What to give a man

TOP 89 ideas What to give a Man for 55 years + 42 gifts and Tips

For the stronger sex, 55 years is a serious life milestone. The age when a career and life are built, and a store of knowledge in life, allows you to realize yourself in new endeavors. And despite his advanced age, the man is still full of energy and can afford a variety of entertainment. And, therefore, a gift for the hero of the day should be both practical, high-quality and unusual.

With the decision of what to give a man for 55 years, many difficulties arise. After all, for many years the hero of the day was presented with various products. Yes, he will accept any of your presents without further ado, and will tactfully keep silent if something is not to your liking. But if the hero of the day is really not indifferent, I want to present him with something really necessary and important.

If your father, spouse, friend or acquaintance is having an anniversary, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this guide. In it you will find many solutions on how to find a thing with such a complex set of characteristics and make the right choice.

After that, you can safely go to the holiday and congratulate the hero of the occasion!

TOP 89 ideas What you can give a man for 55 years

  1. Roadgid device.
  2. Water sterilizer.
  3. Wrist trainer.
  4. Ring-opener for bottles.
  5. Case with tools for the car.
  6. Ultrasonic toothbrush.
  7. Walkie-talkie.
  8. Alcohol mashine. Treating friends with liqueurs of their own production is one of the special pleasures of a man from the mid-60s of the last century.
  9. Kazan.
  10. Smart scales can be presented to a brother for 55 years so that he can monitor his health more carefully.
  11. A set of leather bonfires for the home bar.
  12. A hand-held wood splitter is another great gift idea for a man’s 55th birthday to make his outdoor activities even more comfortable.
  13. External battery for mobile devices.
  14. Set of wine glasses and steel stones for whiskey.
  15. Backpack-scooter.
  16. A writing set made of precious wood or stone is the best option for giving a leader for 55 years to emphasize respect for him.
  17. Vintage shoe shine set.
  18. A BLUNT umbrella as a gift to a colleague for 55 years will be a great surprise. It closes inward and has a special structure, which makes it resistant to gusts of wind.
  19. Sommelier set.
  20. Super shovel. This device includes many other devices from a hook to a hoe, but looks like a regular spatula.
  21. Signal keychain.
  22. Home smokehouse.
  23. Round flask with funnel.
  24. Sports crossbow.
  25. Name clip for banknotes.
  26. Inflatable mattress.
  27. An anti-sleep device for the driver.
  28. Ship model.
  29. Transparent toaster.
  30. Lamp for phone TravelLamp.
  31. Echo sounder.
  32. A set of covers in the salon with a braid on the steering wheel.
  33. Tripod for a fire. Can be completed with a kettle.
  34. Digital compass.
  35. Smart watch.
  36. Folding chair for a fisherman or hunter.
  37. Desktop weather station.
  38. Electronic book.
  39. A suitcase of necessary tools related to a man’s hobbies.
  40. Wooden barrel – constructor for a drink or tincture.
  41. Multitool.
  42. Electric ignition for firewood, coal.
  43. Sports bottle. An absolute hit – with a carbon filter.
  44. Corkscrew: electric, multifunctional, “speaking”.
  45. Vacuum cleaner for the car.
  46. Smart speaker with voice assistant.
  47. Camping spotlight.
  48. Home bar, for example, in the form of a canister or a gas station.
  49. Binoculars, night vision device.
  50. Scandinavian stones for cooling drinks in a wooden case.
  51. Tandoor.
  52. Knife: hunter, handmade, mushroom picker, Swiss.
  53. A capacious multi-tiered box or organizer for storing tackle or other “male” devices.
  54. A bottle of collection alcohol: Jamaican rum, whiskey, cognac.
  55. Thermos in a leather case.
  56. Smoking pipe and tobacco, you can – with different tastes, a box of cigars.
  57. Electropulse or GPS lighter.
  58. Capsule coffee maker.
  59. Hookah or its pocket version.
  60. Perpetual calendar made of wood.
  61. Mixer mug.
  62. Electric grill – grill.
  63. Electric painted samovar.
  64. Collapsible dumbbells.
  65. A ready-made box with a surprise, in which, depending on the hobby of the hero of the day, thematic goods are collected, for example, related to hunting or fishing.
  66. Board for steak or barbecue. You can complement the present with a special meat knife and a barbecue apron.
  67. Gift faceted glass in a silver cup holder.
  68. Antiradar.
  69. Suspended swing-sofa to the country.
  70. Box with meat delicacies from game meat.
  71. Barometer, for example, in the form of a steering wheel.
  72. Rotating glass Shtoks.
  73. A complex prefabricated model made of wood or metal of military equipment, a ship, etc.
  74. Camping tripod with a bowler hat.
  75. Set for preparation of fragrant coffee on sand (the set includes a brazier, sand and accessories).
  76. An electric kebab maker, with which a man can treat relatives and friends with a kebab without leaving home.
  77. Waterproof wireless speaker.
  78. Honey with edible gold.
  79. Homemade mycelium (growing kit).
  80. Leather or wooden eco-folder for documents, organizer folder with built-in recharge for gadgets.
  81. Wall clock-safe.
  82. Basket with exotic fruits.
  83. A soft frameless chair that risks becoming a favorite vacation spot for the hero of the day.
  84. Miracle ax 7 in 1 with built-in carabiner.
  85. Kerosene lamp.
  86. Gift box with space nutrition in tubes.
  87. High pressure washer for car washing.
  88. Carved shoehorn with a tip in the shape of an animal’s head.
  89. Keychain – a search engine for things.

