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TOP 64 ideas what to give a man for 40 years +12 gifts and Tips

The fortieth anniversary is a significant date, a kind of milestone, as well as one of the most significant events in the life of every adult.

What can you give a man for 40 years? The choice of a gift for an anniversary must be taken seriously – such large-scale events are not celebrated so often.

TOP 64 ideas that you can give a man for 40 years

A gift for the fortieth anniversary can be practical, memorable, status or original.

When choosing what to give a man for 40 years, pay attention to the following ideas for the best presents:

  1. A stylish wrist or pocket watch on a chain is a good gift for a man from a family member.
  2. Travel kit for shoe care (vintage style).
  3. Souvenir hourglass with valve.
  4. Desktop mini-bar with bureau or floor bar in the form of a globe.
  5. Cabinet with miniature masterpieces of world literature (mini-books).
  6. Orthopedic mattress, which is able to remember the position of the body of a sleeping person.
  7. A chic writing set in the form of a ship, retro car or other original form.
  8. Table fireplace with basalt stones.
  9. Personal set for beard and mustache care.
  10. Case for glasses or watch box made of mahogany.
  11. A wine dispenser, a stylish bottle for drinks made of Czech crystal or a personalized bottle case.
  12. Leather belt in a beautiful nominal case.
  13. Diode LED-alarm clock with a board for writing.
  14. A desktop or wall perpetual calendar is an original and stylish accessory for office decoration.
  15. Charcoal grill, electric grill, miniature smoker or barbecue.
  16. Massage chair for a comfortable stay.
  17. Compass and spyglass in a gift box.
  18. A set for a lover of bath procedures: a ladle, a birch broom, a terry hat and a package of herbs for tea.
  19. A set of fine coffees.
  20. A digital weather station is a gadget that displays air humidity, atmospheric pressure, outdoor and indoor temperature, and also predicts the weather.
  21. Cooler bag with multiple compartments.
  22. Flask with engraving in the form of initials or a photo of the birthday boy.
  23. Home microbrewery or hot dog maker.
  24. A set of tools in a compact case that includes only the most necessary things – screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and a flashlight.
  25. Elite tea with a beautiful cup is an inexpensive gift for a man for his 40th birthday.
  26. A multi-tool credit card or a folding Swiss knife.
  27. Aroma lamp with a set of essential oils or salt lamp-night light.
  28. Genealogical book or genealogical tree.
  29. Leather keychain.
  30. Silver keychain.
  31. Table fountain with lighting.
  32. A levitating lamp that floats in the air and emits a pleasant light.
  33. Professional poker set.
  34. Chess, checkers, backgammon or lotto – regular or handmade.
  35. Spacious backpack or laptop bag.
  36. A deck chair, a chic hammock or wicker furniture for a garden plot.
  37. Cufflinks or a tie clip made of gold or silver are a good gift for 40 years for a business man.
  38. Painting or wall panel with a beautiful image.
  39. Exclusive money clip made using precious metals.
  40. Reliable safe or electronic money box.
  41. Aged wine, collectible cognac or a bottle of good whiskey.
  42. Business card holder, leather purse or clutch for documents.
  43. A quadcopter, a radio-controlled car or a helicopter are toys with complex mechanisms that men of any age like.
  44. The birthday man’s favorite perfume is a surprise for a man’s birthday from his wife.
  45. Good quality electric razor with a set of replacement blades.
  46. A small portable samovar that you can take with you to nature.
  47. Smoking pipe or good Cuban cigars.
  48. Brass coaster complete with glass and spoon (can be engraved).
  49. Gorgeous table lamp or floor lamp.
  50. Stylish men’s umbrella in classic colors.
  51. Massage mattress with remote control.
  52. Manual mini wood splitter.
  53. Portable manual coffee maker complete with thermo mug.
  54. Juniper bonsai tree is an original gift for interior decoration.
  55. Retro style radio or antique music player.
  56. Male ring.
  57. Beautiful caviar – if you do not know what status gift to give a man for 40 years, this idea will come in handy.
  58. High-quality thermal underwear is a gift from his wife to a man who spends a lot of time outdoors in the cold season.
  59. A gastronomic set consisting of elite varieties of cheeses and sausages.
  60. A smartphone, tablet, laptop or camera, if a man is fond of electronics and has long wanted to receive a new gadget as a gift.
  61. An e-book for the lover of reading with a paid subscription to purchases from an online library.
  62. Fitness bracelet that can count steps and monitor the pulse.
  63. A set of rocking whiskey glasses complete with chilling stones.
  64. Travel organizer made of soft genuine leather with a large compartment, a toothbrush holder and a mirror.

A gift for a man for 40 years, depending on hobbies

Men at the age of 40 are most often in their prime – they live an active life, have certain hobbies and hobbies.

If you know what the birthday person likes to do, you can give the appropriate gift:

Fisherman or hunter. The fisherman will be happy with a new spinning rod, a set of expensive fishing rods, an echo sounder, a hunter will be happy with a convenient bag or accessories for cleaning weapons. A person who is fond of hiking in general can be given a tent, a sleeping bag, or a reliable pot for cooking on a fire.

Athlete. If a man goes in for sports or wants to keep track of his physical form, donate new running shoes, a bicycle and a helmet, a sports backpack or equipment – dumbbells, weights, a punching bag.

Traveler. A person who cannot imagine his life without traveling can be presented with a washing map of the world, where he can mark places he has already visited or wants to visit.

