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186 fresh gift ideas for girl’s birthday + tips

The beautiful half of humanity is very sensitive to gifts. The significance of gifts is determined not by their value, but by the attention and care shown by a loved one. You should carefully consider the girl, assess the range of her interests, needs, and also pay attention to any little things. Our article will help you give a girl a birthday present not only practical, but also a symbolic gift that will demonstrate your love.

TOP 50 ideas of what to give a girl for her birthday

We have collected the top fifty gifts that your chosen one will surely appreciate. Some of them are simple, but very original. Pay attention to the presented list and choose the thing that most accurately conveys your love and care for your beloved girl.

  1. Dinner at the restaurant, completed with beautiful fireworks or the launch of Chinese lanterns.
  2. Elegant wrist watch. This gift is relevant if the lady of the heart does not believe in superstition too much.
  3. A fitness bracelet is a great gift for sports beauties. This bracelet allows you to record the heart rate, number of steps taken and calories burned.
  4. A set of aromatic oils for body and hair care.
  5. Subscription to a beauty salon.
  6. Massage Certificate.
  7. Huge soft toy. It’s no secret that at heart every girl is a romantic child who will gladly appreciate a big teddy bear or a hare that will warm even on the coldest night.
  8. Sushi set.
  9. Portable speaker suitable for submersion in water.
  10. Silver pendant.
  11. Portable printer.
  12. Smoothie blender.
  13. Coffee machine.
  14. Soft bathrobe, towel and slippers.
  15. Large and soft sweater.
  16. Electric Toothbrush.
  17. Electric massager for the face.
  18. A set of body care products: scrubs, masks and foams.
  19. A miniature rose under a cap that will never wither.
  20. Fruit bouquet.
  21. Strawberries in chocolate.
  22. Home pet.
  23. Soft blanket.
  24. A set of hairpins and other handmade accessories.
  25. Manual coffee machine.
  26. Pictures for coloring by numbers.
  27. Certificate for attending vocal, drawing and dancing classes.
  28. Dream Catcher.
  29. LED candles and ribbons.
  30. Glowing glasses.
  31. Quality headphones.
  32. Great nightgown.
  33. Mat for yoga and fitness.
  34. Set of thermal mugs.
  35. Freezer.
  36. Spices set.
  37. Several varieties of natural tea.
  38. Favorite perfume of the chosen one.
  39. Original backlit computer mouse or keyboard.
  40. Unusual alarm.
  41. Apparatus for the care of nails of hands and feet.
  42. Sky map.
  43. A set of professional makeup brushes.
  44. Hair dryer or hair curlers.
  45. Original lunchbox.
  46. Ottoman for the room of the chosen one.
  47. Illuminated photo frame.
  48. A pendant that hides your thumbnail photo together.
  49. Electronic book.
  50. Tablet, player or any other gadget.

There is sure to be a present on our list that is perfect for any girl!

What to give a girl for her birthday 15, 16, 17 years old?

Young girls are often romantic and emotional. This means that a successful gift will become a source of tremendous positive emotions for the girl and the one who gave it. We offer several options for presents for young beauties:

  • Sweets. Every girl just loves delicious food. And of course, by yummy, we mean anything sweet! Observe the behavior of your chosen one and pay attention to her favorite treats. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Shop for chocolate-covered strawberries, exotic fruits and never-before-seen sweets.
  • Gadgets. Nowadays, young people are almost completely immersed in the world of gadgets, and in particular social networks. Gadgets have become a means of communication with loved ones, knowledge of the world around, as well as demonstrating one’s own personality. This means that you can give your girlfriend a good phone, player or tablet, of course, if you have the finances for it.
  • Emotions. Sometimes short moments filled with emotions are the brightest and most unforgettable present. An unusual themed date, extreme entertainment, concerts and much more remain in your memory forever.
  • Useful little things. Things like throws, garlands for decorating a room, frames for joint photos, smart watches, alarm clocks and much more can improve a person’s life at times. In addition, objects in the home environment involuntarily refer to the thought of the person who gave them. You will surely be pleased to know that the girl remembers you at one glance at the gift item.

