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TOP 82 ideas What to give a girlfriend who has everything + 20 more gifts and Tips

The question of what to give to a friend who has everything leads many to a stupor. It is very difficult for such a person to choose a suitable gift, and given that everyone has different interests, the search for an original thing turns into a real adventure. Each time the task only becomes more difficult. After all, what didn’t they give her! In addition, a modern lady is able to independently purchase everything she needs, it is difficult to understand what she still lacks.

When choosing a present for a good friend, remember that originality and creativity should become your allies. Also, the price will always be sincerity, attention and care. And if it seems to you that all options have been tried, today you will be convinced of the opposite! Right here and now you will find out what you can give a friend who has everything. Any of the presented presents will pleasantly surprise the hero of the occasion, will be able to convey your feelings, leave a good memory behind, make the holiday unforgettable.

You no longer need to rack your brains over how to choose an unbeaten and at the same time the right gift for your girlfriend for her birthday. With pleasure, plunge into the world of present search using the suggested ideas. Do not hesitate, you can give a miracle even to the most fastidious person, you just need a little patience and imagination!

TOP 82 ideas What to give a friend who has everything

  1. A set of stones for massage and stone therapy.
  2. Predictive bath bomb.
  3. Florarium.
  4. Hand warmer.
  5. Moisture-absorbing microfiber comb.
  6. Disco ball.
  7. Cake to order with a cool decoration.
  8. Kigurumi pajamas.
  9. Reading lamp in bed.
  10. Festive fireworks.
  11. Original teapot.
  12. Blanket with sleeves.
  13. Home weather station.
  14. Selfie flash.
  15. Personal notepad.
  16. Portable biofireplace.
  17. floating candles.
  18. Fitness bottle with smartphone holder.
  19. Glucophone (a musical instrument that will appeal to creative individuals).
  20. Cosmetic honey set.
  21. Passport cover handmade.
  22. Perpetual calendar.
  23. Lamp for manicure.
  24. Japanese rock garden in miniature.
  25. Box with macaroons and fresh flowers.
  26. Cool alarm clock (for example, running away or flying away).
  27. A mug that stirs the drink by itself.
  28. Heated slippers.
  29. Box of gingerbread.
  30. Set for creating natural perfumes at home.
  31. Leather gloves.
  32. Basket of fresh roses.
  33. Set of natural cosmetics.
  34. Roll making machine.
  35. A set of exclusive handmade jewelry.
  36. Bicolor hourglass.
  37. Collapsible silicone cup with lid.
  38. Palo santo (incense sticks).
  39. Automatic air freshener with replaceable blocks.
  40. Skipping rope with electronic counter.
  41. Set for making coffee on the sand.
  42. Fur product (vest, short fur coat, hat, cape, etc.).
  43. Hair brush with ionization function.
  44. Wax crayons for hair coloring.
  45. Case-organizer for storing cosmetics.
  46. A set of ground coffee of different varieties.
  47. Handmade soap in a beautiful basket.
  48. aromatic stones.
  49. Personalized shaker (for sports nutrition or preparation of other drinks).
  50. Luggage strap with combination lock.
  51. Himalayan salt lamp.
  52. External battery with heated hands.
  53. Decorative cushions for the sofa.
  54. Small table fan.
  55. Electric kettle with remote access.
  56. Soft “magic” spiral curlers.
  57. “Smart” umbrella.
  58. Weather forecaster.
  59. Handmade sweets.
  60. A set of natural oils for the body.
  61. Panel with stabilized moss.
  62. Basket with cosmetics for spa treatments.
  63. Flower with wishes on the petals.
  64. Illuminated pocket mirror.
  65. Unusual indoor flower.
  66. Apron with original print.
  67. Electronic massage pillow.
  68. Instant camera.
  69. Fur earmuffs.
  70. Set for growing plants.
  71. Loofah massage sponge.
  72. A set of hydrogel patches.
  73. Smartphone projector.
  74. Light alarm clock (a device that simulates dawn).
  75. Handmade box (for storing jewelry and other small items).
  76. Professional blogger set.
  77. Photo medallion.
  78. Bedside mat with backlight.
  79. Lava lamp.
  80. An elegant sleep mask.
  81. Beauty pillow.
  82. Toaster printer.

