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335 ideas for what to get the athlete

All athletes are united by an active lifestyle and purposefulness. They clearly see their goals and know how to achieve them. However, when choosing a present for a person involved in sports, you need to take into account the type of this very sport, so as not to give something inappropriate. In addition, our selection of current and popular gift ideas can help you choose a gift.

TOP 102 gift ideas for an athlete

  1. Humidifier
  2. International sim card
  3. Named training diary
  4. Myostimulator
  5. portable coffee machine
  6. Air washing
  7. GPS tracker for luggage
  8. Competitive slot
  9. Sauna for the face
  10. Road chess/backgammon
  11. Anti-theft backpack
  12. Box with sweets without sugar
  13. Juicer
  14. Overdoor / wall horizontal bar
  15. Selfie tripod/monopod
  16. Silver water ionizer
  17. kitchen scales
  18. Waterproof socks
  19. Thermo lunch box
  20. bike computer
  21. Hydrogen water generator
  22. Lucid dreaming mask
  23. Cardholder with RFID protection
  24. Personal squelch
  25. System for developing speed and agility
  26. Digital Camera Glasses
  27. Ecovisor
  28. Plaid transformer
  29. Multitool
  30. Holster wallet
  31. Electric clothes dryer
  32. Hammock chair
  33. Caricature doll from a photo
  34. carbon dioxide sensor
  35. Double boiler
  36. Darsonval
  37. Personalized bathrobe
  38. Treadmill
  39. Travel hair dryer
  40. Water Quality Tester
  41. Travel bag/beauty case
  42. Portable sterilizer
  43. massage certificate
  44. Gift set of cooking oils
  45. Activity tracker
  46. solar power bank
  47. Ultrabook
  48. Skateboard
  49. Joint warming bandages
  50. portable weather station
  51. Jumpers
  52. Anatomical insoles for sports shoes
  53. Set of massage oils
  54. Armband with built-in stereo headset
  55. Anti-mosquito bracelet
  56. Board for cutting fish
  57. Sports watch
  58. digital photo frame
  59. Design cover for documents
  60. Headrest pillow with hood
  61. Forms for baking
  62. Action camera
  63. Cocktail for making oxygen cocktails
  64. Exercise mat
  65. camping lantern
  66. Air ionizer / ozonizer
  67. Portable acoustics
  68. Diet food delivery certificate
  69. Electronic book
  70. Basket with different types of honey
  71. External hard drive
  72. Compression bag
  73. portable solar panel
  74. Sleep glasses and earplugs
  75. Collapsible dumbbells
  76. Sports bag
  77. stirrer mug
  78. Shagomer
  79. Sports store certificate
  80. Orthopedic pillow/mattress
  81. Balancing platform
  82. Yandex. Station
  83. Portable water filter
  84. Acupuncture massage mat
  85. Smart toothbrush
  86. Dehydrator for vegetables and fruits
  87. Tablet
  88. Bath set
  89. Aroma diffuser
  90. Under helmet
  91. Board game
  92. Bed linen set with thematic print
  93. Gel-filled knee pads
  94. Medball/fitball
  95. piggy bank frame
  96. Sports books
  97. Table tennis set
  98. Themed wall clock
  99. Waist bag
  100. Wrist case for smartphone
  101. Bike
  102. Box with green coffee and vitamin tea

Useful gifts for athletes

Of course, each of us wants the gift to please the recipient and not gather dust on the shelf. If you are still thinking about what a useful present you can give, we offer you relevant ideas:

Fitness bracelet.  Perhaps this is the most popular and sought-after fitness gadget that accompanies physical exercises and makes them the most effective. The bracelet can monitor health indicators and sleep quality, measure the number of approaches, time and distance, perform many useful functions and remind you of activity.

Smart scales. An indispensable gift for an athlete and any person who monitors their health and weight. In addition to displaying the total body weight, the device measures the level of fat and fluid in the body, the percentage of bone and muscle mass, and transfers the obtained data to a smartphone, building a graph based on regular readings.

Vest with sauna effect.  The innovative piece of clothing will make exhausting workouts more effective, increase metabolism and help burn calories.

Device for calming and normalizing sleep.  A unique gadget will help you fall asleep after a busy day, disconnecting from the hustle and bustle with the help of nature sounds. In addition, to relieve unnecessary stress, the device can be listened to during the daytime in the background.

Smart sneakers.  An ideal gift for both beginners and professional athletes. Great running motivator. Hidden under the insole of the shoe is a sensor that tracks distance, time, calories burned, and steps taken.

