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122 original gift ideas for a girl

New 45 ideas for original gifts for a girl

Loved one wants to please. Girls, women love to receive gifts. Especially, they like to receive unexpected gifts. Men need to show remarkable imagination. It’s good if the gift is not only unexpected, it’s great if it’s also a nice gift. Of course, the gift also depends on who she is for you, because it’s no secret that a gift for a colleague should be very different from a gift for a girl.

Here are some gift ideas for your loved one:

  1. A set of high-quality underwear, of course, will be difficult to guess the size, but once it is necessary to guess it perfectly.
  2. Soft toy. Such a gift has long become a “classic”, but even now it has not lost its relevance.
  3. Bouquet of flowers. Here is an example of another “classic” gift.
  4. Night light projector of the starry sky. Such a device will easily create the illusion of sleeping in the open air.
  5. Frame for electronic photos. Almost every girl has a lot of photos in electronic form, and the frame will be a good gift.
  6. Travel trolley bag. Despite the seeming triviality, such a gift is very good for a travel lover.
  7. Picnic set. This gift is well complemented by a warm blanket and a basket, as well as reusable dishes.
  8. Certificate for visiting a beauty salon or SPA center.
  9. Fitness bracelet. And also the bracelet can count Steps, as well as show the current heart rate and many other indicators.
  10. Electronic book. Such a gift will not only please the girl, but also save her eyesight.
  11. Set for serving sushi. This gift will be in demand among sushi lovers.
  12. Shower column. Many people like to listen to music while taking a shower.
  13. Phone case with built-in mirror. This case will easily turn your girlfriend’s phone into a mirror.
  14. Cool trendy sunglasses. This is a very relevant gift in the summer, or if the chosen one is going to go to the resort.
  15. Jewelery certificate. Such a certificate is better than a piece of jewelry. Indeed, in this case, the girl herself will choose the decoration to her taste.
  16. Smartphone. Everyone will love this gift. Especially if it’s a new model.
  17. Fondue set. The design of such a set can be performed in a different design. Choose based on the tastes of the girl.
  18. A set of exotic fruits, in the original packaging.
  19. Quality bed linen. Such a gift will always be in demand with any girl.
  20. original flash drive. It is useful not only for transferring movies, but also for transferring working documents from computer to computer.
  21. Apparatus for making cotton candy at home. Any sweet tooth will love this item. That is, almost any girl.
  22. A funny piggy bank, for example, looking like an ATM.
  23. A nail dryer, for example, in the form of a monkey that will blow on your girlfriend’s painted nails.
  24. Fun and useful keychain. For example, with the function of recall to loud sounds.
  25. Set for embroidery. As a result of a job well done, a real masterpiece will appear, and such a set will allow you to pass the time pleasantly.
  26. Breakfast table in bed. Such a table will be in demand among most girls.
  27. USB foot warmer. In addition to such a useful function as heating, this item often has a very original design.
  28. Hair straightener. If a girl uses such a device, then it will be a very practical and useful gift.
  29. Electric Toothbrush. Such an item for personal hygiene, will be used every day and will remind you of you every day.
  30. Professional makeup tool kit. Do not hesitate, he will please any girl.
  31. Relaxing massage foot bath. It will find application every day, but, unlike a toothbrush, not in the morning, but in the evening.
  32. Interactive pet. This little funny robot in the form of an animal is able to cheer up anyone.
  33. Shaker for cocktails. If your girlfriend loves cocktails, then she will appreciate such a gift.
  34. Thermo mug. It is useful to any girl who spends a lot of time at the computer.
  35. Thermos. It will be useful not only for a travel lover, but also for any girl who often changes her location. Especially in winter.
  36. Chocolate making set. The girl will be able to enjoy her own chocolate made from natural ingredients.
  37. Soft personalized robe, with the girl’s name large embroidered on the back. This thing is very relevant for all soul lovers. In winter.
  38. High-quality wallet of a well-known brand. When presenting such a gift, the main thing is to look carefully so that the wallet does not turn out to be a fake.
  39. Board game. If a girl is good at this type of leisure, then a board game will be a wonderful gift.
  40. Musical instrument. Of course, it is necessary to give it only to that girl who knows how (or really wants to learn) to play it.
  41. Smoothie blender. Such a gift will please many, and for those who follow their figure, it will be simply irreplaceable.
  42. Original lunch box. Every day, having lunch at work, the girl will remember the one who gave this wonderful little thing.
  43. The holder for a handbag of original design. This item will also help solve the age-old question of all girls – “Where to put the handbag.”
  44. “Magic” levitating photo frame. Such a gift can be presented immediately with an inserted photo of you together.
  45. Hammock or yoga mat. It will be appreciated by those girls who are fond of any kind of yoga.

