What to give a girl

TOP 36 ideas that you can give a girl instead of flowers

If you have already given flowers on a date and do not want to repeat yourself a second time or show originality, then below you will find a ready-made list of gifts that you can give a girl instead of flowers on a date.

More gift ideas and valuable tips below!

TOP 36 ideas What to give a girl instead of flowers for a date

  1. The book of the favorite author of your chosen one;
  2. Charming soft toy;
  3. Sweets (large chocolate bar, box of fortune cookies, cotton candy, unusual lollipops, etc.);
  4. Stylish diary pen;
  5. Certificate for the purchase in a cosmetics or jewelry store;
  6. Something useful for doing your favorite needlework (for example, if your beloved loves to embroider with beads, this is a good reason to present her with a set of several packs of different beads and a convenient organizer for them);
  7. Mug with your joint photo;
  8. A warm accessory that will allow your lady of the heart to walk with you on long winter evenings and not freeze (for example, mittens, scarf, hat, etc.);
  9. Night light-projector of the starry sky;
  10. New headphones or audio player (if your chosen one is a true music lover);
  11. A bouquet of soft toys, sweets or balloons;
  12. A pair certificate for attending a master class on a topic of interest to both of you (for example, drawing, cooking, etc.);
  13. A bright computer mouse in the shape of a heart (if the girl spends a lot of time at the computer);
  14. Flowers or a symbolic origami figurine made of banknotes (if the relationship with the recipient has already reached the level where money is not a gift that could embarrass or offend her);
  15. Miniature dream catcher;
  16. decorative pillow;
  17. A beautiful jewelry box;
  18. A love card or a whole letter in which you confess your feelings to your beloved;
  19. Basket with exotic fruits;
  20. Pair certificate for Thai massage;
  21. A set of unusual varieties of tea or coffee, depending on the preferences of your significant other (a teaspoon with a symbolic engraving can be an addition to such a present);
  22. Exotic flower in a pot;
  23. Tickets for an interesting event – a performance, an exhibition, a concert, a private screening of a film or fashionable clothes from a famous designer, etc.;
  24. A pair of key chains, one of which the girl will hang on her bunch, and the second is for you;
  25. Stylish notebook or diary with thoughtful content;
  26. Handmade soap set;
  27. Box with tropical butterflies;
  28. Spa certificate;
  29. Decorative candles;
  30. An original case for a smartphone (on it, for example, you can print a successful frame from the history of your relationship or the date of your acquaintance);
  31. Beautiful silk scarf around the neck;
  32. Horoscope stone according to the girl’s zodiac sign;
  33. Lightbox with a photo of a beloved (a box with backlight, on the surface of which any image can be applied);
  34. Honey soufflé in a beautiful jar;
  35. Paired T-shirts with symbolic inscriptions (for example, “You are mine” – “I am yours”, “Together” – “Forever”, “Let’s go” – “Couple”, etc.);
  36. Statuette “Oscar” with engraving “Ideal Girl”.

What can you give a girl instead of flowers on a normal day from intangible

Many young people strive to please their soul mates for no reason. However, often the lack of finances makes romantics give up and believe that it is impossible to prepare a worthy surprise without material investments.

In fact, this opinion is erroneous, and the options we have proposed are direct proof of this:

Balloons, love notes, heart-shaped sweets and other little things that suddenly appear in the most unexpected places . You can organize such romance almost anywhere, and your presence is not even necessary.

You can hide mini-gifts at your beloved’s workplace (if you have access to it), at home, or even in the park where you go for a walk. It is important to choose places where your chosen one will definitely look, but at the same time they should not be openly visible;

Romantic lettering left on any suitable surfaces . Without exception, all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity melt before compliments and pleasant words in their direction from their beloved men – why not take advantage of this?

Puzzling over what to give a girl instead of flowers in winter, use what is always available at this time of the year in unlimited quantities – snow, on which you can write words with spray paint or simply “trample” them.

In the summer, grass or asphalt, painted with the same paint, is suitable for these purposes. Small pebbles or flowers are also quite suitable, from which you can lay out a whole phrase.

You can also express your feelings for your beloved on surfaces such as fences, house walls, trees, etc. You can arrange this kind of surprise in a park or just on the streets where you are planning a walk;

Declaration of love on the radio . Thinking about what you can give a woman instead of flowers for her birthday, Valentine’s Day or just like that, for no reason, we must not forget that not a single lady will miss the opportunity to show off her ideal relationship to her friends.