Original gifts

Thinking about what to give a friend as an original gift, you should pay attention to win-win options. The following selection of presents will be appreciated by any representative of the fair sex.

Golden massage honey. A great gift for a friend, especially if she has a child.

A young mother does not have time to fully relax, much less take care of herself. She cannot often visit beauty salons, but she wants to pamper herself. With the help of such a presentation, it is easy to organize SPA procedures at home.

Honey with golden shimmer has not only an exquisite aroma, but also healing, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, healing properties.

Chocolate bouquet. A suitable gift option for DR. And also a great alternative to “live” bouquets, as chocolate flowers look like real ones.

For their manufacture, Belgian chocolate is often used, which has become famous throughout the world due to its unique taste and medicinal properties.

A chocolate bouquet will not only cheer you up, but also improve your overall well-being.

Flowers in ice. Use this idea if you don’t know what to give inexpensively, but in an original way.

This is a symbolic gift that will emphasize the impeccable beauty of the hero of the occasion. Make a present yourself, be sure the result will exceed your expectations.

Place the bouquet in a container, fill it with water, send it to the freezer. Then remove the ice composition and use hot water to give it the desired shape.

Come up with an unusual congratulation for your gift and hurry to surprise your friend.

Friendship pendant. This is exactly what you can and should give your best friend. The talisman of friendship will not let you forget about the closeness of the kinship of souls, emotions and impressions experienced together.

The silver friendship sign is the most popular, but you can choose a product that is not made of precious metals. The amulet is kept with them and not shown for show.

A pair of pendants will further strengthen friendly ties, will not allow feelings to cool down, regardless of the current life situation.

Inexpensive Present Ideas

The perfect gift for the person who has everything doesn’t have to be expensive. However, the main quality of the presentation is uniqueness.

You can spend a lot of money on a gift and not see a happy gleam in your friend’s eyes, or choose any of the options below that are guaranteed to make her wildly delighted!

Bath beads. An interesting idea of ​​​​what to give a girlfriend for 13-14 years. Aromatic bath pearls dissolve well in water, saturate it with useful vitamins and minerals.

Multi-colored beads will make you plunge into positive, unforgettable emotions, mentally transfer you to distant exotic shores.

The rich composition of pearls will help to relax, moisturize the skin, prevent its premature aging, and activate the cells.

Tea rose petal jam. An unusual and tasty dessert is a great option for what gift to give to a friend if she has everything.

A delicacy made from rose petals also has healing properties. It is taken for various diseases, as well as for prevention.

Essential oils of rose petals improve the functioning of the nervous and nominal systems, the gastrointestinal tract, they are also useful for colds, have a rejuvenating effect, and help in the fight against extra pounds.

Gift set of spices and spices. An interesting idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhat to give a girlfriend for the Day is inexpensive.

You can buy a ready-made set or create it yourself, depending on tastes and budget. This is not only an original, but also a useful gift that will definitely not go unnoticed.

When choosing, be sure to pay attention that spices and seasonings do not contain flavors, flavor enhancers and other additives.

Creative notebook. A great option to give to a friend for 11-12 years, especially if she constantly composes or draws something.

It is convenient to keep such a notebook with you at all times in order to improve your skills at any time. The gift can be supplemented with a set of quality pencils or a good pen, depending on the girl’s hobbies.

Now your girlfriend will never be bored, because there is where to throw out her creative mood.

What useful gifts can you give to a friend who has everything?

Even if it seems to you that your friend has everything, believe me, it is not! She will be pleased to receive any of the presented presents as a gift.

Tourmaline glass for structuring water. Use this hint if you want to give your friend something unusual.

Since ancient times, it has been known how important it is to use high-quality water, because it has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Previously, people collected rainwater, purified it with silver objects. Now it is much easier to structure it, you just need to purchase a special glass.

Flashlight-illumination for a handbag. Pretty interesting gift for a friend. In addition, it is very useful, as it illuminates the handbag from the inside.

