What to give for a wedding

79 ideas What to give a Girlfriend for a Wedding original and inexpensive

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend with a good wedding gift and express your good attitude towards her? Any congratulation to the girlfriend on a wedding does not do without a gift.

Recommendations and ready-made lists of gifts below will help you decide what is best to give your friend for her wedding as a keepsake, giving you the opportunity to focus on the outfit, hair and other worries.

TOP 79 ideas What you can give a girlfriend for a wedding, except for money

  1. Bonsai tree (a symbol of a long and harmonious relationship);
  2. An electronic photo frame that allows you to admire several images at once in a slide show;
  3. Folding table for breakfast in bed;
  4. Figurines made to order and having a portrait resemblance to real newlyweds;
  5. Photocrystal with a symbolic inscription;
  6. A pair of elegant boxes for storing family valuables;
  7. High-quality table service with engraved initials of newly-made family men;
  8. Romantic photo session for two with a professional photographer;
  9. Tickets for a concert of the couple’s favorite band (if the musical tastes of the lovers are similar);
  10. A picnic set consisting of a basket or backpack, metal cutlery, plastic dishes, glasses, cotton napkins, a corkscrew opener, a cutting board, a pepper shaker and a salt shaker;
  11. A tandem bike that will allow the couple not to be separated even during a bike ride;
  12. Personal horoscope of the newlyweds, compiled on the basis of the date of the wedding, the birthdays of the spouses, the phases of the moon and the position of certain planets in the sky during the wedding night;
  13. Collectible bottle of wine from Italy or France in a personalized wooden case, designed to celebrate the first wedding anniversary;
  14. Paired jewelry for a newly-made husband and wife (for example, pendants or bracelets with a similar design);
  15. Paired bathrobes with personalized embroidery (in addition to them, you can make personalized towels and buy everything you need for joint spa treatments);
  16. Box with exotic butterflies;
  17. Fondue set;
  18. A pair of matching silk pajamas;
  19. Magic ball of fate (if it is necessary to make a difficult decision, the ball must be shaken so that the pyramid enclosed inside it gives the correct answer);
  20. Gift certificate for two (for example, to a spa, massage, gym, swimming pool, etc.);
  21. Non-banal household appliances (for example, a yogurt maker, a pancake maker, a robot vacuum cleaner, a bread machine, an electric grill, etc.);
  22. Tabletop rock garden;
  23. Gift set of honey (so that the honeymoon does not end in the couple’s life);
  24. Gilded handmade comb engraved with the young’s initials;
  25. A pair of umbrellas with memorable photographs of the spouses;
  26. Organization of an entertainment program for weddings (you can invite a cartoonist, musicians, clowns, jugglers, bubble shows, etc.);
  27. A pair of boxing gloves (it is best to accompany such a present with a comic wish that there are no quarrels in the family, and if they occur, young people can use such sports equipment);
  28. Comic evidence confirming the property rights of the newly-married spouses to each other;
  29. A thematic site on the Internet dedicated to the young (you can upload photos of the spouses and wishes from the guests there, and after the holiday, save the page so that the young can share frames from the celebration on it);
  30. Statuette in the form of a Hollywood star with the inscription “Happy wedding day”;
  31. A box of fortune cookies;
  32. Pair of engraved wine glasses;
  33. Blanket or sheet with electric heating;
  34. Warm blanket or decorative pillows with photos of lovers;
  35. Joint visit to the quest room with friends after the holiday;
  36. Pair of orthopedic pillows;
  37. Multimedia projector;
  38. A set of mittens for lovers, consisting of two mittens sewn together, which will fit the left hand of the groom and the right hand of the bride, and two ordinary mittens;
  39. A recipe book in which spouses can collect their own family collection of the most successful recommendations for preparing their favorite dishes;
  40. A pet (if the newly-made husband and wife are planning children later, a small “pupil” will help them become more united and responsible);
  41. Horseshoe for good luck;
  42. Fur handcuffs (do not forget to pack a spicy present so that the rest of the guests cannot see what exactly you are giving to the young ones);
  43. A set of handmade soap (it is important that it looks symbolic – for example, it should be made in the form of figurines of a bride and groom, a heart, a wedding cake, doves, etc.);
  44. Lamp in the form of a family hearth;
  45. Personalized thermos for two with two mugs, each of which is engraved with the name of the owner;
  46. A set of unusual aprons in the form of a wedding dress and a tuxedo;
  47. Symbolically decorated key holder with two key hooks;
  48. Desktop biofireplace;
  49. Set for the newlyweds’ favorite board game;
  50. Paired t-shirts with cool images and inscriptions (for example, “Perfect Groom” – “Perfect Bride”);
  51. Floor lamp with the best shots from the pre-wedding life of the bride and groom;
  52. Box “Family Bank” with many cells for storing money for various needs;
  53. A pair of pillowcases with “Wife’s Side” and “Husband’s Side” inscribed;
  54. Paired magnets on the theme of the wedding;
  55. Love lock engraved with the names of the spouses;
  56. A huge banner with a photo of the heroes of the occasion and congratulations in the very center of the city;
  57. A valuable bank coin (it is better to give preference to the option with the corresponding images – doves, flowers, rings, etc.);
  58. Photobook with joint pictures of the newly-married spouses;
  59. A magnetic board on the refrigerator so that each of the family members can leave cute or important messages for the second half;
  60. “Delicious help” for newlyweds in the form of a jar of berries and sweets;
  61. Large personalized piggy bank for family needs;
  62. Kama sheet (by taking positions in accordance with the instructions on the sheets, the couple will be able to reproduce many well-known poses from the Kama Sutra);
  63. Piggy bank for wine corks;
  64. A large picture with a tree of wishes from invited guests;
  65. Scratch map of the world or a large illuminated globe;
  66. Portrait of the newlyweds on the mirror;
  67. A pair of wristwatches with initials or a photograph of a young family;
  68. A set for true coffee lovers, consisting of Turks and a year’s supply of coffee;
  69. Large plate for two with the inscriptions “Your half” and “My half”;
  70. Humidifier/purifier or whole air washer;
  71. Photo calendar, in which each month corresponds to a new photo of a young family;
  72. A genealogical book that the newlyweds will start with information about their family, and the next generations will continue this business;
  73. Electric samovar for friendly family tea parties;
  74. Home weather station;
  75. Certificate for the purchase of furniture or home decor items in a store;
  76. Inflatable bed or mattress (so that guests always have a place to sleep);
  77. Certificate for owning a site on the Moon;
  78. A bottle of champagne with a photo of the spouses instead of the usual label;
  79. Helping the bride and groom in the fulfillment of their life missions (you can give the groom a tree sapling for planting, a head of cabbage as a hint of procreation and a constructor to push him to build a real house; it would be useful for the bride to present a watering can for tree care, a set of equipment for cleaning the future home and a bottle of diapers for the baby).

