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60 ideas What to give a man for 60 years + 38 gifts and Tips

The 60th Anniversary is a bright solemn event that occupies an important place in the life of every person. The 60th birthday will surely gather close people near the birthday boy and will be remembered for the rest of his life.

What to give a man for 60 years? If one of your relatives, friends or colleagues is planning an anniversary, you should take care of choosing a gift in advance. To surprise an adult man who has seen a lot in his life in his years is not an easy task. This responsible event deserves the choice of a special gift.

Below is a large number of ideas of what you can give a man for 60 years.

TOP 60 ideas that you can give a man for his 60th birthday

  1. A portrait painted by a professional artist from a photograph of the birthday boy.
  2. Bath set consisting of a hat, mittens, a wooden basin and a ladle, as well as towels and a birch broom.
  3. A rocking chair is an indispensable attribute of a comfortable stay at home or outside the city.
  4. Hammock or garden swing for giving.
  5. Antique stylized wall clock.
  6. A wrist watch or a watch on a chain is a wonderful gift that will be appreciated by an adult and respectable man.
  7. A set of tools with a compact case for storing them.
  8. Video recorder in the car.
  9. A digital frame is a device thanks to which the birthday person can admire photos of his family.
  10. A globe bar or an “old” chest with a hiding place bar is a chic gift and addition to the interior of a room, office or living room.
  11. Thermos or thermo mug with personalized engraving.
  12. A set of wine glasses.
  13. Gift set for mustache and beard care.
  14. Stylish travel bag or compact travel case.
  15. A weather station that measures indoor and outdoor temperature and air humidity.
  16. Personal bottle for drinks.
  17. Camping men’s purse.
  18. An ashtray of the original form, a good pipe, a humidor (case for storing cigars) and other accessories for smoking.
  19. Wall, table or portable biofireplace.
  20. Certificate for massage courses.
  21. The lawnmower is the perfect 60th anniversary gift for the amateur gardener.
  22. A good perfume (if you are sure which fragrances the birthday person prefers).
  23. An e-book is a useful gadget for reading.
  24. The new mobile phone is a simple cell phone with big buttons or a smartphone for a man who is good with technology.
  25. Solid case for glasses handmade.
  26. Twin screw juicer.
  27. Decorative home fountain or waterfall.
  28. Coffee maker or coffee machine. A gift for a coffee lover – you can attach a pack of natural coffee to such a surprise.
  29. Collection tea set with various flavors (fruit, berry, herbal).
  30. Gift set of exclusive jam or honey with golden crumbs.
  31. Massage chair.
  32. A pedometer or fitness bracelet that monitors activity and counts the pulse.
  33. A beautiful painted icon is a good gift for a believing birthday man.
  34. Gift chess, checkers, backgammon or other board game.
  35. Collectible weapons – crossbow, sports bow, dagger or sword.
  36. Picnic set – cooler bag, dishes, corkscrew, cutting board and blanket.
  37. Safe in the form of a book, globe or other object.
  38. A gastronomic set consisting of elite varieties of cheeses and sausages.
  39. Compass is a surprise for outdoor enthusiasts.
  40. Orthopedic mattress or anatomically shaped memory foam pillow.
  41. Water filter, air conditioner or air ionizer.
  42. Electric barbecue, barbecue or skewers with personalized engraving.
  43. A voluminous and durable food tray or a beautiful coffee table.
  44. Satellite dish or receiver with a large package of programs for every taste.
  45. Table “Hot dog” or home brewery.
  46. Stylish watch box.
  47. A salt lamp of an original form – for example, in the form of a large candle or a fireplace.
  48. Aroma lamp with a set of essential oils.
  49. Vintage set for keeping shoes clean.
  50. Certificate for sewing clothes or shoes from a professional tailor.
  51. Men’s style windproof umbrella that folds inward.
  52. Music center or retro music player.
  53. Levitating tree in a Bonsai pot.
  54. Figured cup holder made of bronze.
  55. Stylish caviar on the leg.
  56. A weather vane is an accessory for decorating the roof of a country house.
  57. A beautiful keg for alcohol or other drinks (with a brass faucet).
  58. Jade telescopic body massager.
  59. Painted electric samovar.
  60. High quality portable radio.