With such a device, it will be easy for a girl to find the right thing, and a flashlight will always be at hand in a dark entrance when it is necessary to highlight the door lock, etc.

It is very light and flexible, shines brightly, can rotate 360 ​​degrees. It is convenient to highlight them, as the hands remain free to search for the necessary item in the bag.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones-mask for sleep. A gift that allows you to relax and have a good rest cannot but be liked.

With the help of such a mask, you can listen to your favorite tune, mentally find yourself on the ocean or in the middle of the forest.

On the side of the headphones there is a special button that allows you to adjust the volume, switch melodies. The mask is equipped with a soft fleece band, so the product does not put pressure on the head, provides additional comfort.

Table stand for a bathroom. Another gift option for which a friend will be sincerely grateful to you.

At first glance, this is an ordinary stand, but it is able to turn the bath into an oasis of pleasure, brighten up any, even the most unfortunate day.

The table is equipped with compartments that are designed for a glass of wine, a book, a scented candle or fruit. The stand is made of natural, environmentally friendly bamboo. The width of the table is adjustable, so it is suitable for any bath.

beauty gifts

For a gift to make an impression, it must “hook” to the quick. And what could be more beautiful than means that emphasize the natural beauty of the hero of the occasion, helping to maintain attractiveness. Your attention is presented to the best presents that will please any, even the most demanding, young lady.

Magnetic face mask. Such masks in the beauty market are becoming more and more popular.

The principle of operation of all magnetic masks is the same: the product is applied in a dense layer on the face, aged for a while, and then removed with a special magnet. The mask easily “sticks” from the skin, so it does not require additional cleansing.

Thanks to this simple procedure, blood circulation improves, cells do not experience a lack of oxygen or nutrients, as a result of which the skin becomes more elastic, hydrated and rested.

Beauty box. A real find for a girl who does not miss a single novelty of cosmetology. A beauty box is a “beauty box” inside which there are pleasant surprises, that is, mini-versions of cosmetic or perfume products.

This is a win-win gift option that will provide a good mood for a long time. Your friend will have the opportunity to test many products in order to individually select a cosmetic product.

Electric brush for face care. The brush is designed for deep cleansing of the skin of the face, it can be used daily for morning and evening washing, with any cosmetic product.

The brush is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The device gently, without injuring, not only removes impurities, but also exfoliates dead cells.

Ultrasonic skin scrubber. Another useful device designed to cleanse and moisturize the skin.

It can be safely used at home, as it is absolutely safe and painless. The scrubber acts on the skin with ultrasonic waves, effectively massages the face, tightens the skin, and prevents wrinkles.

Also, with regular use, age spots become less noticeable, the skin is cleansed of old cells, becomes less oily, acquires a fresh, radiant appearance.

Commemorative gifts

There are things that can be given to any person, even the most wealthy. Memorable gifts, chosen with a soul, will always respond to the heart, bring joy, will be of special value, and will be preserved for a long time.

Named Hollywood star. Rewarding a friend with such a non-trivial gift, you seem to wish her striving for new achievements.

This is a unique souvenir that will impress everyone. It will appeal to a Hollywood fan, a girl who dreams of becoming a film actress, a lover of decorating her house with unusual things, a connoisseur of memorable and unusual items.

The star is practically no different from those located on the Walk of Fame.

Star map. One of the best ways to creatively congratulate the hero of the occasion.

This is a unique gift, on which the starry sky looks the same as on a memorable date, for example, a birthday. All you need is to indicate the time, date and place of an important event.

Looking at the special arrangement of the constellations, your girlfriend will mentally go to that day, receiving pleasant emotions. Complete your present with a touching inscription, then it will become even more meaningful.

Goldfish in an aquarium. The man who has everything is hard to please, so give your friend a goldfish that grants any wish.

In addition, such an aquarium is the best talisman in the house. In China, since ancient times, this item has been considered a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

Many people really believe in the magical powers of the fish, the main thing is that the desire is truly pure and noble, then it will certainly come true.

Bathrobe with personalized embroidery. This product looks amazing! The dressing gown can be used at home or in the bath, it is made of high quality materials, therefore it is characterized by a long service life.