Of course, these are just some examples. Naturally, there are many more gift options.

Gift for girl:

When choosing a gift, of course, the first question that arises is what to give. The answer depends on many factors. From the situation, and from your capabilities (not only financial).

Beloved (lady who likes)

Choosing a gift for your loved one is both easy and difficult. On the one hand, you know the person and the scope of his interests very well. On the other hand, this is a very difficult task, because in such a situation a gift must hit the bull’s-eye. Still, here are some tips.

  1. Handbag, or other accessory of a famous brand. Such things, as a rule, are of high quality products. They will most likely please your girlfriend. Only in this case, one must beware of fakes, not many are able to distinguish them from the original at first glance. Here I advise you to study the question of how to distinguish fakes from original items released under this brand.
  2. A good wallet from a well-known manufacturer. But in this case, you also need to beware of fakes or simply low-quality items.
  3. Original computer mouse. Such a gift has now become very relevant. But remember, many girls do not use anything other than a smartphone. In this case, you should not give such a gift. But if a girl uses a computer or laptop, then such a gift would be very appropriate.
  4. USB lamp for keyboard illumination. If a girl often uses a laptop in the dark, then such a gift will be in great demand. Many of these lamps have a very original design, which is certainly not the last reason for such a gift.
  5. Nice underwear. Such a gift will certainly be highly appreciated. Underwear is a beautiful and very necessary gift. Needless to say, you have to try and not make a mistake in choosing the size.
  6. USB drink warmer. In our reality, it will be a very good gift.
  7. USB fridge for drinks. In summer or in hot climates. Such a gift will be more relevant than a heater.
  8. Romantic evening. An excellent gift for your girlfriend will be a romantic evening, where she will be surrounded by care and attention. Let the girl feel like a queen. It’s always nice.
  9. Smartphone. Any girl will be delighted with the new smartphone. Of course, such a recommendation is relevant if the girl’s smartphone is in poor condition.
  10. Special gloves in which you can work with touch screens. Such gloves will be especially relevant in cold climates, or in winter.
  11. Case for smartphone. Such a gift can have a very original design. And it can please a girl even more than the smartphone itself. When choosing such a gift, you only need to make sure that the cover fits well with the girl’s smartphone.
  12. Bag holder. Such a gift will be very relevant, because for many, the question of where to put the handbag so that it does not interfere, but at the same time it is always at hand, is very relevant and constantly arises.
  13. original flash drive. If your loved one regularly works with large amounts of data, or simply transfers movies for viewing, then such a gift will be very useful and will certainly please.
  14. Travel. It is not at all necessary to purchase a tour to exotic places. Traveling to various memorable places that are located nearby will bring no less joy.
  15. Gift certificate to a jewelry store. In many cases, such a gift will be a better choice than jewelry. After all, guessing the choice is not easy enough. And in such a situation, the girl will choose exactly what she likes.


In this case, it is very good to know in advance the interests of the girl whom you want to present a gift. Indeed, otherwise, it is very likely that you will give something that the girl will not be interested in at all. Of course, there are several universal gifts that will always be appropriate and will please the girl with a high degree of probability.

  1. Natural flowers. It’s almost a win-win. But there is a small percentage of girls who do not like them.
  2. Soft toy. Most girls love soft toys and will be delighted with it. Just do not give a very large soft toy. After all, you do not know the conditions in which the girl lives. Therefore, it is not necessary to give a toy that will take up half of her apartment.
  3. Sweets.

In order to give the girl any other gifts, try to find out at least some information about her.

In the early days of dating

It is very easy to make a gift immediately after meeting, because you do not know the person and his interests at all. And no one wants to give something that will be accepted with the “thank you” on duty, after which it will be abandoned on the far shelf.

  1. Romantic postcard. This is perhaps one of the best gifts that you can give a girl at the very beginning of your acquaintance.
  2. Candies in a box. Almost all girls love sweets, and therefore such a gift would be quite appropriate at the beginning of your acquaintance. Even on the first date. Look for famous brands of candy. Usually they are tasty and beautifully decorated, which is the best way to give as a gift.
  3.  Soft toy. Of course, this is a hackneyed gift option, but this is perhaps a win-win option. Of course, you should not give a huge toy at the beginning of your relationship, but giving a cute soft toy can make any girl very happy.
  4. Book. Such a gift will please a lover of reading, especially if you know her preferences. A good book, in this case, will be a very appropriate gift.
  5. Bracelet or other jewelry with her name. Often at the beginning of a relationship, it happens that you only know the name of the girl. Especially on the first date. Take advantage of this. Give her a small piece of jewelry with her name on it. Of course, it can be not only a bracelet, but also any other piece of jewelry.

