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TOP 21 Idea of ​​what to Give a Guy to the Army +16 gifts and Tips

February 23 or the birthday of your beloved is approaching, and is he in the army or is he just about to go to the service?

If you want to please your beloved soldier and show him your sincere feelings, you must decide in advance what to give the guy to the army.

Soldiers who pay their debt to their homeland are looking forward to any holiday with special trepidation – their birthday, February 23, and other significant days for them.

That is why it is important to please the employee guy with a nice surprise.

What can you give a guy in the army? List of best ideas:

TOP 21 ideas of what to give a guy to the army

  1. A small army photo album in which a soldier can paste memorable photos from the service.
  2. Travel army bag with compartments for small items.
  3. Inexpensive, but functional wrist watch with personalized engraving on the back.
  4. A mobile phone is a simple model without modern bells and whistles, which can make calls and receive SMS messages. It is important that the phone is without a video camera and a voice recorder, then such a gift will not be banned in the army.
  5. Inexpensive MP3 player loaded with the recruit’s favorite music. You can also attach simple headphones to the gift.
  6. A mug made of iron or plastic with a cool inscription or a photo of you together.
  7. A small heart-shaped photo frame with your group photo. A cute and romantic gift with which a guy will remember his beloved. The soldier will be able to store a gift in the nightstand.
  8. Small compact game – Bocha or Pétanque, or magnetic board chess or checkers.
  9. A 3D puzzle from your joint photo that a soldier can paste into an army album.
  10. Inexpensive puzzle souvenir. A good gift idea for a guy in the army as a keepsake.
  11. A universal set of threads (green, black, white) and needles in a compact case – it will definitely come in handy in the army, because a soldier must take care of his appearance.
  12. Talisman or amulet. If the guy is religious, you can give him a small icon that he will carry in his pocket. Buy such a gift in the church – already illuminated icons, amulets, talismans and prayer books are sold there.
  13. A token with a commemorative inscription on a chain – such a gift will not interfere with the guy in the army.
  14. Set of honey, jam, marmalade and confiture.
  15. Comb or folding comb. It is not necessary to shave your head bald in the army, but the future soldier must be short and neatly trimmed. On the handles of the comb, you can make a nominal engraving.
  16. Original men’s bracelet or signet ring.
  17. Engraved table spoon.
  18. A small order with an individual design and an original inscription (“To the best military man”, “Behind you like behind a stone wall”).
  19. A lighter or a cigarette case is a good gift for a guy in the army who smokes and does not want to give up this habit for the duration of his service.
  20. Mini radio. Useful on the road or while on vacation in the army.
  21. Stationery set – a personal diary, a notebook or notepad, as well as several pens and a pack of envelopes for letters. You can sign the envelopes in advance, and put a sticker with warm words inside each.

What to give a guy leaving the army

Seeing off a young man to the army, his friends and relatives often give him memorable gifts.

When the future soldier is far from home, he will warmly remember that he has relatives who love and wait for him.

Especially a young man will be pleased to accept a gift from his girlfriend. What can you give a guy who is leaving for the army?

Here are some interesting ideas:

Memorial talisman. A beautiful pendant with an individual inscription or photograph is a good memorable present. Wearing it on his chest, the guy will often remember his beloved.

You can buy or order several identical pendants – one will go with the guy, and the other will remain with the girl.

Conscript’s set (army travel bag) . Such kits usually include hygiene items for personal care – a toothbrush and paste, a soap dish and soap, a set of high-quality disposable machines, as well as shaving gel and lotion.

A set of soft towels. What else can you give a guy leaving the army? Purchase one large and one small towel. An inexpensive but useful gift that will definitely come in handy for a guy in the army.

You can choose towels of the soldier’s favorite color or a color scheme that is associated with the troops of his future service.

What to give a guy in the army for his birthday

During the service, all soldiers miss the civilian from time to time. They are happy when they receive packages from home, especially if they are timed to coincide with an important holiday, which is usually celebrated next to relatives and friends.

What can you give a guy for his birthday when he is in the army:

Sweet gift. A guy who serves in the army will certainly be delighted with a sweet package – send him a few boxes of chocolates, cookies, condensed milk.

If it’s close to home, make cream puffs, spring rolls, or a whole birthday cake. A young man will be able to rejoice himself and share this joy with his comrades in the service.

Flash drive in the phone with music, movies, videos, audiobooks. In some parts, soldiers are allowed to use a modern telephone and even go online and communicate on social networks.

If your boyfriend goes to one of these, give him a flash drive filled with a variety of movies and favorite music – then the guy will have something to do during leisure hours.

Interesting book. It can be a book by the conscript’s favorite writer or his favorite genre. Even if a guy was not fond of reading in civilian life, in the army a book will help him “kill” time.

It should be small in size so that the soldier can always keep her close. In some armies, good and interesting books are worth their weight in gold.

What to give a guy on February 23 to the army

February 23 is, first of all, a holiday of those men who, repaying their debt to their homeland, defend their country and families.

If a guy serves in the army, you can congratulate him on Defender of the Fatherland Day by giving him a small souvenir.