Other useful gifts include:

  • headlamp;
  • cooling towel;
  • catalytic heater;
  • water cooler;
  • posture monitor;
  • road iron;
  • medicine box;
  • massage pillow;
  • eco-bottle with a carbon filter;
  • keychain for finding things;
  • sports dryer for shoes with ultraviolet light;
  • Heated Gloves;
  • biometric luggage lock;
  • massage cape on the chair;
  • leather folder organizer.

Original gifts for an athlete

If you want to pleasantly surprise a person spoiled by honors and awards, give him something non-trivial. For example:

Smart ear stick.  It is obvious that the ears are exposed to regular third-party influences and need regular hygiene. This gadget will be a great helper in this. Thanks to the built-in micro-camera, it will be possible to visually assess the condition of the ear canal and clean it effectively and safely.

Headphones player.  The presence of its own player makes the use of headphones completely independent and allows you to listen to music on them without connecting to external devices.

Grilled raclette.  An unusually convenient device diversifies the athlete’s daily menu with healthy dishes of vegetables, meat, fish and mushrooms with or without cheese.

Bike station.  The device is installed under a regular bike and allows you to use it as a simulator. The machine is indispensable for warming up before the race, performing intervals and more.

Snowscoot.  Such a vehicle will appeal to fans of extreme sports, and there are many of them among athletes. The snow scooter has two skis and a steering wheel, and there is no seat, so you need to ride standing up, and on half-bent legs. The entertainment is very interesting, but the technique of overcoming descents on this projectile is much more complicated than on a snowboard, so it is not recommended for people who do not have minimal riding experience to switch to it.

Wooden map of the world.  A great gift for those who have to travel a lot. The map, made with maximum detail, of borders, countries and capitals, will become a magnificent decoration of the interior and will allow you to mark on it the cities that its owner has already visited.

In addition, such gifts can surprise the recipient:

  • honey with edible gold;
  • salt lamp;
  • wooden map of the world;
  • knitted sneakers;
  • a bottle with a water counter;
  • smart concept calendar;
  • certificate for playing laser tag;
  • player with pedometer;
  • mug-athlete;
  • smart dumbbells;
  • descent in the zorb;
  • multi-tool bracelet;
  • stones for stone therapy;
  • thermoglass-transformer;
  • calendar designer;
  • certificate for visiting the rope park;
  • thematic figurine;
  • T-shirt organizer;
  • folding electric kettle;
  • 3D lamp with individual engraving;
  • portable blender for making shakes and smoothies.

Inexpensive gifts for an athlete

Despite the established stereotype that a good gift should be expensive, there are many budget, but very attractive and interesting presents.

Smart laces.  These laces do not need to be tied. The principle of their work is based on reliable latches that can be hidden inside the shoe or fixed outside.

Gyroscopic hand trainer.  This device is indispensable for developing the mobility of the hands, training endurance and strength of the muscles of the forearms. In addition, it can be used to recover from injuries and prevent diseases of the joints and muscles of the hands.

Ultra-compact microfiber towel.  Soft and thin towel does not take up much space, perfectly absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Such a present is useful both for sports and during travel.

A set of kinesio tape.  Inexpensive, but extremely useful gift. The unique method of kinesio taping, developed only 50 years ago, triggers the natural healing processes for injuries of various origins. The innovative patch does not contain any drugs, while effectively relieving pain, supporting injured muscles and joints.

Also, the following gifts will help to congratulate the hero of the occasion quite economically:

  • USB hub;
  • blocks for yoga;
  • luggage tag;
  • herbal pillow;
  • hermetic bag;
  • a set of puzzles;
  • airball;
  • balaclava;
  • electric brush for cleaning dust;
  • wristbands and headband;
  • training gloves;
  • raincoat in a keychain ball;
  • raincoats for shoes;
  • universal adapter for sockets.

Gifts for a child-athlete

Children involved in sports have a hard time: their lives are multitasking, and from an early age they are forced to combine sports and study, incredible work and great responsibility. Therefore, when choosing a gift for a sports child, keep in mind that in addition to sports, there should be games and entertainment in his life. And you can present the following to a young athlete:

Slackline. A mobile device for a fun and active pastime, you can take it with you on any trip. Even the youngest tightrope walker can easily master it, of course, under the supervision of adults. In addition, walking on the slackline promotes the development of coordination, concentration and pumping the muscles of the legs and arms.