Original gifts for 55 years old man

In search of what to give an interesting gift for a 55-year-old man, listen to the voice of reason and intuition.

A unique item may please the hero of the day, but too pretentious thing will repel those who are used to simplicity or conservative solutions.

To balance the interests of the recipient of the gift and the desire to impress him with an original gift, think about such presents as:

Rocking chair . This attribute of home furnishings is still associated with a luxury item. Why not please a loved one with this furniture?

Vibrating massager . A device for massaging problem areas (neck, back, feet, etc.) will help the birthday person to keep fit without visiting gyms and expensive procedures in health centers.

Solar street lamp . On the anniversary of a man of 55 years old, you can buy a lamp for the street. Such a device will be appreciated by a prudent owner and a person who is passionate about the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bsaving natural resources.

Belt for tools . If a man likes to create and fix things, he probably has a lot of valuable tools. When you are familiar with such a hobby of the hero of the day, give him this practical gift. You can supplement it with a case and an apron of the master, so that everything the hero of the day needs is always at hand.

Pen with invisible ink . Surely the hero of the day at least once dreamed of feeling like a scout in a spy lair, where special care is required when conveying his thoughts in writing. Make his wish come true!

TOP of the most interesting gifts for the Jubilee for 55 years

A man with rich experience and life wisdom behind him needs an unusual gift. Of course, this is not an easy task. However, there is one universal gift that any man will like – a  delicious brutal bouquet . Such a present can be ordered or assembled with your own hands, for example, from this:

  • From smoked meats and cheeses (pigtail cheese, sausages, cold cuts).
  • Shellfish (crayfish, shrimp, crabs).
  • Smoked or dried fish.
  • From drinks (“probes”, full-size, aluminum cans).
  • Vegetables or fruits.gifts:
  • Nuts and dried fruits.

A firewood shed  is a great surprise if a man lives outside the city and has a fireplace or a sauna. Depending on the interior, you can choose a forged in the form of a bookcase or a leather firewood rack. Which will be appreciated by a man who appreciates unique design and quality.

Boxing with products from the USSR is  a gift from the past that will definitely please a man at a respectable age. And you will also give – a good mood, nostalgia, bright memories and real tastes of the past (string bag, pioneer set, faceted glasses, sweets, Russian loto and much more)! You can find ready-made boxes in specialized departments with gifts and souvenirs and in online stores.