If you have been together for a long time

If you and a girl have been together for a very long time, then you are well aware of her hobbies. This greatly simplifies the choice of gift. At the same time, a long-term relationship imposes a significant responsibility and requires a serious attitude to the choice of a gift.

  1. Jewelry is a win-win gift option in such a situation. After all, you are well aware of the tastes and preferences of the girl. Therefore, you can take responsibility in choosing such a gift.
  2. Huge umbrella for two.
  3. Huge bouquet of flowers. For example, give 101 roses. You can give such a bouquet for any occasion, or even just like that. It is interesting to present a bouquet in which there are 100 red roses, and one rose is white, not like everyone else, like a girl.
  4. Relaxing bath salt. Most girls love to soak in the bath. So if a girl is one of them, then salt will be very useful for her.
  5. Illuminated shower head. This gift will be especially, by the way, if your chosen one loves to take a shower. Such nozzles can have a variety of designs. You can choose exactly the design that will not leave your girlfriend indifferent.

Original gifts for a girl on her birthday

Sometimes you really want to give a girl something that she certainly does not expect. Such a gift should correspond to the preferences of the girl. But there are many items that can be given to any girl and they will please the vast majority.

  1. Original wrist watch. Such a gift can become not only a useful item, but also an accessory that will perfectly emphasize and complement the outfit.
  2. An unexpected and useful gift will be a nail dryer. Such dryers can now have any form. There are also original designs.
  3. Large basket of fruits and other goodies. Such a gift will be appreciated by most girls, because many of them love goodies. Just ask in advance what exactly the girl prefers.
  4. Plasma ball. This gift has a fair amount of mysticism. Many girls will like it, but not all, therefore, before making such a gift, you must definitely find out how your chosen one can relate to mysticism.
  5. Fitness bracelet. Such a gift will monitor the condition of the girl not only in fitness classes. He will be able to count steps and show the pulse rate and many other indicators of physical condition.

These are just some of the possible gifts. By applying your imagination, any gift can be made unforgettable, but for this you need to try.

Practical and useful

Making a practical gift is much more difficult than giving a simple trinket. Such gifts, most likely, will not cause bright delight. Remembering at the same time the one who gave it, that is, you.

Here are some gift ideas:

  1. Safe can opener. Such a gift will not only become a constant assistant, but will also help protect her from various injuries that are so easy to get when opening tin cans.
  2. Notebook. This is a very useful gift. After all, no one needs to be reminded of the expression “girl’s memory.”
  3. Set for preparing or serving sushi. Of course, such a gift is worth making only if the girl loves sushi.
  4. Kitchen timer. Previously, there has already been mentioned about the girl’s memory. So, such a gift is able to “save” not only pots, but also what is cooked in them (especially with the advent of social networks in the lives of girls).
  5. Selfie stick (monopod). A lot of girls just love to take selfies. Such a gift will become their indispensable assistant in this.
  6. Good e-book. Lovers of passing the time reading will appreciate such a gift. After all, he is not only able to save his eyes (from a good “reader” eyes get tired much less than from reading from the screen of a smartphone or tablet), but it will also save a lot of space in any apartment, because it can replace a very large library.
  7. Kitchen scales. Such a gift will be appreciated by everyone who loves to cook, it will become a very good helper for a girl in “kitchen” affairs.
  8. A set of exotic spices. Many girls will be delighted with such a gift.
  9. Aroma lamp. Despite the rather souvenir look of such a gift, it is quite practical and will often be used.
  10. Thermo mug. Such a gift will be appreciated by many lovers of spending free time at the computer.
  11. Organizer for cosmetics. This gift will help bring order to the chaos of an incredible number of different cosmetic items.
  12. Bed sheets.
  13. Humidifier. This item can have a very good effect on well-being, and therefore it will be useful.
  14. Treadmill. Such a gift will please any girl who cares about her figure.
  15. Breakfast table in bed. This is a gift, although it is good, but it assumes that someone will cook these same breakfasts.