Light alarm.  The amazing sunrise gadget will make waking up baby easy and comfortable, and help him wake up naturally.

Swedish wall.  This sports equipment, which is the base for other sports equipment, will help the child hone his skills without leaving home. At will, gymnastic rings, a horizontal bar, bars, a climbing wall and so on can be installed on the wall.

Trainer “Grasshopper” or pogostik.  The legendary miracle simulator has not lost its relevance for several decades now. It allows you to discover new sensations and feel the taste of real freedom. The Grasshopper is very easy to use: the more you push on the pedals, the higher the jump. Thanks to such a device, a young athlete will be able, literally – effortlessly, to maintain excellent physical shape and strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks and back.

Also, the little athlete will surely please:

  • basketball stand;
  • quad rollers;
  • warmer toy;
  • funny piggy bank;
  • magnetic slate board;
  • impact resistant leggings;
  • magnetic darts;
  • projector of the starry sky / northern lights;
  • touchscreen gloves;
  • nominal wall medallion;
  • peanut butter gift set;
  • mask and fins for scuba diving.

Gifts for an athlete girl

Do not forget that among the fair sex there are many professional athletes and girls leading an active lifestyle. When choosing a gift for a sports and active person, you should pay attention to such ideas:

Hammock/yoga mat.  Yoga is extremely popular among women. It contributes to the development of flexibility, improved concentration and positive emotions. Such a present will help the girl to relax after a hard day or a grueling workout and restore the emotional background.

Beauty box with organic cosmetics.  You can purchase a ready-made kit or assemble it yourself. Its components can be: nourishing creams and oils, fabric masks and eye patches, scrubs and lotions.

A set of freeze-dried ice cream in different flavors.  This is an absolutely natural delicacy that few people can resist. It has the taste and aroma of traditional ice cream, but is not affected by the heat, so it can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Paraffin bath for hands and feet.  Regardless of the sport they choose, girls always want to look good and feel attractive. This device can help them with this. Paraffin therapy has a restorative, regenerating and rejuvenating effect on the body, strengthens and tightens the skin, reduces the number of microcracks and prevents peeling. In addition, paraffin therapy is prescribed for the complex treatment of diseased joints. Warm paraffin relieves pain, restores joint activity and mobility.

Biofireplace. A unique piece of furniture is able to create coziness and a truly warm atmosphere in any room. You can present both floor and table models.

Bouquet of socks.  No matter how strange it may sound, but such bouquets are becoming more and more popular. Buy high-quality original socks, roll them up in the form of roses, fasten the finished “buds” with pins and insert wooden barbecue sticks into them. Form a bouquet of sock roses and wrap it in gift paper. Optionally, decorate the composition with beads, ribbons or lace.

In addition, the girl can give:

  • thematic brooch/pendant;
  • speed rope;
  • sports top;
  • massage balls;
  • yogurt maker;
  • marmalade with collagen;
  • fabric fitness elastic bands;
  • hot tub for feet;
  • a set of dark chocolate with various additives;
  • certificate to a healthy food store;
  • women’s fitness gloves;
  • bath products;
  • book with recipes for health and beauty;
  • seamless set for sports.

Gift for a coach

The profession of a coach is extremely responsible and difficult. The person holding this position is responsible for the athletes entrusted to him and their success. Therefore, it is very logical that the wards want to please their mentor and give him some kind of present. The following options may work for this:

Tactical board. A coach of any team sport will need such a gift. The board is a miniature of the field, helps to develop and explain to the wards the tactics and scheme of the game.

souvenir cup.  The coach will be extremely pleased to receive such, albeit not a real, award from his pupils, especially if it is made with an individual engraving.

Personalized pen.  A great gift for someone who has to deal with filling out a myriad of paperwork. Hand the coach a well-known brand pen in a beautiful case – such a writing instrument he will appreciate.

Electronic counter-stopwatch.  This device is indispensable in coaching. It allows you to record the time of the circles, memorize them and, if necessary, displays the results.

Shoe horn with themed brass pommel.  An original and functional gift that can take pride of place in the coach’s office and become his pride. You can buy a finished product or order from the master the top of an individual design.

Whistle.  The absence of such a simple subject makes the preparation of sports events impossible. Present the coach with a personalized brass whistle or a modern electric whistle with a push of a button.

Reusable diary. Working with such a notebook is based on the principle of “write-erase-write”. Entries in it are made with a dry-erase ink marker and removed with any dry cloth. You can correct and erase unnecessary from one page more than a thousand times.