A natural wood bath bowl  is an essential attribute of any bathing procedure. It can be of different sizes. Such a multifunctional accessory is used for dousing with water, steaming brooms, washing and preparing herbal tinctures for the bench.

It is better to buy a bowl from pine, cedar or larch. You can also give an avid bath attendant: a ladle, a tub, a headrest or a Himalayan salt briquette to flavor the bath.

Leather steering wheel cover . It is the leather braid that is considered the most comfortable among experienced car owners. Among the main advantages are:

  • protects and tunes the steering wheel;
  • does not cause sweating of the hands, which allows you to securely hold the steering wheel in any weather;
  • leather braid is considered the most durable;
  • looks solid.

The trimmer for a garden or giving electric. The irreplaceable assistant in care of a garden and a summer residence. Compact, manoeuvrable, easy to operate.

The trimmer will significantly facilitate the work and reduce the time spent on caring for the site. The birthday boy will thank you for sure!

Inexpensive and useful gifts

It is not at all necessary to please the birthday man for the anniversary, to spend all the savings.

Below are the most relevant options that will not hit your pocket and will please a man.

Hunter/fisherman vest.  Men know for sure that during fishing or hunting, the main thing is that the necessary things are always at hand.

This is what a positive result depends on. An unloading vest with many convenient pockets is what you need!

Beer ice mug . With such a gift, the dream of any beer lover will finally come true. There is no magic, it’s all about a special thermal gel located between the walls of the mug.

The accumulation effect works, and in this case, the mug remains cold for up to 2 hours. Just put it in the freezer first and it’s ready to use!

Coffee set . A beautifully designed box or basket with ground or bean coffee of special varieties, complemented by sweets, will suit all sophisticated coffee lovers.

You can complement such a gift with a  mug – a chameleon . The main feature of such a mug is a special thermal coating, thanks to which, as soon as hot liquid is poured into the mug, a picture, photograph or inscription magically begins to appear.

Such a mug can be purchased with a finished image or ordered with any one of your choice.

A keychain with an eternal match  – such a gift will cost quite inexpensively, but at the same time it has great versatility.

Easy to use, long burning time (20-30 seconds), does not deteriorate from water, economical and allows you to use countless times. Suitable for every man!

Thermal mug  – you can choose a classic version or a model with a heating function from the car’s cigarette lighter. Perfect for drinks to go, on car trips, at work or tourist trips.

A vitamin set of jam, honey  is a universal present for the most sophisticated gourmets.

You can purchase a ready-made kit or make your own from spiced jam, wild berry and nut jam, stevia or walnut marmalade jam, and much more.

A gift set of car cosmetics is a  present for a real pedant who prefers all the best in car care. The perfect shine, cleanliness and aroma of the salon – the man will be delighted.

Original gifts for the man who has everything

When choosing what to give a man for a respectable date, you always want the gift to stand out from the general crowd and be remembered for a long time. These surprises include:

A fishing rod with a video camera  is a gift that will surprise even an experienced angler. The installed waterproof camera will allow you to capture what is happening under water at the time of fishing, whether there is a fish nearby and whether it is worth spending time catching it.

You can complement such an unusual gift with a map of fishing trips. Where a man can celebrate his achievements.

Boxing with Siberian sweets  is an unusual surprise for a 55-year-old man.

Taiga delicacies will strengthen your health and give you new taste sensations (pine cone jam, wild berries and nuts in honey, candied fruits from green cones and berries, and much more). Such boxes can be purchased ready-made or assembled independently.

A time capsule is a  delightful idea for a 55th birthday present for a man who has everything.

This is one of the most spectacular ways to surprise the hero of the day. A man will be able to pass a capsule with an enclosed letter or any other thing through time to another person, even if it is 100 years from now. A commemorative engraving can be ordered separately.

A bottle of wine from his year of birth  is a wonderful gift for a loved one for 55 years. The wines are matured in oak barrels and then bottled.

