What to give for a wedding

Awesome 49 ideas for the most unusual and original wedding gifts

Do you want to buy a wedding gift that will surprise the newlyweds with its unusualness? Below you will find a huge list with original gifts, tips and additional ideas!

49 Ideas: Unusual and Original Wedding Gifts

  1. Edited video with the best pictures of the bride and groom, as well as congratulations from relatives and friends;
  2. Organization of an exciting quest for the newlyweds, during which they will hear a lot of warm words from the guests, and at the end they will find a hidden “treasure”;
  3. Helpful books for aspiring family men: home repair manuals, cookbooks, guides to raising a husband and taming a wife, or even the Kama Sutra;
  4. Paired T-shirts: for the groom – with a photo of his beloved and the inscription “Busy!”, and for the bride – with the image of the chosen one and the words “Busy!”;
  5. Large family piggy bank;
  6. Unbreakable plates with the inscription “To sort things out”;
  7. Electric samovar;
  8. Bed linen with the designation of the boundaries of the territories of each of the spouses;
  9. Anti-hours, going in the opposite direction and indicating the time of sleep, lunch, walk, performance of marital duty, etc.;
  10. Mittens for the bride and groom, two mittens of which are connected together so that it is convenient for lovers to hold hands;
  11. Certificate for the purchase in a construction, furniture or children’s store;
  12. A collage of photographs of the spouses;
  13. Personalized chocolate, the wrapper of which contains a photograph of the young couple and a logo specially designed in their honor;
  14. A pair of dolls, similar to the heroes of the occasion;
  15. Tickets for a concert of your favorite musical group or couple’s performer;
  16. Box with tropical butterflies;
  17. Flight in a hot air balloon;
  18. Honeymoon trip (most often this is an original wedding gift from parents);
  19. A site on the moon or a planet named after the spouses;
  20. Skydiving;
  21. A bottle of good collection wine that can be opened in a few years in honor of a serious wedding anniversary;
  22. Certificate for a photo session with a famous photographer;
  23. A song written in honor of the heroes of the occasion, or a dance performed by oneself;
  24. A room in a luxury hotel for the wedding night;
  25. Certificate for participation in a master class in cooking, pottery, drawing or any other topic of interest to the newlyweds;
  26. Organization of fireworks at the end of the festive evening;
  27. Family coat of arms, reflecting the characteristics of the couple and their reverent feelings;
  28. Plaid with sleeves for two;
  29. Driver’s license to drive a sidecar;
  30. Organization of a sweet table in the hall where the celebration takes place;
  31. Party fountain pouring alcoholic drinks;
  32. Bicycle for two (the so-called “bicycle tandem”);
  33. Named pair of bathrobes;
  34. Decorative lock for good luck to the couple;
  35. Voice picture (for example, you can record the wedding vow of the newlyweds, after which experts will translate the sound waves into a graphic image);
  36. Picnic set for lovers, consisting of plates, glasses and cutlery in duplicate;
  37. Piggy bank for wine corks (will serve as an excellent storage for corks left after the wedding celebration, as well as subsequent romantic evenings and anniversaries);
  38. Painting by numbers, made to order based on a joint photo of the bride and groom;
  39. Family horoscope;
  40. Picture with a tree of wishes from guests;
  41. Floor lamp with pictures of the heroes of the occasion;
  42. Certificate for finishing the apartment;
  43. Beautiful housekeeper;
  44. A box of fortune cookies;
  45. For a sports couple: paired thermoses, wireless headphones, heart rate monitors, pedometers, home exercise equipment;
  46. For outdoor enthusiasts: tent, sleeping bags, hiking backpacks, compasses, LED flashlights;
  47. For travelers: a camera (can be supplemented with a tripod and an external battery), suitcases, sleeping kits, a discovery map where the family can mark the countries visited;
  48. For young people who have a country house: a gazebo or a tent, a double hammock, a barbecue, sun loungers or rattan furniture, an inflatable pool, a mini-fridge;
  49. Complete organization of a bachelor or bachelorette party (this can be an original wedding gift for a girlfriend or friend).

Symbolic and funny wedding gifts

Original wedding gifts for newlyweds do not have to be expensive and serious. The present will cause much more emotions if it manages to cheer up and, despite its frivolity, will be endowed with important meaning. For example, comic wedding gifts can be:

Ordinary brick, tied with a satin ribbon with a bow . This, at first glance, a strange and inappropriate object for the holiday, in fact, is a symbol of the strong foundation of the future family home. It can even be an original wedding gift for a husband from a newly-made wife. On it you can write the date of the wedding and the names of the young. If this is a present from friends or relatives, then the brick, moreover, can serve as a kind of box in which you can put banknotes – just make a small recess in it;

Pud of salt . Nice idea for a wedding gift. As you know, young people should eat it throughout their life together in order to be absolutely confident in each other and have strong relationships. This legend will help you compose an unusual wedding greeting with gifts that the bride and groom will remember for a lifetime. We remind you that a pound of salt is equal to 16.38 kg, in which, by the way, it is easy to hide a cash present;

Set of light bulbs and soap . An original wedding gift for friends can be obtained without leaving home, because a spare light bulb and a bar of soap can be found in any apartment. Despite their simplicity, these objects hide a very deep meaning: soap promises pure love, and a light bulb will make feelings bright;

Boxing gloves . Such an original wedding gift from friends or relatives will not only help keep the newlyweds in good physical shape, but will also help them resort exclusively to humane ways of solving problems during quarrels;

“Hedgehog” mittens . Handing this original wedding gift to your girlfriend, you can explain that now the girl’s task is to guide her man in the right direction and keep order in the family. You can buy such a present ready-made in a store or make it yourself from ordinary work gloves and pushpins;

Jar with honey . Original gifts for newlyweds can go back to traditions far forgotten in modern life.Of course, you cannot present such a present without any explanation – this way people will not understand its meaning and may suspect you of elementary stinginess, so this should be an original wedding gift with the right words. It is necessary to give the bride and groom an order to eat the product during the first three months of family life, because this period is popularly called the “honeymoon”;

A whip for the groom and a frying pan with a rolling pin for the bride . Considering funny wedding gifts, choose a present that reminds young people of the need to follow family rules and mutual respect. A whip will help a man keep his wife in strictness, and a girl will be able to show her temper in relation to her husband with the help of a frying pan and a rolling pin. In addition to the listed products, you can purchase a special wall holder with the inscription “To keep the house in order!”. The overall composition will have a complete look and amuse the guests who come to the couple’s house.