What can you give a colleague for 60 years

Not all men at the age of 60 go on a well-deserved rest – many of them continue to work and earn money. People who work with the birthday man in the same organization can congratulate the hero of the day and make his birthday unforgettable. What can you give a colleague for 60 years? List of ideas:

A beautiful painting or tapestry. A popular gift that is often given to colleagues on various holidays. The theme of the works can be anything, but most often landscapes or still lifes are bought for anniversaries. Alternatively, you can give a panel with a reproduction of a work by a famous artist, and connoisseurs of contemporary art will be delighted with a painting by a little-known but talented author.

Haberdashery. What to give a male colleague for 60 years? It can be an exclusive branded product in a stylish, serious design. Gift ideas: key holder, purse, wallet, document cover, bill clip, genuine leather wallet. This is a classic version of an anniversary gift that any respectable man will appreciate.

Bottle of elite alcohol . What can you give a male boss for 60 years? A good option would be good alcohol that the birthday person likes – it can be whiskey, cognac or high-quality liquor. In addition to the gift, you can present a stylish flask made of genuine leather or stainless steel.

Other gift ideas for a colleague or boss for 60 years:

  1. The book of the beloved author of the hero of the day in expensive binding.
  2. Desk set for stationery made of stone or wood.
  3. Nominal souvenir figurine with a commemorative inscription (“Man of the Year”, “To the Best Man”, “Happy Anniversary”).
  4. Fountain pen from a well-known manufacturer.
  5. Japanese rock garden.
  6. Souvenir hourglass with valve.
  7. Perpetual calendar of the original form.
  8. A set of gift stamps is a stylish gift for your boss.

What to give a beloved man or husband for 60 years

A gift for a husband turning 60 should be special. At the same time, choosing such a present is much more difficult – you have lived together for many years and have given each other a lot of different things.

What in this case to give your beloved man for 60 years? If you want to give your birthday something useful and original, pay attention to these ideas:

Jewelry decoration. It is usually not customary for men to give precious jewelry, but on the anniversary of 60 years this prohibition can be violated. From his beloved wife, the birthday man will like to receive a beautiful men’s chain, a cross or a ring as a gift. If the hero of the day wears classic suits, buy him a tie clip or cufflinks with stones. Thanks to beautiful jewelry, a man looks impressive and stylish at any age.

Genealogical tree. A memorable and very sincere gift. You can give a family tree in the form of a luxurious picture with images and names of relatives, or you can buy a book in which you will need to enter information about the family. You can do it together.

Sports Equipment. Many older men prefer to play sports. What to give a man for his 60th birthday to maintain an active lifestyle? These can be skis, Nordic walking poles, suitable equipment, as well as good running shoes or a soccer ball. More expensive gift ideas: gym equipment, bicycle.

Other gift ideas for a husband or lover for 60 years:

  1. Beautiful 3D lamp or floor lamp with adjustable lamp height (a great gift for comfortable reading).
  2. A set of handmade glasses.
  3. Stylish men’s belt made of real leather.
  4. Warm blanket made of natural material.
  5. Silk linens.
  6. Warm terry bathrobe.
  7. Eco-alarm clock – it smoothly increases the lighting in the room, imitates the dawn and plays the sounds of nature. A practical gift for a loved one for 60 years.
  8. A multifunctional shovel equipped with a set of tools – hatchet, bayonet, nail puller and even a bottle opener.

A few more ideas for practical gifts for a man on his anniversary

The choice of a gift will be successful if you pay attention to the interests of the hero of the day. Think: What is a man interested in? Perhaps he lacks any object for a hobby.

List of practical gifts for a man for 60 years:

  • A man who often goes hiking or outdoors can be presented with a camping stove, a sleeping bag or a comfortable folding tent.
  • A fisherman will need a set of fishing tackle or a fishing rod, a hunter will appreciate a multifunctional knife or a good flashlight.
  • An avid motorist can be given a phone holder, car mug or car seat cover .
  • If a person is fond of collecting coins or stamps, then you can give a beautiful album for exhibits.
  • If the birthday boy is a fan of good cinema, a collection of his favorite films or a retrospective of series will be an ideal gift.
  • What to give a rich man for 60 years? If the hero of the day does not need anything, you can give him a symbolic, but original thing. It can be an unusually shaped beer mug, a beautiful keychain that responds to the owner’s voice, or a magic ball of predictions.

