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Creative 25 ideas on how to give money for a wedding in an original way + Tips and Videos

Going to a wedding with friends or relatives, many guests still remain supporters of cash gifts. There are many reasons for this: lack of time or imagination to buy an unusual thing, a firm conviction that money is the best gift, etc.

There really is a logic in this approach – the bride and groom obviously will not be upset when they receive the money. However, so that your present does not look trite, you should think about how to give money for a wedding in an original way.

Below you will find many ideas that will teach you how to give money in an original way with fun and fantasy, which will make your gift fun and enjoyable, even if you have little money.

25 ideas on how to give wedding money to newlyweds in an original way

  1. Money bank . Many do not even know how to give money for a wedding in a bank in an original way, although the method is elementary. To decorate the container, you may need a variety of materials: fabric, ribbons, bows, stickers, lace, etc. Banknotes should be rolled into tubes, tied with ribbons and put in a jar. To make the composition look more impressive, you can add fake banknotes with photographs of young people and parting words to real money;
  2. Casket . First of all, you need to make it yourself or buy a ready-made base (an ordinary box made of wood, plastic or metal without any decorative elements), after which you can proceed to its design. The ways to do this are myriad. One option is to cover it with counterfeit banknotes. You can also use coins, sequins, rhinestones, stones and more. In addition, when creating a souvenir, you can provide a double bottom, which will allow you to safely hide real money. In this case, an instruction should be an addition to the box so that the young people can find the main present;
  3. cabbage . Puzzling over how to give money in an original way on your wedding day, remember how they are called by the people – cabbage. Thus, this vegetable will become not only the basis for the first family cabbage soup, but also a very symbolic repository for banknotes. To bring this idea to life, you need to take a head of cabbage and place banknotes under its leaves. Another way is to make a hole in it and put bills twisted into a tube there. It is worth noting that cabbage can be associated not only with money, but also with future replenishment in a newly-made family – in this case, it would be logical to attach a small baby doll to the top of the head of cabbage;
  4. Bouquet . If you want to give money to young people in an original way for a wedding, remember that as a mandatory addition to the present, the bride and groom are given flowers. Having made a bouquet of banknotes, you will kill two birds with one stone. On the Internet, you can find many master classes that teach you how to properly fold banknotes so that you get beautiful cash roses. Ready-made “flowers” must be gathered together and tied with a satin ribbon. If desired, you can supplement the finished composition with live plants;
  5. Wedding album . As a basis for such a gift, a ready-made album or a home-made book made using the scrapbooking technique can act. You can name such a book, for example, “Family Bank” and place a joint photo of the young on its cover. On the pages of the album, in addition to pictures of the bride and groom, banknotes and original signatures should be attached to them: “For diapers”, “For the refrigerator”, “For vacation”, “For the first brick of the house”, etc.;
  6. Money umbrella . Thinking about how to give money for a wedding in an original and original way, try to make your present also practical. Having bought a beautiful umbrella (today you can find a wide variety of models – from lace, transparent oilcloth, multi-colored shreds, with an unusual print, photo printing, etc.), you will not only solve the problem of decorating a gift, but also complement the wedding photo session with a cute accessory. As for banknotes, it is very easy to hide them – just tie them to the knitting needles with thread or stick them to the inside of the umbrella with tape;
  7. Golden chest . This original way to give money for a wedding will be especially relevant if the party is held in a pirate style, although a chest with money will come in handy as part of a classic holiday. To fill it, coins and paper bills of various denominations are suitable. In addition to money, you can put chocolate coins, candy necklaces in bright wrappers and candy beads in the chest. It is better to put large bills on the bottom and wrap them in a film so that they do not get dirty or damaged;
  8. Money garland . This option can be the answer to the question “how to give money for a wedding from parents in an original way?”, Since a rather large amount will be needed to create such a souvenir. As a basis for a garland, you need to take a bright ribbon. Banknotes should be folded in half and attached with paper clips to the ribbon. Live or artificial flowers, balloons, large beads, additional ribbons and even small luminous figurines will help to give the present a complete look – in a word, everything that is at your fingertips;
  9. Kinder with money surprise . Making such a gift requires special care, so you should be patient so that the result looks decent. Buy a few chocolate eggs, remove the wrapper from them, carefully separate the parts of the egg from each other and remove the toy. In its place, put a part of the amount that you plan to give to the newlyweds, and connect the Kinder halves together (“glue” them by running a hot spoon along the seam). Similar manipulations will have to be done with each egg, and the resulting “caches” can be folded into a beautiful basket tied with a satin ribbon;
  10. Gangster suitcase . If you need to decide how to give money for a wedding with a joke, try to remember the hobbies of the heroes of the occasion. Perhaps the bride and groom love films about the mafia – then you’re in luck, because this topic is so easy to beat! The filling of the suitcase, of course, will be wads of money (to make it seem as much as possible, the amount that you are going to present to the young can be exchanged as small as possible) and packages with a white powder resembling cocaine (the role of which will be played by ordinary flour). A well-thought-out image of the donor, which consists in the appropriate dress code (suit, tie or bow tie, hat, braces, glasses, mustache and gun in hand), will help to give the gift an entourage;
