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TOP 108 ideas, What to give colleagues inexpensively +20 gifts and Tips

Each of us, at least once in our lives, had to think about what to give our colleagues inexpensively. The question of what to choose for an unfamiliar person whom you encounter on duty leads many to a stupor. But this is not the main thing, because the “wrong gift” can ruin relationships with colleagues, as a result you will earn a bad reputation.

To avoid such problems, you do not need to go the easy way by choosing banal gifts. Even among budget options, you can find many interesting, useful, positive things.

Here you will learn what to give inexpensively to colleagues at work, as well as how to choose a gift so that everyone really likes it. Any of the proposed surprises will not go to the bottom drawer of the desktop, but, on the contrary, will be able to brighten up a boring day by adding bright colors to it. Just imagine how nice it is to give a present, knowing that it will cause a lot of positive emotions.

If you want to improve relationships with colleagues, want to be greeted with a warm smile on your face, take the time to choose a worthy present for each of your employees. Do not worry that you will not be able to please everyone, the proposed selection of gift options will definitely not leave anyone indifferent!

TOP 108 ideas that you can give colleagues inexpensively

  1. Blanket with sleeves.
  2. Keychain.
  3. Stickerbook.
  4. Cool alarm clock (flying away or running away).
  5. Reusable notebook or perpetual calendar.
  6. Portable charger.
  7. Decorative pillow.
  8. Soap dispenser.
  9. French press.
  10. Hourglass.
  11. Mask for sleep.
  12. Manicure set.
  13. Decor elements (picture, figurine, etc.).
  14. Salt lamp.
  15. Convenient table lamp.
  16. Set for growing plants.
  17. Keychain with search function.
  18. Stones for cooling drinks.
  19. Compact and roomy makeup bag.
  20. Sports bottle.
  21. Aroma candles.
  22. Perpetual calendar.
  23. Convenient lunch box.
  24. A set of molds for cookies and other pastries.
  25. Kitchen electronic scales.
  26. Telescopic flashlight.
  27. Folding hairbrush with mirror.
  28. Cezve for making coffee.
  29. Mug with a special compartment for cookies.
  30. Flowering plant in a pot.
  31. Bath salt or bubble bath.
  32. USB vacuum cleaner for keyboard.
  33. Small storage box.
  34. Pocket mirror.
  35. Warm blanket.
  36. Mini USB refrigerator.
  37. Dressy scarf.
  38. Souvenir money tree.
  39. A beautiful frame for a photo on your desktop.
  40. Desktop punching bag.
  41. Jewelry holder.
  42. Desktop thermometer Galileo.
  43. Scratch map of the world.
  44. Set of LED candles.
  45. USB fan.
  46. A set of dried bath petals.
  47. Strainer for brewing tea.
  48. A set of molds for cooking scrambled eggs.
  49. Cup holder with a glass.
  50. Convenient plate for snacks.
  51. Aromatic lamp with a basic set of oils.
  52. Overhead flashlight for illuminating books, serving as a bookmark at the same time.
  53. Digital thermometer for the kitchen.
  54. Business card holder.
  55. Small fruit basket.
  56. Projector starry sky.
  57. Anti-stress headrest.
  58. Cocktail shaker.
  59. Tea or coffee pair.
  60. Candy bouquet.
  61. dated planning.
  62. Recipe book.
  63. Thermo mug or small thermos.
  64. Salt and pepper shaker original shape.
  65. A set of dishes for sushi.
  66. Cover for documents.
  67. Piggy bank for small change.
  68. Money clip.
  69. A set of coasters (bonfires) for cups.
  70. Book-box.
  71. Small aquarium with fish.
  72. Housekeeper.
  73. Sugar bowl with a spoon.
  74. Silicone mat for small things in the car.
  75. Small manual coffee grinder.
  76. Table clock with calendar.
  77. Reading magnifier and envelope cutter.
  78. Shovel for shoes.
  79. Original gift pen.
  80. Matryoshka set.
  81. Wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  82. Cozy slippers.
  83. Stylish umbrella.
  84. Tape dispenser.
  85. Pocket juicer.
  86. Sweets, cookies, fruits in a gift box.
  87. Hat and scarf set.
  88. Spacious shopping bag.
  89. Table game.
  90. Salt stove.
  91. Gift sets for tea or coffee.
  92. Pillowcase with original print.
  93. Mini humidifier.
  94. Phone stand.
  95. Fan heater.
  96. Decorative pillow.
  97. Sweet baked goods of our own production.
  98. Handmade soap.
  99. Fortune cookies.
  100. Name vase.
  101. USB-splitter for computers.
  102. Light alarm.
  103. Set for a bath or sauna.
  104. Pizza knife.
  105. Name mug.
  106. Set for making cocoa, chocolate, mulled wine.
  107. Socks with an unusual print.
  108. Knitted cuff on the mug.

