. This device is sold in any gift shop and is a prop for practical jokes and tricks. Present it to the birthday girl complete with “freshly printed” banknotes and wish her financial stability.

Huge box.  Pack bills in a disproportionately large gift box. For weight, put something heavy in it, maybe even a couple of bricks. Huge packaging will mislead the birthday girl, and the contents will produce the effect of surprise and cause laughter among those present.

Money shovel.  If a woman has a car, get a car shovel for her, if the cottage is a bayonet, and if none of the above, then buy either a children’s or a souvenir. In any case, whatever tool it turns out to be, attach banknotes to it and, when handing it, wish the birthday girl to row money with a shovel.

Comic poems and skits.  Such amateur performance will enliven any feast, please the “newborn” and decorate the presentation of a monetary present with original jokes and sparkling humor.

Trash can.  Get a wastebasket, fill it with carelessly crumpled banknotes, and wish the birthday girl that she has so much money that she can throw it in the trash can.

Toilet paper.  Unwind the toilet paper roll, fasten banknotes on the inside of it and roll the roll again. Tie it with a wide ribbon and hand it to the “newborn”.

Romantic money gift options

If you want to give money to your loved one, you can use the following ideas:

Money bouquet.  It is well known that there are no women who are indifferent to flowers, especially if they are flowers created from various banknotes.

Butterflies.  Cut out the wings of butterflies from colored paper, and make their bodies from folded bills. Pack the finished beauties in a gift box and present them to the “newborn”.

Message in a bottle.  Such a present has a mysterious and romantic character and is able to truly intrigue the birthday girl. To create it, take a beautiful decorative bottle and an aged piece of paper. Write your wishes on a piece of paper and twist it into a tube, putting a banknote inside. Dip the scroll in the bottle and hand it to the hero of the occasion.

Balloon.  Fill the balloon with many small bills and confetti and present it to the hero of the occasion. Despite the simplicity of the gift, a woman will be delighted when the balloon bursts and witnesses a kind of money salute.

Heart.  Put the bills in a box in the shape of a heart, tie it with ribbons and accompany with touching words.

Memorable ways to give money

As you know, a person remembers those events that cause him vivid emotions. We offer you options for presenting a cash gift that will please not only you, but also the hero of the occasion.

Painting.  As you know, tastes differ, but this work of art will appeal to any recipient. Buy a beautiful frame with glass and put some composition from folded banknotes in it.

Money napkins.  A very interesting and fun gift. Connect the bills with tape so that they form a long path. Roll the track into a roll, attach a wet wipe to the top bill and pack it all in a tissue box. Wait for the right moment and invite the hero of the occasion to use your napkin. Pulling on it, the woman will unwind the entire roll of money.

Passbook.  Make your own notebook with a cover like a passbook. Attach a banknote to each of its pages and write for what needs this banknote is intended.

Ice money.  Half fill a suitable container with water and send it to the freezer until completely frozen. Pack the money in a waterproof bag and put it on ice. Add the required amount of liquid and freeze again. For greater effect, you can put a small flower arrangement in the water. Give this gift complete with a small hammer.

Stylish and beautiful ideas on how to give money to a woman

It’s no secret that women love everything beautiful and sophisticated, so one of the following ways to give money will work flawlessly:

Beads.  Break walnuts in half, put compactly folded banknotes in them instead of kernels and glue the halves of the shells into a whole nut. String nuts on a string. If desired, you can paint the nuts with bright colors and decorate with rhinestones.

Photo album.  Insert banknotes of various denominations into the cells of the photo album. You can alternate banknotes with photos of the birthday girl and greeting cards.

Curler.  Buy curlers and put a folded bill inside each tube. Such a present will look spectacular in a basket with various hair accessories.

Airbag.  Sew or buy a decorative pillow and, in addition to the filler, put banknotes in it.

Extraordinary ways to give money to a woman

If you choose any of the ideas below, you can be sure that a birthday girl has never been given a material gift the way you do.

Urgency.  Get a photo frame and place banknotes in random order in it. Glue a small hammer to the frame and the inscription: “If urgently necessary, break the glass with a hammer.”

A pineapple.  As you know, pineapple symbolizes luxury and hospitality. Cut the fruit in half and hide the money securely wrapped in plastic in it. Connect the halves into one whole, pack the fruit beautifully and present it to the lady.

Money cake.  Roll small bills into a tube and fix each of them with a bank elastic band. Using cardboard, create a two- or three-tier composition from banknotes that resembles a cake. Decorate the top with an elegant bow.

Green storage container.  An ideal container for a cash gift, which can then be used for its intended purpose.

Anti-stress injection.  Get a large syringe, put a rolled-up banknote in it and attach a sticker on it that says “Stress Relief”. Pack the syringe in a beautiful box and give it to the birthday girl.

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