Motorist. A good idea for a present for a husband or friend is a navigator or a DVR, a compressor, massage seat covers or a car vacuum cleaner.

Collector. An old coin, a souvenir weapon, a small model of a car or plane, some piece of art or a rare book – if you give a man an item in his collection (especially if it is rare), he will be grateful to you.

More birthday gift ideas for men

Shops offer a huge selection of different gifts for every taste. Despite this, many do not know what to choose as a gift for a man for 40 years.

You might be interested in the following ideas:

Picnic set. Such a kit usually includes a bag, a set of dishes, a tablecloth, a cutting board, a good knife, a corkscrew, glasses and a flask. You can attach a portable barbecue, a set of personalized skewers or a skewer in the form of a sword to the gift – an original solution for a gift for a man for 40 years.

A gift for comfort. The list of ideas includes a set of silk bedding, a warm plaid with sleeves, a soft bathrobe or pajamas. These and other things for a comfortable life are ideal for a lover of home comfort. You can give your beloved man for 40 years.

Elite stationery or souvenirs for the office. For an anniversary, you can present various status gifts to your boss or colleague that will come in handy at work – a solid Parker fountain pen, a natural wood office organizer, a high-quality paperweight, as well as a desktop anti-stress souvenir like a perpetual motion machine or Newton’s balls.

Hardcover. A lot of middle-aged men love to read. What book to give a man for 40 years? It can be classical fiction, a scientific encyclopedia, or a book dedicated to a man’s hobby. Ideas for the genre: detective, historical fiction or science fiction.

DIY gift ideas for a man for his 40th birthday

If with your gift you want to emphasize the importance of a person and show your care for him, consider making a gift yourself.

Ideas for the best DIY gifts for a 40th anniversary for a man:

Poster or wall newspaper. On whatman paper, draw a large wall newspaper with jokes that are understandable only to you and the birthday person. Decorate the poster with photographs from the life of the hero of the day, colored paper applications, write a few warm wishes or instructions for the next 40 years. Such a gift is suitable as an additional surprise from your beloved wife, children or colleagues.

A box of delicious homemade pastries. A sweet surprise from your beloved wife, sister or daughter. You can decorate the box beautifully, write warm congratulations on it and tie it with a bow, and put unusually delicious cookies, cakes, muffins or a birthday cake inside.

DIY wall clock. Not only cute, but also a useful gift made by yourself. For this craft, you will need a wooden or plaster blank for the dial and a clockwork. Instead of numbers, you can stick images related to the man’s hobby.

Tips: how to choose the right gift for a man for 40 years


TOP 64 ideas what to give a man for 40 years +12 gifts and Tips

When buying a present, do not forget about small but important nuances that will help you choose the best gift.

This is the only way to bring sincere pleasure to the hero of the day and emphasize his importance in the family, circle of friends or team.

Tips for choosing a gift for a man on his birthday:

  1. Many superstitious people believe that it is impossible to celebrate the anniversary of 40 years – supposedly, this is a bad omen. If the hero of the day agrees with this statement, you should not persuade him to arrange a chic celebration. In a quiet home environment, give him a discreet gift – then he will know that you care about him.
  2. Choosing what to give a man for his 40th birthday? The main thing is not to overlook important details. When buying a gift, consider not only age, but also the lifestyle, tastes and hobbies of the hero of the occasion. Find an approach to a man, and you can choose the best gift.
  3. Try to remember – perhaps a man has repeatedly expressed aloud his desires for a gift, shared his dreams and said that he was missing something. Fulfill a man’s dream by giving him what he has long wanted for his birthday.
  4. Be sure to consider the degree of your relationship with the birthday person – if you can give your beloved husband a personal and even intimate gift, then business things should be given to your boss or colleague. The exceptions are situations where a colleague is also your best friend.
  5. If you want to make a gift related to a man’s hobby, but you don’t understand the topic, give a certificate to a specialized store. So a man can independently choose what he really needs.

What is better not to give a man a birthday 40 years

In stores you can find many items that you should not give for a birthday, and especially an anniversary – they will not cope with the task of making the birthday person happy. The list of such gifts includes:

  1. Money . Money is given only by those people who do not want to spend time choosing a gift, which means they are not interested in sincerely pleasing the birthday man. Show your imagination, and then the hero of the day will appreciate your attention.
  2. Banal presents . Socks, handkerchiefs, standard razors, shampoos and shaving foams are all banned. A gift for 40 years should be more original.
  3. Fake brands . A good gift for a man for 40 years will be such a thing that the birthday man will use for many years. Crafts do not differ in durability – it is better to choose an inexpensive, but high-quality present.
  4. Appliances for the kitchen . Unless a man is fond of cooking, do not give him a slow cooker, blender, juicer and other kitchen appliances.
  5. Pet . A cat or a dog is a huge responsibility, so you should first consult with the hero of the day, and only then buy such a controversial gift.
  6. Clothing . A bad anniversary gift for a man, especially if you are not sure what colors and styles he prefers. And if you make a mistake with the size, it will be doubly unpleasant.


A man who celebrates his 40th birthday most likely does not need material wealth – he has succeeded in life, has a family and children, has a good job and hobbies. It is important for him to feel support and respect from the people who are next to him. When choosing what to give a man for 40 years, consider this fact – on your birthday, surround your loved one with love and care, and he will be grateful to you.

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