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TOP 93 ideas What to give a girl for 17 years +27 gifts and Tips

17 years old is the age when a girl has already said goodbye to childhood, but has not yet become an adult. On the eve of her birthday, she dreams of a gift worthy of her attention and beauty. She does not care how the gift will be chosen, and what nerves her boyfriend and relatives will have to spend.

What to give a girl of 17 years old is a very delicate matter. After all, this is the transition to adulthood, so the gift must certainly emphasize her independence and individuality. Also, as a rule, the girl already has a specific hobby, in which case you should not have any problems with the choice. Then she will definitely appreciate your interest. In the event that she does not have specific hobbies, then you can pick up a thing that will be of interest to most girls of this age: accessories, care and decorative products, gadgets and perfumes.

Yes, before everything was much easier, the children were happy with absolutely any gift. Now, in order to try to meet the “teenage needs”, one cannot do without imagination and knowledge of current trends.

This big list of ideas will be a good support in choosing what to give a girl for 17 years. In it you will find gift options from your beloved gentleman, from friends and relatives. Even with a small budget, you can find something original, something that you will definitely like and bring positive emotions. And also good tips on choosing the right surprise for others and not only.

TOP 93 ideas What you can give a girl for 17 years

  1. Beautiful birthday cake.
  2. Perfumed water or hair mist.
  3. Plush hair band for make-up removal and home care.
  4. Electronic book.
  5. SPA bouquet, which will include fragrant foam, salt, soap flowers or effervescent bombs.
  6. Printer for printing drawings on nails.
  7. Makeup brushes in a case.
  8. Smart watch.
  9. UV lamp with a set of gel polishes in different shades.
  10. Cozy, frameless bean bag chair for relaxing, reading books or watching TV shows.
  11. Wireless headphones.
  12. Professional cosmetic palette.
  13. Live rose in a flask.
  14. A small aquarium with a goldfish for the fulfillment of a cherished desire. Or an aqua farm.
  15. Cushion star with backlight.
  16. Instagram.
  17. Fragrant cookies with funny predictions.
  18. Cosmetic bag.
  19. Fur earmuffs.
  20. Pocket mirror embellished with rhinestones.
  21. Nice piggy bank.
  22. Compact wallet.
  23. Camera with instant printing.
  24. Smoothie blender.
  25. Fine jewelry made of gold or silver.
  26. Set for making rolls, sweets, mulled wine at home.
  27. Multi-colored kanekalons.
  28. Table mirror with illumination.
  29. Oversized plush blanket.
  30. Urban backpack.
  31. Thermocup with a straw.
  32. Electric scooter.
  33. Stylish eco-fur mittens.
  34. Selfie monopod or light ring.
  35. Bright umbrella: with a transparent dome, chameleon.
  36. Plush slippers with a muzzle of an animal.
  37. Aroma lamp with essential oils of pleasant smells.
  38. Dressing table in the room as a sign that the girl is growing up and should have her own beauty corner.
  39. Model of a modern sewing machine for a creative girl.
  40. Quality jewelry.
  41. Pendant with the sign of the zodiac.
  42. 3D lamp – night light.
  43. Cool sneakers, sneakers.
  44. Fashion cap.
  45. Fur coat or vest made of eco-fur.
  46. The original chameleon cup.
  47. Charm bracelet.
  48. Box with handmade chocolate.
  49. Colored lenses for the eyes.
  50. Silicone molds for baking in the form of paws, likes or flowers.
  51. Karaoke microphone.
  52. Pink sports kit: water bottle, cooling towel, training diary.
  53. Complex of nail care products.
  54. A set-cube for growing a plant.
  55. Spray shimmer with multi-colored sequins for the body.
  56. Portable synthesizer.
  57. Suitcase for needlework.
  58. Photo clip LED lights are a great way to decorate your room.
  59. Beauty case, it will definitely come in handy for any girl.
  60. Tilda doll based on a photo of a girl.
  61. A silver spoon with a personalized engraving is a status and memorable gift for the 17th anniversary.
  62. Kigurumi is a home kit in the form of an animal.
  63. Table fountain with lighting.
  64. Magnetic slate board for reminder notes, schedules.
  65. Harness.
  66. Favorite author’s bestselling book on cooking, psychology, popular science.
  67. Smart speaker with voice assistant, Alice.
  68. Organic handmade perfumed soap.
  69. Lightbox.
  70. Original socks with a cheerful print.
  71. Electric eyelash curler. You can complement the present by buying eco-mascara or eyeliner.
  72. Fashion sweater, hoodie or sweatshirt.
  73. For a creative girl: a set of markers for painting on fabric, oil paints, a fountain pen for experiments in calligraphy, moleskin for sketches.
  74. Beautiful touch mouse for the computer.
  75. Leather mitts.
  76. Table chest of drawers for small items.
  77. Tablet, netbook, smartphone or any other gadget.
  78. Girly – an amulet in the form of a keychain or pendant with a natural stone.
  79. Fitball, a large inflatable sports ball.
  80. Basket with exotic fruits.
  81. Beautiful watch in girlish style.
  82. Long pillow – hug.
  83. A large soft toy – if the girl likes such things. Exotic animals (llama, raccoon) are popular today.
  84. Pearl of desires – a set with a decoration and a pearl in a real shell.
  85. Box of strawberries in chocolate.
  86. Heavenly lantern of desires.
  87. Stylish hat and scarf.
  88. Inflatable mattress in the form of pizza, flamingo or unicorn.
  89. Lava lamp.
  90. A map of the starry sky for a girl’s birthday.
  91. Glitter passport cover with glitter.
  92. Fashionable belt bag.
  93. A bottle with a diffuser in which fruits and berries are placed, and they give a pleasant aftertaste to the water.