What is better to give a friend for a wedding inexpensive

No matter how we strive to please a close friend on her wedding day, often financial opportunities force us to look for a way to save money.

However, this does not mean at all that it is impossible to give a friend an original and inexpensive wedding present. Evidence of this are the following handmade presentations:

Photo album, designed with his own hand in the style of scrapbooking . In such a book, you can collect the whole love story of the newlyweds piece by piece, or rather, according to their joint shots. To evoke even more emotions in the recipients and touch them, you can supplement each picture with heartfelt text.

To decorate your work of art, you can use any available materials – fabric, beads, ribbons, lace, feathers, artificial flowers and much more;

Wedding flash mob, dance or theatrical scene . If a wedding gift from a witness is supposed to be made on your own, we advise you, first of all, to pay attention to your abilities and inclinations.

If you are not afraid of the public and feel like a duck to water on stage, and also have good organizational skills, consider performing in honor of the newlyweds.

To make your present look worthy, most likely, you will have to spend time preparing it before the wedding day, but the effect that it will produce will be stunning;

Coat of arms for a young family . At all times, it was believed that something symbolic was required to give a girlfriend for a wedding, and what could be more symbolic than a family coat of arms? At the same time, in the design process, it is necessary to take into account all the features of the couple that you know about.

You can depict the coat of arms on a thick drawing paper, placing it in an expensive frame, or you can cut it out, for example, from wood. The works of your creativity will become a real family heirloom and will be passed down from generation to generation;

congratulatory film . Puzzling over what you can give a friend for a wedding, besides money, and at the same time please everyone present at the holiday, consider creating a video dedicated to the couple.

All close people of the bride and groom can act as actors for such a film, who will need to say a few kind words to the heroes of the occasion on camera. All you have to do is add music and beautiful effects to combine individual frames into an overall picture.

It is no less original to use real actors in the film. Of course, this does not mean that you have to negotiate with real stars – it is enough to find suitable frames from television films and impose your own voice acting.

What to give your best friend for a wedding as a keepsake for new experiences

When worthwhile thoughts about what gift to give to a friend for a wedding from a witness refuse to come to mind, we recommend that you consider the so-called impression gifts.

Making a choice in favor of this option, you do not give the heroes of the occasion material things, but give them the opportunity to experience unforgettable emotions. Good solutions will be:

Extreme lovers – parachute jump, balloon flight, helicopter ride, scuba diving and other similar adventures . You should give preference to such options only if you know for sure that the spouses will appreciate this present.

Also pay special attention to the choice of an organization providing such services – this should be done by professionals who can ensure one hundred percent security for their clients;

Journey . Of course, this idea is most likely not suitable for those who are looking for what is best to give a friend for a wedding inexpensively, since it involves rather big expenses anyway.

Nevertheless, you can always choose the option that suits your pocket, because travel does not always mean a trip abroad, it can also be an excursion to a neighboring city.