Original DIY wedding gifts

Surprise the heroes of the occasion with creativity and craftsmanship and create original wedding gifts with your own hands. The following options are suitable:

Photo album in scrapbooking technique . A variety of materials can be useful to create it: colored cardboard and paper, ribbons, lace, beads, beads, sequins, rhinestones, etc. On the cover, you can put a joint photo of the spouses or an image corresponding to the subject. As for the internal content of the album, you can fill it with pictures of the bride and groom, if you have any, or simply leave blank pages so that the heroes of the occasion select the best photographs on their own;

Tray with homemade cupcakes or muffins decorated in wedding colors . If cooking is your forte, delight the young with delicious sweets. Such an unusual do-it-yourself wedding gift has an important plus: on the morning after the wedding, the bride and groom, tired after yesterday’s fun, will be able to refresh themselves with your cakes, cooked with love and having a natural composition compared to purchased ones;

Pair decoration . If your hobby is related to jewelry, you simply must present such wedding gifts to the newlyweds. At the same time, it is advisable to try to emphasize the individuality of each of them and find out in advance which metals and stones suit them. It is important to remember that even if the products are made from different materials, they must be made in the same style. If you have nothing to do with jewelry, but the idea of ​​jewelry has sunk into your soul, give preference to homemade products made of beads or ribbons – yes, this option does not look so expensive, but this does not beg its dignity at all;

Clay vase or jug . It is worth giving such an original wedding gift if you are fond of pottery. Nowadays, these dishes are no longer considered old-fashioned and, on the contrary, have gained special value due to the fact that they are made by hand. Therefore, do not be afraid to present such gifts, they will certainly find the most prominent place in the kitchen of the young.

How to choose an unusual wedding gift for newlyweds

When it comes to gifts for newlyweds, the following recommendations will help you make the right choice:

  • Start from the personal tastes and habits of the bride and groom, even if they do not correspond to your preferences – then the gift will surely resonate in the soul of the couple;
  • When planning to give lovers something for their home or summer cottage, make sure that they really need this thing;
  • Consider the place of residence of the newly-made family – in the parental home or in their own apartment, in a small or spacious dwelling, etc. Not only the expediency of certain presents, but also their number and dimensions will depend on this;
  • If the couple is in happy expectation, it would be nice to give them something for the baby. Nowadays, such pleasure is not at all cheap, and with your present you would make life much easier for future parents. However, such gifts are appropriate only if the young do not suffer from excessive suspiciousness and do not believe in bad omens;
  • An original wedding gift should please both the groom and the bride at the same time, and not take into account the tastes of one of them;
  • If the financial situation does not allow you to spend a fair amount on a present for young people, and creative ideas are refused to visit your head, invite one of your friends or relatives of the couple to unite and buy something really worthwhile;
  • If people of a different nationality are getting married, find out in advance about their customs and traditions. For example, the Chinese wrap gifts in red paper, as this color symbolizes prosperity, the French give sweets, and the gypsies give gold;
  • Come up with an original wedding greeting with gifts in advance. An unusual presentation of a wedding gift should be accompanied by warm words addressed to the spouses, because it is them that they will remember in many years, and not an expensive present;
  • Take care of the beautiful packaging for the gift. It will create some intrigue and give the present a more complete and presentable appearance;
  • Complement the main gift with a bouquet of flowers, which is best wrapped in a beautiful package so that the young ones do not get hurt.

What is better not to give the newlyweds for the wedding

When choosing unusual wedding gifts, we advise you to avoid such options as:

  • Old paintings and antiques (may contain negative energy from previous owners);
  • piercing and cutting objects (to quarrels in the family);
  • Handkerchiefs (harbingers of tears);
  • Clocks – wall, wrist, floor, etc. (promise an early parting);
  • Hairpins for the bride (they are a sign that the wife will be constantly oppressed by her husband, be in a servile position);
  • Cufflinks or tie clips for the groom (a similar situation, as in the case of hairpins, just the opposite – the husband will turn into a henpecked man);
  • Mirror (will settle the habit of narcissism in the house);
  • Children’s things (if the couple is superstitious);
  • A vase or any other vessel not filled with water (foreshadows childlessness, the way out is to pour water into the container and put flowers or put sweets there);
  • Things made of very fragile materials, for example, made of thin glass (to the imminent destruction of family life);
  • Climatic equipment like fans and air conditioners (a sign of rapid cooling of the senses);
  • Flowers in pots (it is believed that they do not have the best effect on the health of the young and their ability to give birth to healthy children);
  • Too expensive presents (you can embarrass the couple and be misunderstood).
Having decided to abandon banal ideas and present an unusual wedding gift to the newlyweds, connect all your imagination and desire to please the newlyweds. In any case, remember that the main present that you can give them on this day is your love, sincerity and good mood. Fill the holiday with cheerful toasts, jokes and dances, and the newly-made family will remember for many years how you “annealed” at their wedding.

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