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TOP 72 ideas of what to give a guy for his birthday by year and Tips

Looking for what gift to give a guy for his birthday to sincerely please and surprise him? Below you will find ready-made solutions, tips and additional birthday gift ideas for a guy.

27 birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

When thinking about what you can give a guy for his birthday, it is important to choose a present that matches the age and hobbies of the hero of the occasion.

  1. Fitness bracelet or smart watch;
  2. Sports headphones;
  3. Ball chair, bean bag or computer chair;
  4. The original floor lamp in the form of a large ball, street lamp, etc.;
  5. Electric fireplace;
  6. Coffee machine with everything you need to make a drink;
  7. Back and neck massager;
  8. Running away or flying away alarm clock;
  9. Tickets for the upcoming movie premiere or concert of your favorite band;
  10. A set for your favorite board game: Monopoly, Jenga, poker, Scrabble, table hockey or football, darts, mini golf, etc.;
  11. Docking station for phone with an engraving of the name of the hero of the occasion;
  12. Video Glasses;
  13. A cartoon drawn from a photograph of a young man;
  14. Hookah;
  15. Newton’s pendulum;
  16. Oscar figurine with the inscription “To the best man in the world”;
  17. Paired T-shirts or sweatshirts with the same design;
  18. Sheet-Kama Sutra, which depicts various positions in sex;
  19. Thermal mug;
  20. A balance board that helps tone all the muscles of the body (for lovers of skateboarding, surfing and other board sports);
  21. A poster with a scratch layer containing 100 important tasks, as they are completed, they will be erased by a coin from the surface of the picture;
  22. Home brewery;
  23. Voice picture (it is enough to record a voice declaration of love to a birthday person, and experts will translate the sound wave into a graphic image);
  24. Whiskey stones that can quickly cool the drink and keep the liquid temperature low for a long time;
  25. Leather wallet or purse;
  26. Nominal glass for noble drinks;
  27. A master class on what your chosen one has long wanted to learn: acting, archery or crossbow shooting, horse riding, extreme driving, etc.

In addition to the initial list, below you will find more than 40 options for gifts for a guy, depending on age and preferences.

What to give a guy for his birthday for 15, 16, 17 years

To present a good gift to your beloved guy for 15, 16, 17 years old, it is enough to remember that young men at this age are particularly energetic and keep up with the times, so you can use the following ideas:

Stylish audio speakers . If it seems to you that you can give a guy such a device for his birthday, first of all, be guided by the sound power and originality of the design. Before going to the store, try to unobtrusively ask the birthday man what kind of model he would like, and also read the reviews on the Internet.

As for the recommendations of sales consultants, of course, it is worth listening to them, but in the end, you should still start from your own financial capabilities and preferences.

Set for strength training . Most guys aged 15, 16, 17 years old are very concerned about their appearance and dream of relief muscles.

If your chosen one visits the gym with enviable regularity and follows a protein diet, then he will definitely like such a present, because with this set you can maintain a decent physical shape even at home. The components of such a kit can be various dumbbells and kettlebells, power cables, expanders, etc.

Quadcopter . A common hobby among modern young people at the age of 15, 16, 17 is blogging, the excellent content of which will be pictures taken by the camera from the presented device. The drone is also useful for creative people involved in photography and video shooting, since the shots taken from the quadrocopter are excellent.

What to give an original gift for a birthday to a guy for 18, 19, 20 years

An original gift for a guy, especially at the age of 18, 19, 20, is the one that is selected taking into account his character traits and age. You are able to do it yourself to identify the outstanding personality traits of the birthday boy.

As for age, the main difference between this period of men’s life is the emergence of awareness and a more responsible attitude towards their lives.

At the same time, men at the age of 18, 19, 20 continue to be the same mischievous boys who are able to appreciate even not the most necessary, but at the same time original thing. We recommend taking a look at the following options:

USB refrigerator . Naturally, you should not expect that the presented device can replace a real refrigerator. As a rule, it is designed to cool one container with a drink, so this is more of an entertainment than a really practical thing;

Sports nutrition set . At 18, 19, 20 years old, many athletes stop being beginners and begin to take their body building seriously. Such a birthday present for a young man will be a real necessity for him. However, it is not always possible to purchase these products on your own due to the rather high cost, so this present will come in handy and definitely will not lie idle;

Apparatus for making popcorn .Your favorite guy who loves to go to the movies will definitely enjoy spending cold evenings at home with his beloved, but at the same time feel like in a movie theater – with a box of quality, delicious popcorn while watching a new movie.