DIY gifts for a man for 60 years

Men aged 60 especially appreciate the care from loved ones. On this special day, it is not necessary to buy expensive things, especially if the anniversary is celebrated by a man who has everything.

Try to put a piece of your soul into a gift by making it with your own hands. What can you give a man for 60 years, made by himself?

  1. Photo collage. Inexpensive, but a nice gift to the heart. Print out photos of the best moments in your life, put them in beautiful frames or stick them on whatman paper, on which you write your sincere wishes.
  2. T-shirt or mug with original image. You can buy a white mug at the store and apply the image using paints.
  3. A diary, a notepad or a photo album made using the scrapbooking technique.
  4. A scarf, sweater or hat is a cute, heartfelt gift for a man on his sixtieth birthday.
  5. Congratulatory film-slide about the life of the birthday man.
  6. Beautiful topiary decorated with coffee beans.
  7. Handmade soap.
  8. A set of beautiful decorated candles.
  9. Men’s bouquet made up of bottles of beer and snacks.
  10. Souvenir toy or pillow with decor.

Tips: how to choose a gift for a man for 60 years

When choosing a gift for a man for an anniversary, you can get confused – the shops offer us a huge variety of souvenirs. The birthday person can be your father, grandfather, colleague or acquaintance, but a 60th birthday gift should be special anyway. How to choose the best present and not make a mistake with the choice? Use the following tips:

  • Each person is individual – what one will be delighted with, another may not like. When choosing a gift, remember the character traits of the birthday man, his habits and other features. Thanks to this, you will be able to avoid all common mistakes.
  • Of great importance is the degree of your relationship with the hero of the day. Relatives and friends can give personal gifts, and it is best to give serious and business presents to colleagues, subordinates and just acquaintances. Friends are allowed to give comic things, children – touching, grandchildren – made with their own hands.
  • How to give a gift to a man on his 60th birthday? Do not forget about the packaging – a present for 60 years should look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. To surprise a man, make your own packaging. To do this, you can use any means at hand or buy blanks in stationery stores – cardboard, colored paper, a large beautiful bow.
  • Anniversary of 60 years is a significant holiday. Whatever gift you choose, it can be turned into a special thing if you engrave it. Jewelry, diaries, and even inexpensive gifts like mugs and t-shirts can shine with new colors if you add the hero’s initials or congratulatory text to them.

What is better not to give a man for his 60th birthday

There are many ideas that will help you choose a gift for a man in his 60s. But there are also things that definitely should not be given to a birthday man. Some of them will put a man in an awkward position, others will gather dust on the shelf, and then go to the trash can for storage. List of unsuccessful gifts for a man for his 60th birthday:

  • Money. A 60-year-old man does not need money – most likely, he has already taken place in life and will be glad to receive a more original gift. You should especially not choose money if you are celebrating the anniversary of a colleague, husband or close relative. Connect your imagination and choose something worthwhile.
  • Banal gift. You should not give the hero of the day a postcard, slippers, handkerchiefs, shaving foam, shampoo, shower gel and other banal gifts. The list also includes useless trinkets like cheap figurines.
  • Gifts for health. Discard the following ideas: medicines and pills, blood pressure monitor, cane. Things intended for health should be bought just like that – an anniversary gift for a man should be more solid and personal.
  • Presentations with a hint. You should not buy things that will remind the hero of the day of his age. The list includes comic birthday gifts – all kinds of pensioner certificates and medals with the inscription: “It’s time to retire.” Such a gift can be considered acceptable only in one case – if the birthday person has a wonderful sense of humor and self-irony.
  • Personal hygiene items, clothes and underwear. The blacklist of unwanted items also includes these things. These are too personal gifts – the birthday boy must buy them on his own.
  • Pets. Giving a small puppy or kitten is a good idea if the birthday boy has a lot of free time and has long wanted to have a four-legged friend. In other cases, such a gift should not be given – perhaps the man will not have the time or desire to take care of his pet. You can give an aquarium with fish – they do not require special care.


There are many options for original, practical and pleasant gifts that you can give a birthday person. Show a little imagination, be creative in your choice, show love and care – thanks to this, you will quickly find what gift to give to a man for 60 years. Make this birthday day unforgettable.

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