Young ladies value understanding of their own personality. If your chosen one has hobbies, then it is better to give a thing in this direction. The girl will surely appreciate your attention to her interests and preferences. This will show your love and care.

A gift for a beloved girl on her birthday for 18 years, 19-20 years, 21, 22, 23, 24 years

Adult girls have no restrictions on gifts, since the doors to the adult world are open to them. Despite this, the basics of choosing a gift remain: pay attention to the range of interests, preferences and needs of the girl in order to choose the best gift. We have created a list of current birthday presents.

A gift for an adult beauty is erotic lingerie. If you doubt your knowledge of the size of a lady’s clothing, you should purchase a certificate for the purchase of underwear in the store.

  • Photoshoot. You can offer a couple photo shoot for the consciousness of joint shots, or individual work with a photographer.
  • Basket with sweets and elite wine.
  • Going to a concert of your favorite band together.
  • Named bathrobe, towels.
  • A set of bed linen in the girl’s favorite color.
  • A set of earrings.
  • Expensive perfume.
  • Subscription to a beauty salon to change the image.

Such gifts are universal and suitable for every woman. If you have not had time to learn about the preferences of the girl, pay attention to our top.

Original gift ideas for a girl for 25 years

The representative of the beautiful half of humanity on her twenty-fifth birthday is likely to expect a holiday of considerable proportions. Arrange a big party, rent a restaurant, gather all your relatives, friends, and experiment with entertainment at the holiday. Of course, any birthday party involves presenting a gift. But how to give a present and not blunder on such an important date? We offer a list of current gifts.

  • Purchase a solarium access certificate. Many girls love the effect of tanned skin, which emphasizes the color of the eyes and gives the girl a rested look.
  • 25 years is a time of travel and new achievements. How about a shared trip?
  • A set of sketches, paints and brushes for creative natures.
  • A course of classes with a teacher of dance, fine arts and vocals.
  • A set of hair care products.
  • Body paints for creating body art masterpieces.
  • A ticket to a concert of your favorite band.
  • A box with nice little things – scented candles, soft toys, unusual sweets, body oils, etc.
  • Portrait of a girl from a photo.
  • Headphones from the designer.

Turn on your imagination and don’t be afraid to surprise! Create a costume themed party that your date will love. Photos and videos taken at the place of the festival will remind you of the fun for many years to come!

Gifts for a girl related to hobbies

Girls very often have hobbies and hobbies that drag them “up to their ears”. Gifts associated with passion always hit the target and often open doors to a new, unknown and unimaginably beautiful for a person. Do not be afraid to offer a person new activities that he has not yet tried. We have one life, the world is so bright and beautiful! This means that we must test our strength in a large number of activities.

  • Pastel, watercolor, oils for drawing. It is best to present art materials along with special paper or canvases.
  • Personal lessons with teachers of contemporary art, such as graffiti or street art.
  • Graphics tablet.
  • Polymer clay for modeling.
  • Educational guides for the artist, sculptor or musician.
  • Subscription to classes in the dance studio.
  • New dance costume.
  • Musical instrument.
  • A course in singing or playing a musical instrument.
  • Photo camera or camcorder for lovers of video recording or taking photos.
  • Sewing kit.
  • Designer courses.
  • A set of books with a deep plot (better if you have read these books and they are of great importance to you).
  • Sports bottles.
  • Yoga suits.
  • Attributes for the gym, such as uniforms or sneakers.

Hobbies are our salvation in gray everyday life. It is necessary to enrich one’s own nature with art and new activities that open up new facets of personality.

What to give a girl for 26, 27, 28, 29 years?