Inexpensive, but interesting gifts for a 17-year-old girl

You can take an original gift for a girl with a small budget. The main thing is to pay attention to unusual products. Girls like creative solutions, not banality.

Below are a few ideas for interesting gifts, the cost of which does not exceed 1 thousand:

Popsocket is a  multifunctional smartphone stand. It is a round handle with a retractable base that performs the tasks of fastening, stand and handle.

With it, it will be convenient for a girl to take a selfie, read a book, watch TV shows, fixing the position of the phone.

A girl is a blogger or loves beautiful photos, then you can be sure of a 100% hit, give her a  light ring with a  tripod. Depending on the selected mode, the lamp will gently and accurately illuminate the face, or give studio lighting.

The ring model of the lamp is equipped with a smartphone holder, which is perfect for selfies and live broadcasts with friends and followers.

A luminous alarm clock with a writing board is an  original gift for a 17-year-old girl who loves creative things. It’s not just an ordinary watch with an alarm function, it’s a device with a whiteboard.

Need to write down important information or a phone number urgently? And then this wonderful gift will be most welcome!

Colored electronic candles. Finding something more magical and attractive than a candle flame is perhaps difficult.

Ordinary ones burn out quickly. But the beauty of LEDs is in no way inferior to paraffin counterparts, and flicker hundreds of times longer!

Beauty box. This is a great gift for a young girl of 17 years old. In a beautiful box, there are a lot of care and decorative cosmetics from full-size and travel-size products.

And yet, the funds in such sets cost 3 times less than separately in the store.

A foldable light backpack or an eco-friendly shopper bag  will especially appeal to lovers of ecology. It will come in handy for a lover of an active lifestyle and for those who prefer practical accessories.

Easily folds into its inner pocket, taking up minimal space.

A universal gift that can be made even on a small budget can be  a gift basket  filled with fruits and a girl’s favorite sweets. It’s beautiful, simple and inexpensive.

Gift options for a 17-year-old girl from her beloved guy

If you are a loving young man to a girl, try to focus on romance when choosing a gift, for example:

A box of chewing gum “Love is …”  is a nice and inexpensive option to give a girl 17 years old from a guy.

The famous chewing gums with stories about two lovers on inserts. In the box, you can hide a small decoration, or arrange a date from the picture.

Butterflies in a box  are considered a surprise that occupies a leading position in the list of the best gifts for your girlfriend  .

Even in ancient Rome, they were considered flowers that carry the wind. Such a bright “firework” will make the holiday bright and will be remembered for a long time by your soul mate. Don’t forget to take a memorable photo!

You can give your soul mate  coupons for the fulfillment of desires . You can buy a ready-made checkbook of desires or make it yourself.

All coupons are sewn into a miniature book, and the owner will be able to ask to fulfill what is written on them at any time.

You can surprise and please the girl with such romantic options:

  • Love letter on old paper.  This is a combination of an unusual look with touching words. Today, in the age of the Internet, this will definitely produce a WOW effect.
  • A jar  with notes “100 reasons why I like you …”  will add a pinch of romance and melt any girl’s heart.

Another wonderful gift would be  an original mug with a 3D heart at the bottom.

 It’s not just dishes, it’s a recognition mug. Every morning, having finished her tea or coffee, the girl, having found a big red heart at the bottom, will remember you.

A medallion with your photo on it is a  great way to express special feelings or highlight the unique bond between two people.

You can also order jewelry with a personalized engraving or your memorable date.