In addition, the coach will like the following gifts:

  • personalized bath towel;
  • desk lamp;
  • smart watch;
  • shaker for cocktails;
  • thermal pot;
  • foot hammock;
  • robot massager;
  • flash drive with an interesting design;
  • tabletop fountain/waterfall;
  • cork board for notes;
  • desktop writing set made of stone / wood;
  • certificate to a sports equipment store.

Gifts by sport

When choosing a present for an athlete, it is necessary to take into account the type of sport he is involved in. We present to your attention the most popular options:

To a hockey player

  • stick;
  • bib;
  • nominal thermocup;
  • wax and stick tape;
  • protective helmet;
  • bag for sports equipment;
  • name puck;
  • club extension;
  • Velcro for shields;
  • air hockey;
  • photocrystal;
  • a set of figures of famous hockey players;
  • hockey shell;
  • professional skates.

In the morning

  • hand bag for running;
  • wireless headphones;
  • stroboscope-beacon;
  • sports glasses;
  • telescopic sticks;
  • soft folding flask;
  • winter buff with fleece;
  • running belt;
  • regenerating foot cream;
  • massage roller;
  • backpack for running;
  • studded shoe tips;
  • ultrasonic dog repeller;
  • a set of gels with carbohydrates and electrolytes;


  • thermal underwear set;
  • holding ski wax;
  • lubricating iron for skis;
  • waist bag;
  • ski cleaner;
  • salt heating pad;
  • ski gloves;
  • avalanche sensor;
  • ski mask;
  • paraffin for ski treatment;
  • set of ointments for skis.


  • EMS-myostimulator;
  • hexagonal rubberized dumbbell;
  • designer weight;
  • barbells;
  • photostone;
  • press roller;
  • multifunctional expander;
  • massage chair;
  • bag for sneakers;
  • sports bottle with carabiner;
  • athletic belt;
  • barbell / set of dumbbells;
  • weights for legs and arms;
  • certificate to the sports nutrition store.

football player

  • foot massager;
  • frame for T-shirt;
  • soccer ball;
  • gaiters;
  • boots;
  • coordination track;
  • table soccer;
  • clock with stopwatch;
  • football pads;
  • chair bag in the form of a soccer ball.

Basketball player

  • indoor basketball;
  • basketball sleeve;
  • piggy bank in the form of a basketball field;
  • speed barriers;
  • dribbling goggles;
  • compression underwear;
  • magnetic basketball hoop;
  • shock absorber for jumping;
  • wastebasket with basketball hoop.

To the float

  • flippers;
  • professional cosmetics for swimmers;
  • waterproof MP3 player;
  • swimming cap;
  • wetsuit;
  • paddles for swimming;
  • breathing simulator;
  • Goggles;
  • waterproof smart watch;
  • swimming trunks-jammers antichlor;
  • swimming pool;
  • accessory for practicing the correct position of the head.

A boxer or a fighter

  • mannequin for working out blows;
  • boxing gong;
  • desktop / outdoor punching bag;
  • boxing gloves;
  • paws for boxing;
  • boxer shorts;
  • boxing shorts;
  • boxing helmet;
  • gel bandages;
  • cap in a case;
  • timer;
  • souvenir ring;
  • boxing tack for hot.


  • bag for skates;
  • massage Slippers;
  • drying cases for figure skates;
  • thermal wear;
  • ice skating toy;
  • covers for skate blades;
  • water-repellent impregnation for shoes;
  • massage insoles with magnets;
  • figure skates;
  • snow globe with photo.

DIY gifts for an athlete

If none of the proposed options appeal to you, you can create a present with your own hands. In this case, it does not matter whether the gift is related to sports or not, the main thing is that it conveys a piece of your warmth and is presented from the bottom of your heart.

Coffee table


  • wicker square box;
  • Chipboard;
  • furniture wheels;
  • wooden planks (leather handle);
  • dye.


  1. Build a lid from chipboard that matches the diameter of the box.
  2. Paint the lid the same color as the box and let dry.
  3. Nail two wooden planks to the lid or attach a leather handle to the side (these devices will be needed when you need to open the box).
  4. Attach the wheels to the bottom of the box.

Holder for paper towels “Brutal”


  • short thin log;
  • wooden stick (stool leg);
  • varnish / impregnation for wood;
  • acrylic paint;
  • brush.