Bright and romantic gifts for a girl

Of course, the romanticism of any gift depends on the attitude towards the person who presents this gift. So any little thing can be a very romantic gift. True, the opposite effect is also possible. Read on for some recommendations for such gifts.

  1. Dinner for two. This is a very personal gift. But such a gift will be the more valuable, the closer your relationship is.
  2. Lots of balloons. A large number of these flying gifts will undoubtedly give the girl confidence that she is very important to you.
  3. Hot air balloon ride. If there is such an opportunity, give the girl this magical gift (just first find out if she is afraid of heights).

These are just a few of the romantic gift ideas you can give your girlfriend.

Stylish expensive gifts

Some gifts may have significant financial value. And although we all know the expression that it is not the gift itself that is expensive, but the attitude with which it was presented, some gifts can be very expensive in and of themselves. Let me give you an example of several such gifts.

  1. Fur coat. This gift will be appreciated by the vast majority of girls and women. It’s not worth choosing such a gift yourself. It is better to present a trip to the fur salon and let the woman choose a gift to her taste there, because the choice of clothing items is one of the most difficult tasks.
  2. Luxurious design smartphone. Such a gift will please any modern girl. When making such a gift, you should first familiarize yourself with its functions (at least superficially). Then you can help your chosen one in mastering a new gadget.
  3. Jewelry decoration. This is a classic of the genre. Of course, all girls will appreciate such a gift, but there is one “but” first find out the tastes of your girl, or take a walk with her to a jewelry store.

Such gifts, of course, are not made on the first day of acquaintance. Such gifts emphasize your status and the status of your girlfriend.

Present ideas for interior decoration

Such gifts will surprise your chosen one very much, but this is also a very individual decision. But here are a few examples of such gifts.

  1. Decorative pillows. This is a great gift that will easily allow you to change the design of any room, such as a bedroom or living room.
  2. Wall decor. Such items can bring a touch of unusualness to the nest in which your “bird” lives.
  3. Paintings. Naturally, before making such a gift, you need to find out the preferences of your chosen one.

Gifts that will change the interior will be perhaps the most unexpected presentations.

Gift Ideas for Sports and Leisure

If a girl is passionate about sports, it will be just great if your gift is related to it. A few examples of such gifts:

  1. Sportswear. A good tracksuit is a great gift. It is only necessary to take into account that many sports require special clothing.
  2. Sport shoes. This is a wonderful gift. Often such a gift will be the best for a girl. But just like for clothes, we must take into account the fact that certain sports require certain shoes. In other words, don’t give a tennis player ski boots.
  3. Sports equipment that will allow you to exercise at home. Perhaps the best choice for such a gift would be equipment for GPP, that is, General Physical Training.

As you can see, sports-related items can make very good gifts.

Ideal for beauty

Many girls are very focused on achieving certain ideals of the beauty of their body. Such gifts are very difficult to choose. After all, a girl can choose such means and objects for herself for years. But if you want to make just such a gift, then here are a few ideas.

  1. Set of decorative cosmetics. Such sets are usually very presentable packaging. But still, giving such gifts is only worth it if you know exactly the preferences of your girlfriend.
  2. Manicure set can be a good gift. But remember that it is better if there are few items, but they will be of good quality.
  3. Subscription to a beauty salon. In this category of gifts, this is perhaps the best gift in this category.

But gifts such as lipstick, or foundation is better not to do.

Perfectly captivating

Gifts that will captivate a girl with some pleasant and interesting activity for a while are a very good choice. Perhaps this is one of the best gift ideas. What can be such a gift? Here are some ideas:

  1. Set for embroidery. Depending on the size, such a gift will help the girl pass more than one long evening. Some sets will allow you to create a real work of art.
  2. Chocolate making set. These kits are made from natural ingredients. With effort, your chosen one will be able to feast on (and treat those who are dear to) chocolate made by her own hands.
  3. Bookshop gift certificate. Lovers of reading will surely appreciate such a gift. After all, this way they get not only a book. You probably know how girls love to go shopping.

Of course, the choice of such a gift is determined by the girl’s hobbies. After all, what will captivate one girl will not be interesting at all to another.

What to give a girl an original for new experiences

Some gifts are important not in themselves, but in the unforgettable impressions that they can bring. Here are some gift ideas:

  1. A date in an unusual place. For example, a date in the VIP box of a cinema. The choice of such a gift depends on three main criteria, namely: on your imagination, on your capabilities, on the passions of your girlfriend.
  2. Subscription to a chic beauty salon or spa. Help the girl feel like a queen. Visiting such establishments is not only cosmetic procedures, but also a great opportunity to relax. Give a girl such a gift.