Interesting gift ideas for a 17-year-old girl from friends and girlfriends

But presents from good friends and close friends can differ in originality and cool presentation. For example:

A collage of photos  is a special, memorable surprise from friends. It is very bright and modern than looking at pictures in boring albums or a smartphone.

And yet, in terms of the value of the gift, the collage indicates that you thought over the gift, spent time and energy on it. It can be made in Photoshop, with your own hands or ordered from a printing house.

Friendship pendant  is a beautiful pendant that will remind you of yourself or common events. And in adulthood it will be perceived as a sentimental reminder of you.

The gift should “hook” for the living. And what could be better than means that emphasize the natural beauty of the birthday girl. TOP popular funds:

  • Colored crayons for hair. These are special crayons that enable girls to quickly and efficiently dye their hair in a different shade or highlight a few strands without harming them.
  • Salt spray for creating beach curls. A natural treatment with the addition of salt water and botanicals to create easy styling and fashionable “beach” curls, without harming the hair.
  • Tint for lips and cheeks is a  pigment that eats into the upper layers of the skin and stays on it for a long time. It gives an even natural shade, has no shine, and is suitable for creating a natural blush on the cheeks and lips.

Notepad-fivebook. This is a mega-popular diary for 5 years with questions for every day. Each question will help track how a person and his life is changing. It is compact and has bright illustrations.

Dream, act, break hearts and make friends, make plans, learn new things, have fun – and do not forget to write about your achievements, this is the motto of such a gift.

A box of sweets from Europe, Asia and the USA is  an unusual surprise for a girl with a sweet tooth. Each box contains a mix of foreign sweets with new flavors: Snickers or Skittles milkshakes, Twix bar with lime and strawberries, Milky Way chocolate paste, Tedd marshmallows and much more.

Original gifts from friends and relatives

Memorable and practical things from parents and relatives will be appropriate, for example:

Transformer decoration. This is a unique invention neither of this century, nor even of the past. A tiara that turns into a necklace, a watch, a bracelet… Today it is a combination of bold ideas and practicality.

For example, it can be a bracelet that transforms into a choker, stacked rings or earrings with removable elements.

A sleeved plaid robe is  a combination of a cozy plush blanket and a soft hoodie.

In your hand is a book or a tablet with your favorite series, you no longer need to cringe, getting out from under a warm blanket – you can always have it on you.

A corrugated iron is a  practical gift idea for a 17-year-old girl. The iron will allow you to make unusual, stylish styling, and basal volume. It heats up quickly, which allows you to do styling in minutes, and its compact size, take the tool with you anywhere.

Satin set 5 in 1.  Comfortable dressing gown, shorts and a T-shirt, a shirt and a sleep mask, and all this in a soft powdery color, no fashionista can resist such a set.

But it is worth remembering that such a suit is more suitable for warm weather, and for the winter it is better to pick up something warmer, for example, pajamas – kigurumi with ears.

Laundry storage organizer  is a very feminine and comfortable thing that will be nice to receive as a gift.

Mom or older sister can add a gift certificate to a lingerie store.

Flip-flop portrait,  such a present will produce a storm of emotions in a girl. To create a portrait with your own hands, you do not need any creative abilities, you just need to follow a simple instruction.

An original gift for a daughter, sister or niece – a memory for many years.

TOP selection of hobbies and hobbies for a 17 year old girl


TOP 93 ideas What to give a girl for 17 years +27 gifts and Tips

Look for a practical birthday present for a 17-year-old girl, then the most appropriate and necessary at this age will be a surprise related to her hobby and passion. You can look at both inexpensive gifts for a 17-year-old girl from friends, and professional hobby accessories from parents and relatives.

If a young lady loves  to do needlework , then a good gift on her birthday can be: high-quality materials, an organizer for tools, a magnifying glass lamp, a diary of a creative person, a mannequin, a tablet for reading diagrams, a color printer.

An athlete girl   can be given one of these: a fitness bracelet, sports nutrition or a basket of fruit bars, a dumbbell bottle, smart dumbbells, pink training gloves, a book with healthy food recipes, a sports top or leggings, natural dark chocolate, cross body, mini humidifier.

If a girl is  fond of any exact sciences  or just likes to learn something new: a telescope, relevant literature, a certificate for courses, a Solar System plate for a space lunch, an OKTA puzzle constructor, a mosaic picture.

Gifts for artists : a set of acrylic pencils, a sketchbook, a set of natural brushes, a subscription to artist training, a designer palette, a bag for carrying work, the Botany for the Artist book by Sarah Simblet, felt-tip pens for the artist, dry pastels.

Ideas for a  musician girl : a set of beautiful picks, a personalized instrument case, a tuner, noise canceling headphones, an acoustic bear, a shower radio, a vinyl record wall clock.