Wine with a date of birth is especially valuable, because when choosing a gift, you think about a person, choose something special, personally for him.

A set of “male” jams , with bourbon, champagne, tequila. Surely the man has not yet tried such adult sweets. This is an extreme congratulation for a man who prefers to take the best from life.

The contrast of sweetness with a drop of alcohol drives your taste buds crazy and turns your head like a glass of bourbon. You can complement such an extraordinary gift with beer marmalade or, for example, a chocolate dessert with orange flavor from whiskey.

Gifts for leisure and entertainment

If your friend, family member or acquaintance likes to have fun and pays special attention to the quality of their vacation, feel free to give the gifts listed below.

Rotating skewers  are an original and inexpensive congratulation for a fifty-year-old man.

It will allow you to easily cook tasty and juicy meat, vegetables, seafood. The device has a special motor that provides continuous rotation of the skewers for 6 hours.

Soundbar , whose popularity is gaining momentum. The device allows you to improve the sound when watching TV, completely “plunging” into the movie.

They take up little space and have a large network multifunction.

Nowadays, in any house and every person is surrounded by various gadgets, digital equipment and appliances, without which it is already difficult to do. Therefore, when thinking about what gift to give a man for 55 years, feel free to give a present from the appropriate category.

For example, you can present something from  smart technology : a robot vacuum cleaner for a bachelor man, an electronic cigarette, a smart kettle that can be boiled from another room, Bluetooth speakers, a wireless keyboard or mouse, and much more.

A cauldron stove  is an indispensable component of a country holiday. Dishes are prepared on the same principle as in a Russian oven. The most common are cast iron and steel models. Due to convenient transportation, you can take it on any trip.

The system is autorun.  This is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity. It will allow you to remotely start the car engine, sitting in a warm kitchen and slowly finishing your morning coffee. Warm up the engine for a trip, start the heating system (in winter) or cooling (in the hot season).

Commemorative gifts for the 55th anniversary


TOP 89 ideas What to give a Man for 55 years + 42 gifts and Tips

It is not easy for a respectable category of men to choose a gift, but for the hero of the day, the main thing is that your present be presented from the heart.

A coin made of precious metals  is an excellent souvenir and an option that you can give a man for 55 years. Thanks to a wide range of coins, you can easily find the right option.

Stacks of Himalayan salt.  If you are looking for a spectacular and unusual gift for an anniversary, then take a closer look at salt dishes.

  1. Firstly, they have a unique composition, since more than 85 minerals are included in the salt.
  2. Secondly, salt reveals all the aromas of the drink, making them tender and the taste more intense.

A catalytic heating  pad will warm your hands during winter hunting or fishing. The device is not cheap, but fully justifies its cost with excellent quality. This is a continuous supply of heat, strict style, economical and durable.

The device will warm during winter fishing, heat the tent and much more. And it can also heat a special tablet that kills mosquitoes and other flying abominations that interfere with rest.

Vintage set of straight razor and shaving brush . A luxurious set that perfectly complements the set of shaving accessories for a modern man who appreciates a first-class, perfectly smooth shave.

The gift includes a natural bristle shaving brush and a straight razor with a storage stand made of chrome steel or natural wood.

If the budget does not allow you to purchase a set made of wood, you can easily choose from high-quality plastic that is not inferior to the above models.

Shockproof and waterproof watch . Wristwatches have long been an indispensable accessory for any man, and if they are protected from environmental influences, they will definitely become a welcome gift for the hero of the day.

Musat.  Looking for the perfect 55 year old gift for a man who loves hunting, fishing or hiking? He has gathered a considerable collection of knives, hatchets that get dull – feel free to give musat.

A stylish device made of ceramics, with a diamond coating, with a handle made of precious wood will be a useful device for a man.

Health is the most valuable resource. That is why a modern man needs to monitor his physical condition and be able to relax qualitatively.