  11. Balloons . There are a lot of ideas related to helium balloons. So, you can tie bills to their ropes and put the balls in a large box. When the young ones open your gift, money surprises will fly out towards them. At the same time, we must not forget that all this should take place under the roof, otherwise all your gifts will fly far into heaven. In addition, money can be placed inside transparent balls and sparkles and sequins can be added to them – such a present will look more than spectacular;
  12. Barrel of honey . There is nowhere easier: you need to put your material gift in a barrel, jar or honey pot (for entourage, you can even stick a corresponding sticker), after which the neck of the container is covered with a cloth tied with twine. You can associate a present with the wishes of a sweet family life or a carefree honeymoon;
  13. Matryoshka from boxes . You can give money to young people in an original way for a wedding by putting them in a box. At first glance, this idea looks banal, but with the right approach to achieve the effect of “Wow!” not difficult at all. To do this, you will need several boxes of different sizes so that one fits inside the other – from the smallest to the largest. Banknotes should be placed in the smallest box, and the rest can be filled with ribbons, sweets, helium balloons, coins, confetti, etc.;
  14. Money carpet . Nice way to give money. To bring this idea to life, you will need a base, the role of which can be played by a large piece of oilcloth or fabric. The money that you are going to hand over to the newly-made family must be attached to the base with a stapler or tape, trying to inflict as little injury on the bills as possible. To make the present look larger, you can use fake copies along with real banknotes. In the center of the composition, you can place a joint photo of the bride and groom and supplement it with warm words;
  15. Money picture . If you don’t know how to give money for a wedding with congratulations in an original way, give the young people a picture, which was written not with paints, but with real banknotes. At the same time, wish them to visit all the countries whose currency is present in this work of art. Obviously, the creation of such a creation will require a preliminary search for banknotes of various denominations and states;
  16. Money Cake . Banknotes rolled into a tube and tied with a ribbon are attached to the cardboard “cakes”. For reliability and beauty, it is better to tie each finished “layer” with a wide satin ribbon and form a beautiful bow. Live or artificial flowers and symbolic figurines in the form of a bride and groom or a pair of doves will help to complete the composition. 
  17. Money tree . If the original way to give money for a wedding is in no hurry to come to your mind, remember the most important symbol of prosperity in any home – a money tree. This plant in itself will attract money to the family, and the first contribution to the development of a new unit of society in the form of your present is just a confirmation of this. It is enough to tie banknotes to the branches of a tree, and sprinkle coins on the ground. It would also be useful to organize an original presentation of a present: put an empty pot of earth in front of the newlyweds and ask them to put a few coins in it. After that, blindfold them and ask them to count to five, while you yourself at this time put a new pot with a plant and money in front of them, referring to love magic;
  18. Envelope . When choosing how to give money for a wedding to newlyweds in an original way, many deliberately refuse this option, considering it banal. In fact, even such a familiar thing as an envelope can be made a real highlight of the evening. So, you can surprise the newlyweds with a huge envelope, which should be handed over by a disguised courier. Don’t forget to decorate it with funny inscriptions, slogans, stamps, seals and marks in foreign languages, indicating that the package came from far away. An interesting addition will be a wax seal with the initials of the bride and groom;
  19. Focus . If you want to give money for a wedding in an original and original way, try to surprise the newlyweds with “magic” tricks. You can learn how to perform them yourself by studying specialized literature and studying master classes on the Internet, or you can entrust such a responsible task to a professional. In any case, the meaning of the trick should be that your cash gift appears virtually out of nowhere. The advantage of this method of presenting a gift is that the donated amount does not have to be large, because guests and young people, who are smitten by your focus, will not even pay attention to the number of banknotes;
  20. Baton . To play the heroes of the occasion, it is enough to buy an ordinary loaf of bread, cut it in half and put it inside the bill, after pulling out part of the bread crumb. After that, the product returns to its “native” packaging and does not arouse absolutely no suspicions by its appearance. The first reaction of the newlyweds will be bewilderment and disappointment, however, after your request to taste the bread, their mood will quickly rise;
  21. necklace . Puzzling over how to give money for a wedding in an original way, for example, in a beach style, pay attention to this idea. To make a garland, you need to turn the banknotes into corrugated circles and carefully put them on a rope. Artificial flowers will become an actual addition to banknotes;
  22. Toilet paper . If you are faced with the question “how to give money for a wedding with a joke?”, Especially when it comes to the holiday of people with a good sense of humor, give them money toilet paper. To make such a souvenir, you will need a roll of toilet paper, which needs to be unwound a little. Now you need to carefully insert the bills and wind the roll back. To avoid losing money, the end of the paper can be fixed with tape or put the creation in a gift bag;
  23. Money printing machine . You can make it yourself or to order. On the surface of the machine, engrave the date of the wedding, and put the bills where they should come out when the mechanism is running;
  24. Toy ATM . A mandatory addition to such a comic present is a bank card with the names and date of the wedding of the newlyweds, using which they can receive your cash gift from the machine;
  25. Rolled bank . The amount that you are going to present to the bride and groom should be placed in an ordinary glass jar and not just closed, but rolled up. The difference between such tanks and the usual one described above is that a promise is taken from newly-made family men that they will open or break it only when they have their first child.