Gift options for a girl  from the field of beauty and personal care : a large palette of shadows and highlighters, a makeup sponge, a manicure set or an electric nail file, “Your own make-up artist” courses, a thermal mug, yoga supplies, handmade soap, a hair styler, beauty device FOREO.


When choosing gifts for a 17-year-old girl, many questions arise. After all, just a couple of years ago you could buy a doll or other interesting toy, but now it is a young independent person. Below are a number of useful recommendations on how to choose a gift for a girl of 17 years old, so that you know what points you should definitely pay attention to before buying.

First of all, it is worth noting  that girls at this age are impractical . They do not think about where and when it might come in handy. Therefore, it is worth abandoning a warm down jacket or a new desktop, in favor of fashionable and unusual things among young people, for example, purchase a bright sweatshirt or belt.

Relevance  is another important factor. Everything should be in the gift: seasonal chips, a suitable style, a popular brand. These are the modern realities of the 21st century. Such things are not just a tribute to fashion, they are a means of communication and communication among teenagers.

Down with stereotypes!  Remember, a gift should be chosen by a specific person, not an abstract girl. It is generally accepted that all girls love flowers, sweets, pink and soft toys. Don’t be fooled by stereotypes, a lot of girls can’t stand these dust collectors. In a word, the main thing is an individual approach.

A gift based on the principle “I like it”.  Do not forget, the gift is still chosen not for yourself, but for another person, with their own tastes and preferences. And, it is unlikely that they coincide with yours.

Relevance. Based on your level of communication, you need to remember that if you have friendly relations, then you should not give too personal things. In this case, you can look after a small souvenir, a cool gift or an inexpensive fashionable novelty. Whereas, jewelry is a wonderful memorable surprise from parents and loved ones.

Social media  is a good clue when looking for a gift. Which subscriptions to groups, which draws he participates in, which stories he posts, all this will prompt thoughts. At 17, you usually don’t have enough money to buy everything you want, but trying to win, for example, cosmetics for a repost, is quite.

We found a gift on the Internet,  consider the delivery time.  It will be unpleasant for a girl to receive a gift some time after her birthday.

Shopping center.  If you have the opportunity, be sure to go. You can say that you want to look after something for yourself, offer to make a company. The rest is up to the small, pay attention to what the future birthday girl will be interested in, what windows she is looking at, etc. Return to the store later on your own, and buy a gift.

Stopped at the money – give them spectacularly . For example, by tying an envelope to a “cloud” of balloons or placing banknotes in ice.

Definitely a bouquet!  It may not only be her favorite. You can “kill two birds with one stone” – give an edible bouquet of sweets, exotic fruits, “Kinders” or snacks.

What is better not to give

Every young lady is worried before the celebration and, of course, in such stress, you can easily offend the girl with your gift. To prevent this from happening to you, a number of gifts have been compiled that you should not give to girls at this age, as well as those surprises that are better to choose in more detail.

  • Education related gifts.  For example, a graduate of grade 11 should not be given manuals and manuals for preparing for the exam. Let the girl enjoy rest, attention and welcome gifts on the holiday.
  • Jewelry , a good gift, the main thing is that the decoration is of good quality. Cheap jewelry most often causes allergies and quickly turns black, losing its appearance.
  • Presentations with a hint of imperfection.  These include various acne creams, home exercise equipment, scales, etc. Girls at any age are emotional, and with such a gift you can cause not only resentment, but also complexes.
  • Plush Toys.  In the first minutes, delight, but in the future, this toy will simply be another dust collector. Perhaps the girl will take a photo for Instagram to show off. That’s all. Alternatively, you can present a toy pillow or an anti-stress pillow in a cool shape.
  • Boring clothes,  such as dull school blouses or colorful tights. Only very close people can give something from clothes, but only corresponding to modern trends. So, if you can’t tell a hoodie from a sweatshirt or espadrilles from oxfords, it’s better not to “poke your head” into modern fashion.
  • An everyday gift,  such as candy from the nearest supermarket, a photo frame or a souvenir. Such presentations are a formality that signals the same formal attitude.
  • Parents and grandparents love to  give gifts for the future . This includes contributions to study or a car, to the age of majority. Yes, of course, this is a good gift, but it should please here and now, but not in a few years.
  • Cheap cosmetics can cause severe allergies, irritation, rosacea and other troubles on a girl’s sensitive skin. Purchase funds only in trusted stores, taking into account the type of skin and the age of the girl.


After reading the article, you probably were able to make sure that choosing what to give a girl of 17 years old is not so difficult, the main thing is to take into account her interests and preferences. This age is magical and, believe me, she will be sincerely glad for every surprise, you just need to emphasize your attentive and caring attitude.

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