The following  health gifts  can be a great option for a birthday present: a camel wool belt, a vitamin complex, healing balms and tinctures, a fitness bracelet, Nordic walking poles, a blood pressure monitor, natural sheep wool slippers, an infrared massager and much more.

A couple more interesting ideas of what to give a man for 55 years


TOP 89 ideas What to give a Man for 55 years + 42 gifts and Tips

The excitement when deciding what gift to give a man for 55 years makes you look for new options for presents? Then take a look at the following ideas:

  1. Box of cigars . Even a man leading a healthy lifestyle will be pleased to treat his friends to a cigar when they come to visit him.
  2. Orthopedic pillow . Over the years, restful sleep becomes a true luxury. Present this accessory to the hero of the day so that he can fully relax.
  3. Antique turntable . It will be useful to connoisseurs of pure sound and a special atmosphere when listening to musical compositions.
  4. Pedometer . Such a device will be useful for those who monitor their health and well-being.
  5. Ecotester . Another useful device for obtaining reliable information about the benefits of fruits, vegetables and other products can help the hero of the occasion in improving the quality of his life.

DIY gifts for a man for 55 years

If it is possible to amaze a man with something in the second half of his life, then with sincere care and love.

The expression of these feelings can be handmade offerings. They will also become a decision what to give a man for 55 years inexpensively, but from the bottom of his heart.

For example, such as:

  1. Original lamp.
  2. Flash drive handmade.
  3. Leather wallet.
  4. Bracelet.
  5. Postcard “Crimson jacket”.
  6. Cufflinks.
  7. Decorative globe.
  8. Tetris pillow.
  9. A basket of sweets or snacks.
  10. Knitted sweater with a la 90s pattern.

Panel “Guitar”


TOP 89 ideas What to give a Man for 55 years + 42 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • wooden base;
  • nails and hammer;
  • rope;
  • golden paint;
  • black paint.

Working process:

  1. Prepare the background. Remove roughness from the board. If it is even, paint the base with golden paint.
  2. After the paint has dried, apply a pattern to the background.
  3. Drive nails along the contour of the image about 1 cm apart. Drive nails along the edge of the future product.
  4. Paint the inside of the picture black.
  5. Connect the driven nails with a rope, wrapping them around the hats. When all of them are processed with a thread, the panel will be ready.

Painted glass for drinks


TOP 89 ideas What to give a Man for 55 years + 42 gifts and Tips

To work you need:

  • beer glass;
  • glass etching paste;
  • vinyl self-adhesive template;
  • paint brush;
  • gloves;
  • masking tape.

Working process:

  1. Make a blank inscription or drawing from a vinyl self-adhesive sheet.
  2. Glue the template to the glass. Cover all areas around with masking tape.
  3. Put on gloves and apply paste with a paint brush. Wash off the paste after 10 minutes and remove the tape.


Going to a relative, colleague or friend for 55 years, it is important to remember a number of recommendations on how best to choose a gift for him.

First of all, do not panic and rush to the shops in search of the perfect gift for the hero of the day. Exhale and calmly think about what a man is fond of, remember past dialogues, habits. If you do not communicate often, talk to his friends, family or colleagues. With the help of this information, it is quite possible to know the direction of the search.

  • Present only what the hero of the day will use.
  • Remove price tags before putting the gift in the box.
  • Pets, like plants, are presented to the hero of the day only in case of prior agreement with him and his family.
  • Pack your gift carefully. A carelessly presented gift can spoil the impression of the most long-awaited offering.
  • For the rest, rely on your own sense of tact, the attitude of the hero of the day to certain things, as well as your own financial capabilities.
  • Remember that the hero of the occasion may not accept a gift that is too expensive, so as not to be indebted to you or knowing about your modest budget.

The main areas that should be followed when choosing a gift for the hero of the day include:

  • practical things for leisure or work-related;
  • WOW gifts to surprise the birthday boy;
  • universal, business presentations, perfect as a gift to a colleague or manager;
  • romantic things for a loved one;
  • memorable gifts are well suited for a relative – father, brother;
  • nominal things, relevant only for a close man.