  1. Cut out the base of the log, cover it with paint or varnish (impregnation) and dry.
  2. Make a rod out of a stick or chair leg.
  3. Shorten the rod to the desired length, cover it with paint or varnish and dry.
  4. Connect the details.

Picture from threads “Soccer ball”


  • wooden / cork board;
  • colored threads;
  • paper;
  • a hammer;
  • small nails.


  1. Draw a sketch of the future picture on paper (in this case, it is a soccer ball, but it can be any other sports figure, for example, a tennis racket, a silhouette of a ballerina, a stick, etc.).
  2. Put the drawing on the board and at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other, punch nails along its contour.
  3. Tie the end of the thread to one nail and randomly twist the threads from stud to stud.
  4. Fill in all the space and secure the end of the thread.
  5. The picture is ready.

Healthy sweets


  • Dried apricots – 250 g;
  • Prunes – 250 g;
  • Walnuts or any other nuts – 50 g;
  • Cocoa – 2 tbsp. l.;
  • Honey – 2 tbsp. L.;
  • Sesame / coconut flakes – 2-3 tbsp. l.

Cooking process:

  1. Grind the nuts to medium crumbs.
  2. Rinse the dried fruits thoroughly, pour boiling water over them and chop with a blender or meat grinder.
  3. Combine dried fruits, crushed nuts, cocoa and honey.
  4. Form any shape of candy from the resulting mixture and sprinkle them with nut crumbs, sesame seeds or coconut flakes.
  5. Put the sweets in the refrigerator for 8-10 hours, and then pack them in a gift box.

The composition of the candy can be changed at the request of the manufacturer. You can add candied fruits, dark chocolate, berries and any exotic ingredients to them.

Sports bandana


  • piece of natural cotton fabric;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • needle.


  1. Cut out a 60×60 cm square from the fabric, leaving a margin of 1-2 cm around the edges.
  2. Bend on all sides twice 5 mm.
  3. Sew the folded areas on the machine.
  4. Bandana is ready.

You can also do it yourself:

  • diary of victories;
  • book-motivator;
  • a bouquet of nuts and dried fruits;
  • knitted plaid / shawl;
  • thematic soap set;
  • travel organizer for small things;
  • leather bracelet;
  • t-shirt / longsleeve with print;
  • case for phone.

What is better not to give an athlete

It is impossible to list the entire list of anti-gifts due to the fact that each discipline has its own characteristics and nuances, however, according to professionals, it is better for athletes not to give the following:

Alcoholic drinks.  Even if the athlete does not have a strict regime, and the coach allows him to drink a glass of wine in honor of the victory, giving alcohol is considered bad manners.

Clothing and footwear.  Of course, you should not present such gifts to a person whose size and tastes you do not know. However, if this is your very good friend or relative, and you are sure that you will not be mistaken with the model and size, it is not forbidden to give such things as gifts.

Perfumery.  Not the best gift idea not only for athletes, but even more so for athletes.

Sports supplements.  Nowadays, sports nutrition is an integral part of active work on your body, but do not rush to present such a gift to an athlete, especially if you are not strong in amino acids, creatine, protein, and so on. An alternative to such a present can be a certificate to a sports nutrition store, where the recipient will choose what he needs.

Bulky equipment for home workouts.  Refrain from purchasing such things. Not only do they require a lot of space to accommodate, there is also a high probability that they will remain out of work and collect dust on the balcony or in the garage.

Luxurious gift.  So that the hero of the occasion does not feel obligated, do not give him too expensive gifts, unless, of course, you are his very close person.

Sports Equipment.  If you do not know all the nuances of the sport that the recipient plays, do not buy him gifts from this category. If you really want to donate sports equipment, it’s better to directly ask the athlete what exactly he needs, and let him announce the specific brand and model.

Presentations related to superstitions. Absolutely every sport has its own symbols of triumph and failure. In order not to get into trouble, look for information about such things on the Internet or find out from people close to the athlete and, of course, purchase only items from the “lucky” list.

Tableware.  Banal mugs or glasses with the club’s emblem or a boring inscription will not cause positive emotions in the hero of the occasion and will be lost among similar gifts, because such an “original” gift idea will come to you not only.

Money. The debate over whether you can give money or not has not subsided over the years. It is possible that the emotions received with the present are important to the hero of the occasion, and an envelope with money, or even a money cake made of banknotes, will not cause such emotions. Therefore, find out in advance the attitude of the athlete to such gifts in order to avoid an unpleasant situation.

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