At the age of 26, 27, 28, 29 years old girls are very active and cheerful. You should treat the choice of a gift for a girl with trepidation and attention, so as not to miscalculate. We have selected several options that will appeal to every lady:

  1. Massagers for face and body.
  2. Sports bracelet and t-shirt/leggings from a good brand for sports girls.
  3. Salt lamp for the bedroom.
  4. Photo album filled with joint photos.
  5. Stencils for manicure, a set of gel polishes and a special lamp.
  6. Personal cup of the best friend or chosen one.
  7. Peignoir and dressing gown for sleep.
  8. Fondue set.
  9. Aquarium with fish and lights.
  10. Funny cell phone stand.
  11. Headphone capacity.
  12. A box of fortune cookies.
  13. Night sky map.
  14. Car accessories.
  15. A set of earrings and pendants in a velvet package.

What to give a girl an unusual and cool for 30 years, 31, 32, 33 years

Don’t be afraid to make your gift funny! Present a present with humor: it will cheer you up and the birthday girl for the whole day. It would be a great idea to link the gift to a funny situation you both found yourself in one day. Pleasant nostalgia and positive emotions from the presentation are guaranteed!

  1. Funny passport cover.
  2. Barbecue set in a business case.
  3. Kigurumi slippers.
  4. A photo album full of funny pictures taken together.
  5. Theme party.
  6. A set of original molds for baking.
  7. Funny kitchen apron.
  8. Standup ticket.
  9. Humorous phone case.
  10. Best Girl Medal.
  11. T-shirt with a funny inscription.
  12. Portable charger with a funny image.
  13. Personalized gift sweets and other sweets.
  14. Set of sex toys.
  15. Nominal vase for a bouquet.
  16. Piggy bank of non-standard form.
  17. Wine set.
  18. Portrait from a photograph, decorated in an unusual style.
  19. An award figurine with a touching or funny inscription, for example, “To the winner of my heart.”
  20. Snowball making device.

Birthday can be called one of the most fun holidays. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when planning your event!

What to give a girl an inexpensive birthday present?

It is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money to buy a spectacular and useful present. The importance of a gift is evaluated not by its price, but by what you wanted to convey to a friend or passion.

  • A mug with a beautiful quote about life or love.
  • Engraved pen.
  • A toy with a heating pad.
  • Personalized chocolate bar with a declaration of love.
  • Photo in a frame with backlight.
  • Fluffy pet for animal lovers.
  • Clock with a beautiful inscription.
  • Globe for a travel lover. Such a gift provides an opportunity to paint over the places that the birthday girl has already visited.
  • An ivy pen.
  • Fridge magnet.
  • Sweet bouquet.
  • Personalized glasses and quality wine.
  • Pillow with initials or romantic content.
  • Umbrella.
  • Fortune cookies.
  • Cosmetic set of care cosmetics. For example, there may be creams, masks and micellar water.
  • Automotive frame.
  • Car suspension.

Girl’s Birthday Impressions

Emotions are the best birthday present. We picked up a few ideas that will help surprise the girl:

  1. A romantic date in a restaurant on the top floor of a skyscraper.
  2. Winter picnic (if the birthday is in winter).
  3. Ride horses with a girl.
  4. A romantic quest to find gifts hidden in the apartment.
  5. Date at the place where you first met.
  6. Colorful fireworks.
  7. Theme party.
  8. A walk to the movies.
  9. Go to an Asian restaurant.
  10. Does the birthday girl like extreme sports? How about skydiving?

Sometimes surprises are stored in memory for many years and please much more than material values.

What flowers to choose? Tips + Bouquet Ideas

Every girl loves to receive flowers as a gift. Bright and delicate bouquets in beautiful packages cannot be ignored. Nowadays, there are many variations of unusual bouquets, ideal for any situation. We offer several options for bouquets for a beautiful lady.