Interests and hobbies.  Any man will appreciate the thing chosen for his favorite business. Such a gift will show him that you are interested in and appreciate his hobbies. If you are afraid to miscalculate with the brand, company and other important points – give a certificate to the appropriate department.

The quality  is only good. Nothing can cause more disappointment than a broken present, so choose only trusted brands and stores if you don’t want to burn with shame later when you see a man’s disappointed look.

Price.  Too cheap a thing will be regarded as neglect, too expensive will put a man in an awkward position. We need a “golden mean”.

Closeness of communication.  If you are choosing a gift for a close or dear person, then you need to take into account only the features of character and interests. A gift to an unfamiliar man, for example, a colleague, should be neutral, restrained.

Practicality  is the basis on which it is better to build a gift choice for a man. According to statistics and surveys, more than 90% of men prefer just such things.

Production/delivery times.  Be sure to consider the timing of your order and always have a spare gift option. Since the expectation and actually ordered things on the Internet can be significant.

Originality.  Having chosen even the most ordinary thing, for example, a mug or a bathrobe, do not forget that it can be made very interesting, and most importantly, unique. To do this, you can add a commemorative engraving or embroidery, for example, with the nickname of a man.

Be sure to check the absence of price tags and receipts.

Packaging  is an important attribute of any gift, even a budget one. Festive packaging will create a neat look and give a magical festive mood and a real “childish” interest.

What is better not to give a man for 55 years

It is also important to know and not forget that there is a list of gifts that should not be presented as a gift to a man for 55 years. These include:

Cozy gifts with health benefits –  orthopedic slippers, woolen socks, a blood pressure monitor or an irrigator. For any man, such things look like you are an old wreck, and not a man.

Instruments.  Yes, they are the best. Even if you find a super-cool set, it’s still not worth it. It’s like giving a woman a non-stick frying pan, but she will use it, but this is not at all festive and not joyful. In every surprise there should be a little fairy tale. But it’s not in the tools.

Eau de toilette, cologne . There is a high probability that you will not guess with the aroma. And your expensive gift will gather dust on the shelf, reminding the hero of the day that you don’t even know the taste of it.

Only for myself.  Regardless of the holiday, gender and age, any person wants to receive a personal gift that only he will use, and not the whole family.

Gifts with a joke, comic.  There are very interesting options in this category of presentations, however, the main thing is to know the “golden mean”. Otherwise, you can offend a man or put him in an awkward position. You can also give such things only to close people.

Forgeries, copies.  There is no way to buy a branded item, put off buying such a gift for another occasion and just get a good quality item. Gifts – copies, this is a sign of bad taste, besides, the quality is rarely good.

Linen.  Too personal a gift that only a spouse can acquire.

  • Clothing and footwear . Even if you live with the hero of the day, you will not always be able to accurately determine the size of his wardrobe items. So why take the risk?
  • Bouquet of socks or handkerchiefs . Are you seriously? These surprises, like ties, the 55-year-old hero of the day must have seen a lot. Get rid of the déjà vu effect.
  • Gloves, mittens and scarf . These accessories will also not bring joy to the hero of the occasion. There is a belief that they are able to quarrel people.

And, finally,  money . Giving money to a man is a sign of bad taste, “sweeping away”. But still, it’s better to give an envelope with money than things from the above list.


When choosing a gift for the hero of the day, be guided not only by your connection with him, but also by his tastes, status in society and the list of guests of the holiday. The general atmosphere of the celebration will depend on this, and even what flowers to give a man for 55 years will be appropriate for the surprise prepared for him.

Choosing a gift for a 55-year-old man is not an easy task, as it might seem at first glance. But if you approach this thoroughly, then you can pick up many options. All you need is a little of your imagination and time. And a pleasant impression, a festive mood, and, most importantly, the delight of the hero of the day is guaranteed!

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