What can I give a guy on February 23 to the army:

Cover for military ID. You can buy a ready-made version or order a printed cover with any image or text. This can be a product made of genuine leather in classic colors or a color version with the image of the symbols and the motto of the troops in which the guy serves. He may not be able to use this gift right away, but he will definitely like your attention.

Beautiful flask. What to give a guy for army day? Not only practical, but also a nice present – a flask for water. Don’t forget to engrave it with a commemorative or personalized engraving to personalize the gift. You can also purchase a case for the flask in army colors. This thing will be very expensive for a guy during his military service and after it.

Soap in the form of a grenade or a tank. A practical and original gift for a guy. You can buy ready-made soap or make it yourself – for this you will need a soap base, a guy’s favorite perfume and a mold in the form of a tank or a grenade. Such a gift can surprise colleagues.

Do-it-yourself gifts for a guy in the army

A gift for a guy who is in the army, you can not only buy in a store, but also make it yourself.

Such gifts are most valued by soldiers, especially if the surprise is made by the hands of a beloved girl who is waiting for her lover and does not forget about him for a second.

DIY gift ideas for the army:

  1. A small postcard made using the scrapbooking technique . Make a postcard with your own hands, write warm and sincere words that will warm the soul of a conscript or soldier. A guy can always take such a gift with him or store it in a nightstand as a sweet memory of you.
  2. Pocket calendar . On thick cardboard, draw a calendar on which mark all 365 days of army service, highlight the day of conscription with a special color, as well as various significant dates – birthdays, holidays and the day of the long-awaited order. Place your photo on the back.
  3. Shoulder straps made of chocolate . You can make a surprise with cardboard, double-sided tape, corrugated paper and small chocolate bars.
  4. Do-it -yourself warm socks with the initials of a soldier are an inexpensive, but very useful gift in the army.
  5. Men’s handkerchief with personalized embroidery . A scarf is a thing that will always come in handy for a guy who is in the army.
  6. Origami figurine . A small figurine of an object or animal that can be included in a romantic letter. It will not take up much space, and the guy will be pleased.
  7. Video with congratulations and warm words . Such a gift to a guy in the army can be made for any holiday – Birthday or February 23. Record a cute video greeting and send to your lover if they allow using phones in his part. The message can also be in audio format.

Tips: how to choose a gift for a guy in the army

Sending off to the army is a special event in the life of every young person. What can you give a guy in the army? The present should remind the guy about the house, relatives and beloved girl.

Before buying a gift, heed the following useful tips for choosing a present:

  • A universal gift – one that will remind the recruit of you and civilian life. It is such a thing that you can give a future soldier. Give preference to things dear to your heart, but small things. The gift should be compact so that the soldier can safely keep the object dear to the heart. Well, if the present fits in a pocket, then your lover will be able to carry it with him.
  • Give material things only if there is an urgent need for it – usually guys in the army do not dream about clothes and gadgets, but about the simple joys of life (delicious treats, hugs with a loved one or talking with friends). Please him with sweets, your joint photo or a touching letter.
  • Much also depends on where your beloved is serving. Different military units have different requirements for prohibited items, and in some places there is a risk of theft from colleagues. Although this is a rarity, you should play it safe and ask the soldier in what conditions he is serving his service.
  • If you decide to attach a letter to the gift, do not look for ready-made poems and phrases, write it yourself. Although you can find templates for every taste on the Internet, give it up and write words from the heart. Guys who are far from home doubly appreciate sincerity.

What is better not to give a guy who is leaving for the army

The army has its own rules, and not all things will be useful to a soldier – most of the gifts will remain at home, some of them will be confiscated, the rest will simply lie idle.

In addition, some items in the army are completely prohibited.

List of things that you should refuse when choosing a gift for a guy in the army:

  1. Things forbidden in the army. Refuse to give the guy any alcoholic drinks, as well as cutting and stabbing objects such as knives and scissors, as a send-off to the army. Glass jars are also banned. Also find out in advance what can be sent in a package to the army.
  2. Money. Often a future soldier is given money – they can be useful in the army. But a guy is unlikely to want to receive money as a gift from close people, especially when it comes to his beloved girl. Try to be imaginative.
  3. Expensive gifts. Handing expensive things to a future soldier at the very beginning of the service is not a good idea. A gift can be easily lost, someone older in service life can pick up a present, and the guy will be left with nothing. It is best to give such gifts towards the end of the service or for demobilization.
  4. Perishable products. Especially it is not necessary to pack such products in a parcel. There are no personal refrigerators in the army, and the soldiers are fed the same way. If you want to please your loved one, send him sweets – perishable foods are highly likely to end up in the bin.
  5. Useless souvenirs. You can add figurines, magnets and other little things that girls usually like to the list. Believe me – a guy in the army does not need them, it is better to give a memorable or practical gift.
  6. Cloth. Refuse to buy clothes – T-shirts, sweaters and other similar things. In the army, they will not be useful to a soldier, and when he goes home, these things may not suit him.


Being in the service, the guy wants to feel love and devotion from his girlfriend. Even if you are far from each other, this can be done with the help of a gift for a guy in the army. Show your best qualities as a loving and waiting girl, express your emotions through a gift and your boyfriend will definitely be grateful for your care.

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