Such gifts can cause your girlfriend a real storm of positive emotions.

Perfectly commemorative

Some gifts can bring back a whole storm of pleasant memories for your girlfriend every time she looks at them. Of course, each person has pleasant memories associated with their personal, sometimes incomprehensible events. And for each person, such gifts will be radically different, but there are a few gift ideas that most girls will like. For example, these:

  1. Floor lamp from photographs. Such a gift will remind you of the most pleasant events in a girl’s life every time you turn it on. Sometimes you want to turn it on, not because it’s dark, but precisely in order to admire the photos and immerse yourself in pleasant memories.
  2. Long pillow with photos. Thanks to the elongated shape, this pillow is very comfortable to hug. At the same time, the owner of such a pillow will inevitably plunge into pleasant memories.
  3. Foto-plaid. Sometimes every girl has such moments when she wants to sit in her favorite chair and wrap herself in a warm blanket. This gift will not only warm you on a long winter evening, but will also remind you of the most pleasant moments in life.

What to give a girl inexpensive and original?

It often happens that you cannot give your girlfriend an expensive gift. Dont be upset. There are many inexpensive original items that can give no less emotion than expensive presents. Such gifts, for example, can be:

  1. Soft toy. Although this is a hackneyed gift, it has not lost its relevance today.
  2. Big “Kinder Surprise”. Such a gift will appeal to all sweet lovers, which are almost all girls.
  3. Pocket mirror. This useful item can also be designed in a very original way.

Such a list is endless. As you can see, a gift does not have to be expensive at all, it may well have a not too high price. This is exactly the case when it is not the gift itself that is important, but the feelings that it evoked.

What original gift can you make a girl with your own hands?

If a girl has everything (or almost everything), then she will be surprised by a gift that you made with your own hands. After all, you put a piece of your soul into it. Of course, the range of such gifts can be endless. Here are just some examples:

  1. Embroidery. The girl certainly does not expect such a gift from you. Since it will take time, you need to prepare such a gift in advance.
  2. Video of the history of your relationship. Such a gift certainly will not leave the girl indifferent. But, as with all gifts that you make with your own hands, you need to spend a lot of time and make some effort and imagination to make it.
  3. A painting made using wood burning technique, for example, on a cutting board. The downside of such a gift, of course, is that it takes not only time, but also certain artistic skills to complete it.

As you can see, any homemade gifts, unlike purchased ones, require a lot of time from you.

What is better not to give a girl?

Although we all know the wisdom that you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, there are some things that are better not to present to a girl. Here are just a few of them.

  1. You should not give a girl any perfume, believe me, guessing the scent you like is almost hopeless. There is one exception here, when a girl asked you to give some specific perfume with a name.
  2. You should definitely not give a girl scales. Such a gift will be regarded as words that she has clearly recovered.
  3. Also, you do not need to give the girl dishes, or household appliances. After all, this can be regarded as her place in the kitchen, or her duty – cleaning.
  4. You don’t have to make random gifts. For example, a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates is far from the best choice.
  5. You should not give a girl any personal care products (for example: shampoo, or shower gel). The reason here is the same as with perfumes, understand, girls are scrupulous about the choice of these funds.
  6. In no case should you give the girl an empty box, or some kind of box. Giving empty items is bad form. In addition, also imagine her state when she will look for some kind of gift in this box / box. Imagine how disappointed she will be when she realizes that in front of her is just an empty box (albeit a beautiful one).
  7. Not the best gift would be cheap jewelry. No need to give your girlfriend a gift that can only be enough for a couple of outings.
  8. Tickets for any sporting events will also be a bad gift. The only exception here is the case if you are firmly convinced that the girl is an ardent fan of a particular sport.
  9. It is also not necessary to give large soft toys, the joy from them will be very short-lived, and then they will only take up space in the house.
  10. Paintings drawn from photographs. Only very few people are able to create a really good picture from a photo, often a girl will just have another bad copy of her photo.
  11. Bouquets made from artificial flowers.
  12. A bad idea for a gift would be an “original” item with a printed inscription or photograph. Such inscriptions, as a rule, are all made like a carbon copy; a really elegant item (for example: an elegant cup in a package) will be a much better gift.
  13. Homemade poster with sweets.
  14. Watch.

Choosing a gift is an exciting, but troublesome process. You have to make a lot of efforts so that the gift brings genuine joy. Make an effort to choose a gift, believe me, it is difficult to please a girl, but it is worth the effort.

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