If you know for sure that the newlyweds are dreaming of a trip to any country, you can try to team up with other guests and fulfill the dream of the heroes of the occasion;

Fire show with the final salute in the form of the names of the young . If you want to slay the newly-made husband and wife, as well as their guests, feel free to choose this option. Such a spectacle will become a real highlight of the evening and will definitely not be forgotten soon.

The only thing, again, think about the professionalism of the people organizing such entertainment programs – you can’t allow someone to suffer from the inept handling of fire and pyrotechnics at the holiday;

Joint visit to the master class . Support an old hobby of the young or introduce them to a new hobby with the help of a master class. Cooking, pottery, dancing, oil painting, etc. may be suitable options. Perhaps it is the opportunity you have given that will become a new stage in the joint vacation of the couple;

Organization of hen and stag parties . Let the couple have a last break before the “adult” life and arrange unforgettable parties for them. There should be no problems with a bachelorette party, because you probably know by heart the preferences of your best friend.

As for the bachelor party, its details must be discussed with the groom in advance and find out his wishes regarding the venue of the event, the composition of the guests, food and alcoholic beverages, etc. The bride will definitely say “thank you” to you, because who, if not you, will control the behavior of her future spouse on such a day?

How to choose what to give a friend for a wedding

Being one of the closest people for the bride, the best friend needs to take a particularly responsible approach to finding a present for her.

So that your choice does not cause disappointment in the girl, we advise you to follow our recommendations:

  • Choose a gift that will be pleasing to both heroes of the occasion, even if you are close strangers to the groom – this is a holiday for two;
  • If you really want to focus on friendship between you and the bride, give the newly-made family two presents – a general and personal one, only for the bride. This way you can emphasize that you are very serious about the marriage of the guys, but at the same time you want to remain in close relations with your girlfriend and not lose touch with her in the future;
  • Advise the couple to make a so-called wishlist (list of desired gifts) in advance. It can be demonstrated on a personal page in social networks. Thanks to this, guests do not have to rack their brains – it will be enough just to choose the appropriate option from the list;
  • Close friendship with the bride gives you the opportunity to frankly ask her about her innermost desires and build on this when choosing a gift. In a conversation with a girl, do not forget to clarify whether her chosen one will like such a decision;
  • Before presenting a thing to the heroes of the occasion, be sure to inspect it for price tags. Even if the cost of the present is quite impressive, this is not a reason for boasting;
  • Try to start looking for a present long before the celebration, so that there is enough time to realize the intended goal;
  • Think in advance how you will give a gift to the couple. At a minimum, you need to prepare the right words that can touch the recipients and emphasize your reverent attitude towards their family. You can show originality and plan a quest, during which the bride and groom will have to work hard to find your present. You can also beat this moment with a song or a poem – the final choice depends only on you;
  • Be sure to take care of the beautiful design of the gift. It is better if the colors used at the wedding appear in the package;
  • Cool gifts with a touch of humor should be given only if you are sure that the bride and groom have no problems with this and they will correctly perceive your present;
  • If possible, contact other guests in advance and find out their intentions regarding gifts – this will minimize the likelihood that you will give the newlyweds the same things;
  • To mark your present, complete it with a signed postcard;
  • Keep for some time the checks from the items purchased for the spouses in order to give them the opportunity to replace them if circumstances so require;
  • If you have the opportunity to spend money, do not seek to save too much. Remember that a wedding is not just another holiday for which it is not so important to bother with a gift;
  • If you decide that money is the best gift (and such logic is not without meaning), try to arrange such a present with imagination. For example, you can present banknotes in the form of a panel or a money tree, a bouquet or a carpet of money – there are a lot of options. At the same time, you should not ask yourself the question “how much money is usually given to a friend for a wedding?” – Start solely from your financial capabilities.

What is better not to give a friend for a wedding

No matter how strong the friendship between you and the bride, she will not be equally happy with all the gifts. Some of them may even cause frustration and annoyance.

To avoid this, try to refrain from such options as:

  • Inappropriate gifts (for example, if a couple constantly changes their place of residence, bulky things are unlikely to come in handy);
  • Things that hint at external flaws (scales, a gym membership, etc.);
  • Banal presents (tea sets, bed linen, toasters, towels, tablecloths, etc.);
  • Things that can be perceived as an unkind sign if the newlyweds are classified as superstitious people (sharp objects, mirrors, watches, etc.);
  • A gift exclusively for a girlfriend (this may offend the groom and his loved ones);
  • Too personal, intimate things that can confuse lovers (underwear, things that push a couple to have children, etc.).


When choosing what to give a friend for a wedding, remember that the main thing is not the high cost of the present, but your attention and time that you spend searching. Show your imagination and creativity, express all your love and care for your girlfriend, and then your surprise will be the best for both the girl and her chosen one.

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