Original gifts for colleagues

Even an inexpensive gift can be original. Feel free to choose a present from this category, for sure, your colleagues do not even suspect what kind of surprise you have prepared for them.

Scented bath beads. A suitable gift for a woman. It will appeal to those who like to take baths.

The product has a wonderful aroma that relaxes after a hard day’s work, creates an atmosphere of comfort. In addition, pearls take care of the skin of the body: it prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles, protects the skin from the effects of chlorinated water, makes it soft and tender, moisturizes the skin, etc.

Such balls are made from gelatin, the composition also includes extracts and essential oils of various plants.

A set of growing pencils. Very original gifts for colleagues at work. At first glance, this is an ordinary pencil, but instead of an eraser, it has plant seeds. After the pencil is written off or tired, it must be turned over and stuck into wet soil.

Your colleagues will be able to grow mint, lemon balm, thyme, sage, etc. right at the workplace. The results will not keep you waiting, and watching the growth of plants is a fascinating and educational process.

Dessert spoon with engraving. Another good option that you can give to colleagues inexpensively. This is an exclusive gift for any occasion. By handing a personalized spoon, you show attention to each employee. Your gift will last more than one year, will delight during tea drinking.

Such a spoon cannot be confused, which is very important if the team includes many people.

Table tennis set for the office. Often during the lunch break, many want to warm up, give employees this opportunity by presenting a ping-pong set as a gift. This is a suitable alternative to going to the gym.

The game helps to burn extra calories, strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves well-being. Use this idea if you don’t know what to give inexpensively to your male colleagues. You can be sure that they will be pleasantly surprised when they see a gift.

Inexpensive but useful gift ideas

You are mistaken if you think that it is impossible to find something worthwhile in the category of budget gifts. In fact, having even a small amount in your pocket, getting a useful gift is not a problem. After all, the main thing is desire! Be sure to use the following tips.

Leg hammock. Great idea for a birthday present for a colleague. Attaches a hammock to any table in just a few minutes. Such a device is a real find for office workers who spend most of the working day at their workplace. A hammock will help you relax, take a comfortable, and most importantly, correct position.

In addition, it contributes to the formation of correct posture, reduces the load on the spine and lower extremities.

Travel kit for travel. A good option that you can give a colleague girl inexpensively. If she, on duty, is often forced to go on business trips, such a present is exactly what you need.

It consists of a special pillow under the head, it takes up a minimum of space, as it inflates in just a couple of breaths.

The set also includes a comfortable sleep mask and earplugs to block out external noise.

Heated mouse pad. Take a closer look at this idea if you want to give something inexpensive, but nice. A heating element is built into the mat, which is powered by a USB connector.

Such a cute present touches any person, because it is obvious that this is not the first thing that came to hand, but a carefully chosen item. The rug not only gives a feeling of warmth, it actually warms. Having such a thing, it will be much more pleasant to work.

Electric kettle. A useful and inexpensive gift for a colleague. Most of the day people spend at work and, unfortunately, do not pay due attention to their diet.

Your gift will help to avoid stomach diseases, as experts have proven the harm of eating food without liquid and hot.

In addition, the stimulating properties of tea are in no way inferior to coffee, so the productivity of work will increase, and the mood of a colleague will rise.