Let her enjoy the envy of others a little and, at the same time, just make a pleasant surprise by declaring her love live on the radio in front of millions of listeners.

Think over the text in advance, remembering all the most positive qualities of your chosen one and touching moments from your relationship – such a speech cannot but touch your beloved.

What to give a woman instead of flowers, made by hand

Most of the representatives of the stronger sex, who at least once tried to prepare a surprise for their beloved with their own hands, note that this is a win-win option. The popularity of such gifts among women is explained very simply – ladies value the attention and time from their men most of all, and hand-made gifts directly testify to such victims.

Therefore, if you still have not figured out what you can give a woman instead of flowers for her birthday or any other holiday, we advise you to take a closer look at our ideas:

Funny charm . To create it, you will need 2-3 rolling pins, which must be glued or nailed to a large cutting board. Now each of the rolling pins needs to be assigned its own purpose – “From the evil eye”, “From envious girlfriends”, “From a harmful mother-in-law”, etc. You can mark “missions” with a thick marker or soldering iron.

On unused areas of the resulting composition, you can attach various kinds of decorative elements that will give it a complete look. Furniture varnish will help to make such a “panel” even more attractive and at the same time more durable;

Panel “Heart of threads” . To create a picture, you must first prepare a wooden base enclosed in a frame. It is necessary to outline the boundaries of the future heart on it, along which small nails are hammered in the future.

When the base is ready, you can start winding the red threads around the nails in a chaotic direction. You need to do this until the image reaches the required color density.

How to choose what to give a girl instead of flowers for a date or for some reason

When you decide that you want to show originality and not give your sweetheart boring flowers, you should understand that, unlike a bouquet, all other things and surprises do not have to cause her wild delight at all.

In order for the present to really “give in”, it is better to use our recommendations:

  • Try to unravel the girl’s preferences even before the presentation of the present . If this is not your first date, remember all the details of your previous meetings – her reactions to certain goods in stores, statements during conversations, etc. If you have not yet had the opportunity to meet and chat, study her pages on social networks – sometimes the weaker sex can intentionally or unintentionally leave hints about their desires in the form of suspended posts, pictures, phrases, etc .;
  • When thinking about what to give a girl instead of flowers on a date, take into account the nature of your meeting . For example, if you plan to present some thing to your companion, it should not be too voluminous or heavy, since it obviously will not add convenience when walking in the park or visiting any institution;
  • Since we choose a gift that should be a replacement for the traditional bouquet, then preference should be given to those options that will be perceived as just a nice sign of attention. You should not spend much on such surprises – it is better to spend money on the main gift;
  • Although the presented presentations are intended to play the role of pleasant trifles, you should not approach their preparation irresponsibly. Spend maximum effort and time on organizing them, and the result will not keep you waiting – your beloved will be touched to the core by such attention;
  • Do not forget to take care of the beautiful design of the presentation, if it is material. Firstly, the packaging should hide the gift itself in order to “tickle” the curiosity of your chosen one. Secondly, it should be pleasing to the eye from an aesthetic point of view;
  • Be sure to think over in advance the speech with which you will present the present to your lady of the heart. Even if the gift itself is rather uncomplicated, the right words can make a lasting impression on a woman.

What is better not to give a girl instead of flowers

To avoid misunderstanding and even disappointment in the eyes of your soulmate will help to refuse such gifts as:

  • Excessively expensive things (remember that the present should simply be a pleasant substitute for flowers);
  • Vulgar, frank, vulgar gifts (they can offend and offend a girl, especially if you are not so closely acquainted);
  • Gifts that are not suitable for a lady for medical reasons (for example, if you know that your companion has diabetes, you should not give her sweets);
  • Things that have nothing to do with romance (household utensils, bathroom accessories, appliances, etc.);
  • Money (with the exception of banknotes in the original design).


The decision to replace the classic bouquet of flowers with something more original is quite bold, and deserves respect in itself. It is not so important how much your gift costs and how it looks – it is much more important that you tried to surprise your beloved, and did not follow the simple path. The main thing is to invest your soul and sincere feelings in a gift, then it is guaranteed to cause unforgettable emotions in a girl.

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