Embroidery can be anything, for example, a crown, a monogram, a beautiful phrase, a favorite hero, etc. This is not only a memorable, but also a very useful gift that brings comfort and makes you feel like royalty.


It is extremely difficult to find a worthwhile present for a friend who doesn’t really need anything! However, it is possible if, when choosing a gift, you know what points you should pay attention to, where you need to focus.

Listen to the following recommendations and you will definitely succeed.

Budget.  If you are not limited in financial resources, choosing a gift is not difficult. It can be a branded item, an exclusive product. But if “finances sing romances”, it is better to choose a personal, more memorable gift.

Beautiful decoration. Even if you are sure that your gift will cause a storm of positive emotions, take care of smart packaging. It is advisable to complement your surprise with a bouquet of flowers and a postcard with handwritten text.

One gift is good, but several are better.  The present will look much more representative if you present it as a set. For example, be sure to complement a festive tablecloth with napkins, a tea set with a set of elite tea, etc.

Occasion.  Remember that a birthday present, and even more so an anniversary, should be special, extraordinary. For the New Year, you can limit yourself to a symbolic present.

Stretch your memory.  Be sure to remember what you have already given to the hero of the occasion, so you will not get into an awkward situation by handing a second present.

Intimate talk.  Surely, you and your girlfriend often have frank conversations in which she casually or directly talks about her desires. You can also watch her eyes during joint shopping trips.

Social media can tell a lot. If your friend actively uses social networks, do not be too lazy to look at her page. Pay attention to her reposts and likes, most likely you will find interesting information for yourself.

Leeway.  Now it is very fashionable to give handmade things. Such a unique gift will surely please the girl who has everything, so you need to worry about the present in advance.

What is better not to give

Do not rush to make a rash choice, remember that there is a category of anti-presents that will not cause positive emotions in the hero of the occasion. To avoid fatal errors, carefully study the following list.

  • Cosmetics.  If you don’t know which brands your friend prefers, you’re not sure about the right choice of color palette, it’s better not to take risks and buy a gift at random.
  • Money. This is a rather banal gift, it is unlikely to please a person who has everything. It is better to pick up a small but memorable surprise for this amount.
  • Cloth.  Also a risky gift, because often wealthy people prefer a certain clothing manufacturer. In addition, you can not guess with the size or color scheme.
  • Too personal. Even if you get a present for your best friend, it may look inappropriate for a holiday. Avoid such gifts, albeit as a joke.
  • Means designed to correct the appearance. These are anti-aging cosmetics, cellulite or stretch mark cream, scales, a book of tips on how to quickly lose weight, etc. With such a present, you indirectly hint at the shortcomings of the lady, so you risk falling into disgrace.
  • Banal gifts.  This category includes useful things that can be useful at home or at work. A wealthy girl has already managed to independently purchase the necessary things for herself.
  • Counterfeits of well-known manufacturers. The quality of such things leaves much to be desired, so your gift will cause bewilderment rather than joy in the hero of the occasion.
  • Gifts for the whole family. The gift should be intended exclusively for the hero of the occasion, but the next set of dishes that all household members will use will most likely not make her happy.
  • On-duty presentations.  Cosmetics, souvenirs will not be able to impress a girl, and even more so a wealthy one.
  • Items that are not customary to give because of superstition.  These are piercing and cutting objects, mirrors, antiques, handkerchiefs, pearl jewelry, etc. All of them are somehow connected with a negative interpretation, therefore they will not bring joy to a superstitious person.
  • Pet. Do not put on the shoulders of a friend a responsibility for which she is not ready. It is better to discuss the purchase of such a gift in advance.
  • Alcoholic drinks.  It is not customary for ladies to give alcohol, with such a present you will put the young lady in an awkward position.


A gift to a friend who has everything does not have to be expensive or status, the main thing is that she remembers it for a long time. Approach the choice of a present with love and an open heart, make an effort, turn on your imagination, then you will be able to organize an incredible holiday for the hero of the occasion, give her unforgettable emotions. And the fate of such a gift will definitely not be limited to the far corner of the closet!

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