Delicious gifts

Colleagues usually choose neutral, non-binding gifts. The easiest way to buy something from the sweet. However, simple chocolates, sweets and fruits are trite.

If you want to really surprise your colleagues, choose sweet presents from the following list.

Gift set of honey. Small jars with different varieties of honey are inexpensive gifts for colleagues. Presentations will definitely not go unnoticed. It is not only tasty, but also a very healthy delicacy.

The healing properties of honey have been known since ancient times. It is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, as well as the most valuable medicinal and prophylactic remedy for many diseases. Remember, before giving sweets, you must be sure that the recipient is not allergic to honey.

Figure sugar. Such a gift will definitely appeal to you if you are looking for budget options. The present can be of any shape (hearts, stars, assorted, etc.) and a variety of colors. He will definitely cheer up the whole team. You can easily make figured sugar at home.

All you need is a few ingredients: finely ground sugar, parchment paper, cookie cutters, food coloring, and purified water.

All this must be mixed to get a homogeneous consistency. Next, you need to put the mass on parchment paper, then cut out the figures using the forms. After the pieces have dried, they need to be beautifully packaged.

Named chocolate. A great idea if you want to congratulate all your colleagues for the holidays, not offend anyone and at the same time celebrate everyone. Agree, it is very nice to receive a gift with your name written on it.

It is not necessary to bother and look for chocolates on the covers of which a certain name is indicated. After all, you can print beautiful wrappers yourself.

A set of gingerbread decorated with icing. It is also a very interesting option to surprise and please colleagues. You can also cook and decorate gingerbread with your own hands, for this you do not need to have any special skills.

Gingerbread cookies, as a gift, will look good at any holiday, you just have to paint them thematically.

Gifts that will brighten up working days


TOP 108 ideas, What to give colleagues inexpensively +20 gifts and Tips

Agree, no matter what kind of work a person does, work should bring joy and satisfaction. To make your colleagues at your desk feel more comfortable and relaxed, give them one or even several things from the list below.

Nice mouse pad. A comfortable non-slip mouse pad will decorate your workplace and cheer you up. This is a trifle, but it is advisable to take her choice without jokes.

There is often not much space on the table, so the rug should be purchased in a small or medium size. It must be made of fabric or plastic. Choose products with neutral patterns so that they do not distract from the work process.

USB heated cup holder. This is a very important element of the desktop of any office worker.

Having been carried away by work, fulfilling the daily plan, it is not so easy to find time for a full snack, so many are refreshed on the go. To keep a cup with a warm drink always at hand, it is advisable to use a special stand.

It will not only keep the temperature of tea or coffee, but will also be able to warm up the contents of the cup at any time, without the need to use a microwave oven.

Self-stirring mug-mixer. Almost every office worker dreams of this interesting invention.

This is a cup with a secret. Having poured a drink inside the mug, and having poured sugar, you do not need to use a spoon to stir it. It is enough to press a special button located on the handle of the device, the mixer will immediately begin to move.

In addition, the cup is equipped with an airtight lid that will keep the temperature of the drink and will not allow it to spill on the table if the mug is accidentally turned over.

Funny statuses on the desktop. Funny inscriptions that can be put on the table will cheer up not only the recipient, but also everyone around.

The gift is a notebook on a spiral, on each page of which funny phrases related to work are written. Your colleague can choose them according to their mood and change them every day, displaying them so that everyone can see them.

Some more interesting ideas


TOP 108 ideas, What to give colleagues inexpensively +20 gifts and Tips

If you are still in thought and cannot decide what to give your work colleagues, then it will not be superfluous to find out a few more useful, unusual, but at the same time useful gifts. Get comfortable and choose.

A set of spices in beautiful containers. A useful gift that will find a place in every kitchen. It consists of several small jars containing commonly used spices. The colleague to whom you decide to present such a present can fill them out at his discretion.

After all, many spices and seasonings not only improve the taste of dishes, but also have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, improve digestion, and accelerate blood circulation.

Antistress coloring book. This is a win-win gift option. By coloring intricate patterns, the amygdala, which is responsible for the formation of emotions, calms down.