What can I give a guy for his birthday for 21, 22, 23 years

At the age of 21, 22, 23, young people, as a rule, cease to be inexperienced freshmen, and complete their last courses at the university or even begin to build a career.

At the same time, guys at this age do not intend to say goodbye to mischievous youth, so when thinking about what gift to give a guy for his birthday, try to consider the following ideas:

Car navigator or video recorder . If the guy drives a car, consider getting him a useful car gadget. The navigator will help him navigate the streets more easily, and the DVR will insure the driver from disputes and conflicts on the road;

Visiting a tattoo parlor . 21, 22, 23 years old – this is the age when you can no longer be afraid of the prohibitions of your parents and manage your life, including your body, on your own.

Let the birthday man enjoy this circumstance to the fullest and get the tattoo he has been dreaming about for so long. Moreover, drawings on the body are more popular than ever these days, so this present will be very relevant;

A set of tape expanders or hand trainer . Such gizmos are inexpensive and do not require much space, but at the same time they bring maximum benefit. Having decided that presenting the presented sports equipment to a guy for his birthday is a great idea, you most likely will not lose.

The reason for this is that any young man dreams of beautiful pumped up arms, and achieving this goal is not so difficult with the device in question.

What else can you give your beloved guy for 21, 22, 23 years? Here are 8 additional ideas:

  1. For a lover of an active lifestyle and travel – a non-spill mug, a watch with a compass or a tent.
  2. A cool piggy bank in the form of a barrel, a safe or a beloved animal guy.
  3. High quality city bag.
  4. T-shirt, sweatshirt or sweatshirt with an original print.
  5. Stand with cooler for laptop.
  6. An e-book for the reader.
  7. Bluetooth headset.
  8. Night light, night sky projector or beautiful lamp.

What gift to give a guy for his birthday at 24 years old or 25, 26 years old

When choosing an original gift for a guy who is 24 years old or 25, 26 years old, keep in mind that such numbers in the passport indicate that your lover is gradually coming to seriousness, and gifts should be appropriate.

Thus, in this case, we advise you to pay attention to the practicality and necessity of presentations, good examples of which can be:

  1. Mini vacuum cleaner for computer .This device can be considered a real must-have for computer owners, because the keyboard, processor and printer are real dust magnets. The vacuum cleaner is designed to get rid of this trouble, thanks to which the service life of the gadget and its components increases significantly;
  2. Cooling pad for laptop . Care should be taken not only about the cleanliness of computer devices, but also about ensuring the proper conditions for their operation. The device in question allows you to avoid overheating of the gadget, thereby preventing its failure;
  3. Thermal underwear set . Young people at the age of 24 or 25, 26 years old begin to take a more responsible attitude towards their own health. High-quality thermal underwear will eliminate the risk of hypothermia during an outdoor workout or a regular walk.

Also, for a birthday, a guy of 24-26 years old can be presented with:

  1. Annual gym membership.
  2. Stylish leather belt from a well-known design company.
  3. High quality diary for work records.
  4. Punching bag for sports at home.
  5. Barbecue set with grill and stainless steel skewers.
  6. Zippo lighter.
  7. A box with essential tools (hammer, drill, screwdriver, tape measure, etc.).
  8. Model of a car, tank, ship for assembly.

What to give your beloved guy for 27, 28, 29 years

By this date, a man already manages to get married, have children and is actively pursuing a career. His favorites are still practical gizmos that he wanted to buy himself for so long, but something constantly interfered. Examples of such presentations are:

External hard drive . Choose a device with the maximum possible amount of memory, because by his age, your chosen one has managed to accumulate a lot of photos, music and other important information, which requires a lot of space to store.

In addition, having a hard drive handy is very useful for saving backups – this will prevent the loss of significant files;

Polygonal model for assembly . If you dream of giving a guy an original birthday gift, present him with an exclusive designer head.

The present is good in that it will not only become the main decoration of the interior in the house, but will also enable the hero of the occasion to enthusiastically pore over the assembly and enjoy the results of his labors as a result;

Set of beard cosmetics . If your guy is the owner of an elegant mustache or a lush beard, then he will definitely like this set.

True connoisseurs of facial hair know that only a well-groomed appearance can give a man’s appearance true brutality and determination. With the help of cosmetic products in the form of growth oil, wax, as well as a special comb, a mustache or beard can be easily styled and thickened.