How to choose the right original way to donate money for a wedding

Obviously, there are many ways to present a cash gift to the newlyweds on their wedding day in an original way, and one seems better than the other.

Because of this, many donors are lost and cannot make a choice. In such a situation, our tips will help:

  • Consider the type of activity and interests of young people;
  • Focus on how close you are with the newlyweds – what seems ridiculous from the side of a loved one will look ridiculous and tactless from just an acquaintance;
  • Think about whether the heroes of the occasion have enough sense of humor and self-irony to appreciate your present – perhaps a more neutral gift would be more appropriate;
  • Ask other guests in advance about their plans with cash gifts: if they are going to give money in ordinary envelopes, then you are lucky and the chances of giving the most unusual gift are very high. In case others also want to excel, just try to avoid repetitions;
  • When gifting a newly-made husband and wife with money, be sure to accompany this action with a bouquet of flowers and warm words. Handing flowers to young people is a kind of wedding tradition, while good wishes will demonstrate your sincere joy for the guys.

What is better to refuse when presenting cash gifts

Having received a wedding invitation and deciding to give a couple money, many guests make a number of mistakes, due to which the present turns out to be invaluable.

In order for the gift to make the right impression, the following mistakes should be avoided:

Handing money in a way whose subject matter is distant or unpleasant for the newlyweds. For example, presenting banknotes in cabbage with a hint of an early replenishment can offend or embarrass the bride and groom;

“Pulling the blanket” on yourself. Sometimes donors so want their gift to cause a general stir that they try by all means to attract the attention of all those present in a shocking way, with unnecessarily long and loud speeches, etc.

As a result, it only causes irritation on the part of others – that is why it is so important not to overdo it and observe the measure;

Reducing the amount of money in the hope that the original pitch can overshadow this “small” flaw.

Remember that the young had to spend a lot of money to arrange this holiday for you – repay them with the same coin;

Presentation of money in a “pure” form. Such an approach is generally considered bad form and speaks only of the donor’s disdain for the holiday.


Even if you have a small amount, creativity and the desire to cheer up the heroes of the occasion can brighten up even the most deplorable situation. Therefore, prepare in advance for the holiday, and after many years, the former bride and groom will remember the presentation with which your present was presented, and not its material value.

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