This is a great alternative to meditation. After all, it is almost impossible to sit on the rug in the office during the lunch break. And coloring with colored pencils will not seem strange to anyone. Using positive colors cures depression.

Such an occupation mentally returns to childhood, to a period of carelessness. It is also a great mind training, an opportunity to take a break from everyday life.

Volumetric puzzles. Collecting puzzles is no less useful activity. When people sort through small details in their hands, in search of a suitable place for them, they learn to quickly find a way out of the current situation, that is, the ability to solve complex problems develops.

It also stimulates the development of creative abilities. While solving puzzles, all parts of the brain work together. This is a great way to relax, relieve stress, immerse the brain in a meditative state.

Aromatic sachet set. These are several bags filled with aromatic plants with the addition of essential oils. Often such “dry perfumes” are placed in closets so that the clothes stored there emit a pleasant smell. A small pouch can be put in a bag or even a desktop drawer.

The main thing is to guess with the aroma. It is necessary that the smell evokes pleasant associations, motivates for positive thoughts, and evokes a desire to work. A sharp aroma quickly spread throughout the room, can cause headaches and poor health.


The following tips will help those who can not decide on a gift for colleagues. It doesn’t matter who you choose a present for: a man or a woman, a subordinate, a manager or an employee of equal status, use the suggested recommendations and you will be able to avoid unpleasant situations.

degree of familiarity.  If you and your colleague have known each other for a long time, then you can choose original or even cool presents. However, if you are connected by a purely business relationship, it is better to get by with a concise universal present, such as a stationery set.

Tea drinking is a tradition that brings people together. Colleagues can give a birthday cake, it is better if it is cooked by yourself. Invite employees to drink tea with the whole team. It will be a great end to the day.

Equality. Choose the same gifts for colleagues, regardless of the relationship that has developed with them. Gifts may vary slightly, but they should be roughly similar in both price and content.

Tact and respect. Consider the age and position of the colleague. If there are older people in the team, they may not like gifts with humor. Adults will be happy to receive practical and strict things as a gift.

Subordination.  A distance must be maintained between subordinates and managers and business ethics rules must apply.

Beautiful packaging – respect for a colleague. Do not be lazy and try to pack your gift beautifully, even if it is some little thing. Elegant packaging is an important detail that creates a festive mood. Don’t forget to remove the price tag.

What is better not to give

Choosing the right gift is an art. In order not to offend anyone, along with what you can give, you need to consider those gifts that are extremely undesirable to give.

Souvenirs, magnets and other trinkets.  Most often, such gifts turn into a “suitcase without a handle”, which is both hard to carry and a pity to throw away. Therefore, it is better to opt for inexpensive but useful little things (pens, key rings, erasers, etc.).

Cosmetics. People choose these things for themselves. A colleague may not like the color palette or the quality of the products, besides, a colleague may have an allergy that you don’t even know about.

Humor gifts. Not every person will react positively to cool presents, therefore, it is better not to risk it and choose something neutral.

Religious items. This is a very personal part of life, the border of which should not be crossed.

Certificate or gift card. There is no need to complicate people’s lives, because often such gifts have an expiration date, and a colleague, in order to choose something worthwhile, will most likely have to pay extra money of his own.

Company branded items.  These are too banal gifts that will not cause delight.

Personal belongings and hygiene products.  Donate socks, underwear, shower gel, shampoo, etc. indecent. All these things people buy on their own.

Pets.  Puppy, kitten, aquarium fish – not the best surprise. Such a gift will rather burden than please.

Gifts associated with superstitions. Mirrors, scissors, handkerchiefs, slippers will be unpleasant to receive as a gift for people who believe in omens.

Chocolate, flowers.  These gifts should be chosen with care. A harmless chocolate bar or a bouquet with a strong smell can trigger an allergy attack.


After reading this article, you should no longer worry about the problem of what to give your colleagues inexpensive, but pleasant. Do not be stingy and pamper your colleagues with cute things. After all, it is good when a favorable atmosphere and mutual understanding reign at work. Then you feel that you are in the right place and work is a joy!

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