A few more birthday gifts for a man aged 27-28:

  1. Beer mug with congratulatory engraving.
  2. A panel or a beautiful picture for home decoration.
  3. Real Damascus steel pocket knife.
  4. A set of spinners for a guy who is fond of fishing.
  5. Portable speaker.
  6. Mini-bar in the form of a globe.
  7. Professional clipper.
  8. Automobile massage cape on a chair with heating.
  9. Silver chain from a beautiful men’s ring.

Good gifts for a guy for 30 years, 31, 32, 33 years

After 30 years, the representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, allow themselves to exhale a little and enjoy their achievements, namely a strong family, a successful career and well-established hobbies.

The following gifts will help a man get even more pleasure from life:

Globe bar . The bar is used not only for its intended purpose, for storing alcoholic beverages, but also as a decoration of the surrounding interior, since this thing looks very solid and expensive.

Let the birthday man once again trump in front of friends and acquaintances, pulling out a bottle of elite alcohol from such a luxurious storage;

Photobook .Today, these collections of important photographs are taken in a variety of ways. For example, your favorite photographs can be pasted or inserted into the pages of books, or you can use photo printing and put images on the pages themselves.

The second option is considered more modern, as well as more practical, as it eliminates the possibility of losing one or another image;

Leg hammock . If the work of your chosen one is connected with a computer, or if he just likes to spend time with him, this thing is indispensable. It will relieve tension from the limbs and give a feeling of relaxation.

What to give a guy for his birthday inexpensively

Not always material opportunities allow you to get the desired present for a young man, but you want to please the birthday man. In this case, you can use one of the options below:

  • Homemade fortune cookies . The presented present will definitely not remain invaluable, since the hero of the occasion will definitely appreciate the fact that it is made with his own hands, which speaks of your sincere feelings and attention. In order for this or that prediction to reach the addressee, it is necessary to write its essence on small strips of paper and wrap it in pre-prepared dough. Naturally, on such a day, cookies should contain exclusively positive predictions so as not to spoil the mood of the young man;
  • Kitchen apron “Superman” or “Apollo” . If your lover loves to cook, give him special clothes for this, complete with a laudatory inscription. In a beautiful apron, the birthday boy will cook even more pleasantly, thanks to which he will appear in the kitchen much more often;
  • Knitted hat with beard and mustache . This product design option was not proposed in vain – remember that not everyone wants to wear a regular hat with a scarf, like everyone else, while the original design will “revive” them and give them an original look.

How to choose what to give a guy for his birthday

The variety of gifts sometimes plays a cruel joke with donors: it not only does not help to find the right option, but even significantly complicates the process of choosing it. The following recommendations will help overcome such difficulties:

Know the sense of proportion . Jokes “below the belt” about gifts can be taken as a personal insult;

When choosing a present, consider the age, lifestyle and hobbies of the hero of the occasion, the need for things, the characteristics of your relationship. Competent answers to these questions will allow you to choose the best option;

Do not ask the birthday man directly about his desires – it is better to have a conversation with him on abstract topics, during which you can unobtrusively ask about his needs and dreams. A good solution would be to communicate with his other close people – perhaps in a conversation with them he mentioned something that might be useful to you;

Take care of the correct presentation of the present . It is important to think in advance about how to give a gift in an original way for a guy’s birthday, and prepare a congratulatory speech and decorate the gift with stylish packaging.

What not to give a guy for his birthday

Spoil the mood of even the most positive birthday man and cause disappointment in his eyes such gifts as:

  • Standard gifts in the form of shaving kits, hygiene products (shower gels, shampoos, etc.), socks, ties, etc.
  • Overly romantic and cute gifts (for example, soft toys, a framed photo together, a pendant around the neck with the date of your first meeting, etc.);
  • Things necessary in everyday life (towels, bathrobes, underwear, etc.) – such a weighty reason is not needed to buy them;
  • Unnecessary accessories (such as cufflinks while the man is not wearing a shirt);
  • Money (bills handed to a guy by his girlfriend can hurt his self-esteem and make him feel obligated);
  • Gifts from the category “this is more necessary than what you want” (for example, a warm, high-quality wool sweater, instead of the desired stylish sweatshirt).
When choosing a present for a loved one, it is important to understand that a good present can be inexpensive, its main purpose is to give positive emotions. Perhaps, instead of a gift as such, you just want to organize a birthday party, and this decision will be absolutely correct if you are sure that the young man will be delighted. Do not be afraid of unexpected decisions and listen to your chosen one – then you will be able to make the holiday unforgettable.

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