  • Pay attention to the girl’s favorite colors. If she is a fan of pastel shades, it is better to give white, cream, pale pink flowers. It can be lilies, roses, daisies… By the way, young beauties are often given daisies as a symbol of romance and lightness. Light flowers should be in the same packaging, otherwise it will take away most of the attention.
  • Bright roses are the choice of creative and eccentric natures. A lady who prefers originality in her image will appreciate the same original bouquet. It can be blue, green or bright yellow flowers in the same unusual package.
  • Gothic girls are in awe of tributes to their image, for example, burgundy roses in dark or white packaging.
  • Recently, the combination of plants and symbols, such as figurines, letters or candies, is gaining popularity.
  • Delicious bouquets are a great way to please a lover of sweets. It can be sweets, chocolate covered strawberries or exotic fruits.

When choosing flowers for a girl, there is a very important point. You must be sure that the lady is not allergic to flowers. Older women, homemakers and housewives will appreciate a flower in a pot: such a gift evokes thoughts of a wonderful future that can only be nurtured by one’s own efforts, like a young plant in a pot.

DIY birthday gift for a girl

Handmade gifts are especially touching. It’s nice to realize the diligence and love invested in crafts created especially for the birthday girl. We offer several options for people who want to please the birthday girl with a hand-made thing:

  1. Rose petal heart.
  2. Scarf, knitted or sewn by hand.
  3. Woven bath mat.
  4. Stitched pillow.
  5. Wooden jewelry boxes.
  6. Warm blanket.
  7. Knitted sweater.
  8. Toy with a heart in the hands.
  9. Embroidery.
  10. Painting on canvas.
  11. Picture frame.
  12. Panel.
  13. Wish tree.
  14. Lace bracelet.
  15. Brushes.
  16. Postcard with a prediction.
  17. Fridge magnet.
  18. Trinket.
  19. Sculpture made of polymer wedge.
  20. Sketchbook made by hand.
  21. Secret book.
  22. Salt candlesticks.
  23. Boards for the kitchen.
  24. Painted plates.
  25. Beautiful curtain for the bathroom.
  26. A toy made for a heating pad.
  27. Pair of knitted socks.
  28. Wooden hairpin.
  29. Elegant wooden comb.
  30. Dream Catcher.

There are countless ways to please the birthday girl with the help of your imagination and creativity. People involved in music can write a song in honor of the birthday girl, artists will certainly want to depict her portrait, and poets will not miss the opportunity to write a poem in honor of a memorable date.

What should not be given to a girl on her birthday?

In some cases, giving an inappropriate thing can significantly cool the relationship between the birthday girl and a girlfriend or boyfriend. This can happen by accident, if the playful gift did not receive the expected emotional reaction, or if the act was thoughtless. To prevent unpleasant situations, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with not the most successful gifts for girls.

  • You should not give items that the girl prefers to buy herself. These include clothes, shoes, bags and perfumes. The fact is that the fair sex is sometimes picky in choosing things that adorn a fashionable image. This means that you can easily purchase not the most relevant item of clothing. The situation with spirits is identical. One girl prefers citrus scents, and the other can’t stand them. Perfume should be purchased only if you are one hundred percent sure that they are the favorite of the birthday girl.
  • You should not give a girl underwear and other wardrobe items if you do not know her clothing size. In this case, even the thing you like can break your heart because of the wrong size.
  • If you are not in a very close relationship, you should not cross personal boundaries and give intimate gifts.
  • Too practical gifts, devoid of “soul”, such as kitchen utensils (for example, a toaster, microwave oven).
  • Items that are not suitable due to the characteristics of the girl’s body. For example, sweets are contraindicated in diabetes. In this case, a set of chocolates will only upset the lady.
  • Items indicating the girl’s visual problems. These include scales, cellulite creams, proper weight loss guides, etc.
  • Gifts that can hurt a girl. Humor should not be offensive, especially on such an important holiday as a birthday.
  • Gifts “in a hurry”, which shows that you did not try to surprise the girl at all. For example, a box of chocolates bought from a nearby store, etc.

A birthday for a girl may not be a very pleasant holiday, as ladies often worry about their age. This means that on this day, loved ones should make every effort to pleasantly surprise the girl and give her a sense of her own uniqueness. Be careful in your statements, compliment the girl, surprise and give tenderness. In this case, your company will be one of the most pleasant gifts.

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